How to Activate a Turbo Debit Card so you can get on and use it ✅

how to activate a turbo debit card

A Turbo debit card is becoming one of the most popular cards to have in the US. This card’s key selling point is that you could get paid up to two days early thanks to ASAP Direct Deposit services. It’s also a far better and quicker way of getting your tax refund sent directly to an account where you can spend it from. There’s very little messing around to do, and the money appears instantly on the card. It’s very different from activating a Chase debit card. However, before you can do any spending, you need to get the card ready to go. That’s why we’ve put together the following guide for how to activate a Turbo debit card.

You can activate your Turbo debit card online through the Direct Activation Service from the URL displayed on the letter that you received with your debit card. You’re also able to log into the service online and activate the card through that separate page.

How to Activate a Turbo Debit Card Using the Direct Link


When you receive your Turbo debit card in the mail, you’ll also have a letter that comes along with it. On the letter is a unique URL that should lead to a unique activation page. If you’ve lost this letter, or don’t know the URL, check the second option.

How to activate your Turbo debit card using the direct link:

  1. Card Number (16-digits)

    Input the long card number across the middle of the card

  2. Expiry Date

    This takes the format of month and year. For example, November 2020 would appear as 11/20.

  3. CVV

    This is the last three digits on the strip on the back of the card.

  4. Press Next → Personal Questions

    You’ll be asked a few more personal questions that you need to answer correctly. These are simple though and should lead to your card being activated immediately. Once the activation process is over, you can go ahead and use your card.

How to Activate a Turbo Debit Card Using the Turbo Website


The second method of activating your Turbo debit card is almost exactly the same as the first. There are just two steps before it to make you feel more secure about the website you’re visiting.

The first thing you need to do is head to the Turbo bank website. We have a link for you to use here if you need it. Once you’re there, you’ll see an option to “Activate Card.” Clicking this button will take you to the card activation page.

Since you’ve made your way to this page from the official Turbo bank website, you should rest assured that it’s a legitimate service and not one that you need to worry about.


Activating your Turbo debit card is extremely simple. You can either follow the paper’s instructions that arrive with the card or navigate to the page through the official Turbo website. Either way, you’ll end up on the official card activation page, where you can get your card set up and ready to go.

The only thing you need to remember is that you must have your card in hand if you’re going to activate it. You can’t activate the card without all of the details shown on it.

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