Amex Declined Venmo: The Reasons

Amex declined venmo

Amex (American Express) is one of the world’s leading financial services institutions. It provides Amex credit cards with a wide range of benefits. Similarly, Venmo is a popular and easy payment method in the USA. Amex is compatible with Venmo. Therefore, using Amex, you can pay any Venmo user. Furthermore, you can split the purchase amount with a Venmo user. However, there have been times when Amex declined Venmo.

Amex declines Venmo for one of many reasons. It may be that your card is out of credit. Similarly, the bank may decline the transaction. If Amex declines Venmo, the first thing to do is contact your concerned bank. The reason is that Venmo has no access to your credit card. The support officials from your bank will help resolve the issue. Let’s explore the topmost reasons why Amex declined Venmo for hundreds of users in the past.

What Are the Topmost Reasons Amex Declined Venmo?

amex decline venmo

Low Credit Balance

The probable reason for Amex declining Venmo is that your card might be out of credit. In that case, you have to increase your card credit before repeating the transaction. Therefore, you can try again after you have enough credit.

Pending Payments / Authorization Hold

The seller places an authorization hold when you purchase online. The authorization hold is pending payment. The authorization hold is equal to the amount of purchase. Usually, the pending hold takes off once the seller charges you. Hence, Amex may decline Venmo if you already have a pending charge.

Amex Declined Venmo on Expired Card

Most of us are not good when it comes to remembering dates. Sometimes, our Amex card may expire, and we may not remember. Therefore, many times, Amex declined Venmo in such scenarios. When Amex declines Venmo, check your card expiration date.

Outstanding Card Bills

You have to pay your credit card bills every month. However, credit card suppliers also give grace time for pending bills. Amex may decline Venmo if you have outstanding card bills. The solution to making a successful transaction is to clear the credit card bills.

Fraud Activity

The growing cybercrime has forced banks to take security measures. Therefore, there are many security checks for a transaction. Hence, Amex declines Venmo if there is a security check failure. The security check may fail if the bank detects any fraudulent activity. The best option in this situation is to call your bank immediately.

What To Do When Amex Declines Venmo?

what to do¨ - Amex Declined Venmo: The Reasons

Amex allows its users to connect their Venmo accounts with it. Therefore, Amex users can use it to pay for Venmo. However, there are situations when Amex declined Venmo for “split pay” or simple transactions. Is your Amex declining Venmo? What should you do?

  • Well, the best way is to contact your bank instantly. The bank will know the reasons for the declined transaction of Amex.
  • Furthermore, check your credit card expiration date.
  • Moreover, check if you have any pending charges and outstanding bills on your card.
  • The bank has access to your card. Neither Venmo nor Amex has access to your account. Venmo acts as a bridge for financial transactions. Hence, you should contact your bank immediately when Amex declines Venmo.

Amex provides a wonderful feature to connect Venmo. Hence, customers can pay Venmo users without any issues. Furthermore, they can share and split the purchase amount with Venmo. To connect Amex with Venmo, you must have an active Amex account. If not, you need first to create and register your Amex account.

Amex links Venmo through a unique feature, “Send & Split.” Furthermore, you are good to go if you already have an online Amex account. Following are the easy steps to connect Amex with Venmo:

  • Open your Amex app.
  • In the app, select the “Account Tab.”
  • In the Account Tab, the first option is “Amex Send & Split.”
  • Click on Amex Send & Split.
  • After that, you will see an “Enroll” button.
  • Click on enroll button and then log in to your Venmo account to connect it.
  • Tip: Easily connect by using a virtual amex. Check our guide for the best virtual credit cards!

By following these simple steps, you can connect your Amex with Venmo.

Benefits Of Amex Send & Split

send and split amex venmo - Amex Declined Venmo: The Reasons

Amex connects itself with Venmo to facilitate Venmo users. Following are the key benefits of the Amex Send & Split program:

Send money to any Venmo User

Once you connect Amex with Venmo, you can send money to Venmo users. However, the catch in this transaction is that there is no credit card fee. When you pay someone from Venmo, there is a specific credit card fee. Amex Send & Split takes care of that. Therefore, you can pay any Venmo friends without any extra credit card fee.

Split a Charge with Venmo

We often get short of balance on some purchases. These instances are frustrating. However, Amex Send & Split provides a unique feature of splitting a charge. You can split the charge with any of your friends who have Venmo. You can then pay them later. The splitting charge option is one of a kind.

Final Word

Amex provides an extraordinary approach for Venmo users. They can connect Amex with Venmo to pay for Venmo and to split the charge. However, there were times when Amex declined Venmo. It can be due to any of the reasons discussed above.

So, the best solution is to contact your financial institution. Your outstanding card bills may be a reason that Amex declined Venmo. The bottom line is that your bank manages your account. Therefore, contact your bank immediately to resolve such issues.

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