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If you have a PlayStation or any other Sony products, you may be wondering how exactly you can contact their customer service department. Wading through all of the information available on their support website can be challenging. You need to know what number to dial to get your query answered quickly. What does 1 (800) 345-7669 do? 

The 1 (800) 345-7669 phone number is for their Sony PlayStation support. You can contact a live agent here to answer any questions you may have about your PlayStation account, finance, billing or device. All you have to do is press 5 for all other inquiries to be connected to a live person. 

For more information on how to access customer support at Sony, here is everything you need to know.  

1 (800) 345-7669 for Support, Products, Payments, serivce, Credit.

Many people have Sony products in their home whether that is a computer, television, mobile device, or the PlayStation. From time to time, you may come across questions related to these products or the different services that Sony offers. How can you reach out to this major company to get your questions answered? 

Finding the right customer service number can be a bit of a challenge for many consumers. Because Sony is such a large company, they have several phone numbers you can contact: 

  • 1(800) 345-7669 for Sony PlayStation
  • 1(855) 806-8462 for mobile service
  • 1(800) 883-6817 for Sony product operational support
  • 1(877) 398-7669 for Sony professional services

There are also individual numbers for different product categories. You can select your specific product from the list here to see the individual phone numbers and operating hours for each line. 

1 (800) 345-7669

It should be noted that phone support is only available for PlayStation, cameras, camcorders, televisions, and home video products at the moment. 

While all of these numbers are extremely important to know, it is the first one that most people can benefit from. They can take your questions about PlayStation and help you to find the proper answers. If they cannot answer your question, they should be able to redirect you to the appropriate department to find the answers you are looking for. 

Keep in mind that this hotline is not open all the time. Representatives are only available Monday through Friday from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM PST. 

How to Speak to a Live Agent

When you call into the customer service phone number at 1 (800) 345-7669, you will be greeted by an automated system. For most queries, this is not ideal as you want to speak to a live person. Fortunately, getting a real person on the phone is easy if you are patient and listen to all of the options. 

If you want to speed up the process, you just have to know which item to select from their main menu. 

Here is the first main menu of options you can select: 

  • 1: Accessing your PlayStation network account or resetting password
  • 2: Charges on your PlayStation network account
  • 3: Troubleshooting PS4 controllers
  • 4: PlayStation VR

If you aren’t sure what number to press, wait and press five. Once you dial in and are connected to the automated system, you will need to press five for all other inquiries. 

Wait a few seconds while they process your request. Within a few seconds, you should be connected to an agent if one is available. Otherwise, you may have to wait on a brief hold until someone is available to answer your question. 

1 (800) 345-7669

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Contacting Sony Live Chat

Sometimes, you may not be able to remain on the phone and hold for a customer service agent. In this scenario, you may have better luck engaging with the Sony live chat feature on their website. They have a live chat function for every category of products that they sell. 

To access their online chat function, you just need to head over to their main support page for this option. Select the category that best matches your inquiry. 

1 (800) 345-7669

Once you do this, a new window will appear asking you for your personal information before connecting you to a live agent. You will need to enter your first name, last name, email address, case number (if applicable), and subject. 

Wait briefly and they will connect you to the appropriate person who can answer your questions. 

Reaching Out to Customer Support at 1 (800) 345-7669

If you need to contact Sony PlayStation, then you need to know the best phone number to call. Their 1 (800) 345-7669 customer support line is open Monday through Friday to answer any and all of your questions. If you can’t wait online, be sure to reach out their live chat function on the website! 

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