Amex Declined Charges – Why & How to fix

amex declined charges

Amex is the epitome of credit card issuers in the world. Amex cards come with many benefits, including benefits on traveling and restaurants. Similarly, Amex has more than 100 million cardholders worldwide. It has various types of credit cards with different benefits. However, the growing users of Amex also face some issues from time to time. The most common issue is that sometimes, Amex declined charges for certain users and transactions.

Have Amex declined charges for your transactions in the past? This might be due to multiple reasons. Usually, Amex declines charges when you exceed the monthly credit limit. Every credit card has a specific monthly limit. Therefore, it is advisable to check your Amex credit card monthly limit. Other than that, you can contact customer support to find out why Amex declined charges.

What Are the Reasons Amex Declined Charges?

amex declined charges 1 - Amex Declined Charges - Why & How to fix

As seen in the image above, Amex can decline a transaction due to spending more than usual which might be seen as suspicious activity. Below are other common reasons to get a charges declined.

Exceeding the Amex Credit Card Limit

The experience can be frustrating. Therefore, it is better to know the reasons for Amex declining charges. If you know the reasons, you can reduce the chances of experiencing a declined payment.

Amex has a vast number of credit cards. Every credit has a different credit limit. Some may have a monthly limit of $500. However, some credit card limits may go as high as $100,000. Therefore, the most common cause is the exceeding credit limit.

So, keep your spending credit in check. Furthermore, you can check your Amex credit card limit online. You can even call your Amex helpline at 1-800-419-2122. Ask them regarding your credit card monthly limit. Furthermore, you can also ask them why Amex declined charges.

Amex Declined Charges for Traveling to Different Locations

You will most likely use your Amex credit card from different locations if you are traveling. Amex may take this as a fraudulent transaction. They might think that someone has stolen your Amex credit card. Consequently, they will end up blocking your card.

Once the card issuer blocks your card, your future transactions with Amex will be declined. Therefore, it is the most common reason for Amex declining charges. The credit card usage from various locations in a short time triggers a fraud activity flag. The card issuer adopts this practice to avoid any unauthorized charge.

Therefore, it is best to inform your card issuer ahead of your travel schedule. In this way, the chances of facing Amex declining charges will be significantly less. The card issuer will know your traveling updates. Thus, they validate all those payments made during travel.

Push Notifications Are Off

The card issuer communicates primarily via email or phone message. They send essential updates through these push notifications. The card issuer temporarily blocks transactions if the system is going through updates. They communicate the time and date of service outage promptly through push notification.

However, you will not know this if you have not activated your push notifications. Therefore, always check at regular intervals that your notifications are on. Furthermore, you can contact the card issuer to keep sending you notifications. In this case, you will never miss important notifications. Therefore, Amex will decline charges if you try to use the card during that time.

Amex Declined Charges for Using Expired Amex Card

The front side of the credit card contains the expiry date. However, most of us forget the dates easily. Therefore, you might end with a frustrating experience of “Amex declined charges.” Amex will certainly decline charges of an expired card.

So, keep an eye on your card’s expiry date. Moreover, it would help to inform your card issuer a week earlier than your card expiry date. This way, they can arrange a renewal card for you in the meantime.

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Pending Credit Card Bills

The credit card bills are monthly. You have to pay off in the given time to keep using the option. However, many of us may forget to pay on time. That will lead to card cancellation. Therefore, Amex will decline all your charges if you have an outstanding credit card bill. It is improbable to face a declining charge issue with Amex if you pay on time.

Amex Declined Charges
Amex Declined Charges

What To Do If Amex Declined Charges?

Amex may decline charges primarily because of the reasons mentioned above. Therefore, you can avoid this decline issue if you consider the above points. However, contacting your card issuer is the best solution. They will guide you for the right reason and a solution to avoid this in the future. The toll-free helpline of Amex is 1-800-419-2122.

How To Avoid the Declining Charges Issue in The Future?

A credit card payment decline is major trouble no one wants to face. However, knowing the reasons for charges declining will help reduce it. The reasons mentioned above for Amex declining charges are the most common. Therefore, it is infrequent to face a declined charge if you have all the above reasons in mind. Furthermore, be proactive to take countermeasure for these declining reasons.


The bottom line is that Amex has the authority to decline charges based on specific reasons. It is better to keep in check your expiration date. Moreover, you must pay your credit card bills before the given time. You should also check your monthly credit limit online.

Moreover, you can contact your card issuer regarding payment issues. Amex may decline charges based on any of the above reasons. Therefore, follow proper steps to avoid charges declining issue.

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