Amex Platinum Concierge Number

American Express has one of the best lines of premium cards, offering cardholders the best benefits. One such card is the Platinum Card from American Express, which is among the best premium cards available. The Amex Platinum Card holds the record for being one of the best cards for frequent travelers.

Therefore, most benefits and rewards are tied to travel and travel purchases made every calendar year. The Amex Platinum Card is a rewards credit card that allows cardholders to earn Membership Rewards points while making eligible purchases. Other benefits offered by the Platinum Card include rental car benefits, Hilton elite gold status, and statement credits.

Aside from the many known benefits, the Platinum Card from American Express offers various complimentary benefits. For example, cardholders will receive a complimentary travel insurance plan and concierge services, for which they do not pay extra. All complimentary benefits are covered by the steep $695 annual fee, which may seem unattainable for many due to the card’s exclusivity.

However, cardholders will receive benefits that cannot be compared to other competing cards, including concierge services. Stick around to learn more about the Platinum Concierge service, the perfect assistance for cardholders, especially during travel.

Key Takeaways

·         The Amex Platinum Card offers complimentary concierge services to all cardholders of the Platinum Card

·         Cardholders will enjoy services such as reservations in restaurants from the Platinum Concierge service, especially during travel

What Does the Platinum Concierge Service Entail?

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The Platinum Concierge service is a comprehensive lifestyle-based service available to cardholders of the Amex Platinum or Amex Business Platinum Card. The Platinum Concierge complimentary service provides cardholders with personal assistance, including emergency services during their trip, such as help in case of a missed flight. A concierge will deliver duties as requested by the cardholder, which ranges from dining reservations, booking tickets, and making purchases.

All purchases and bookings made by the concierge will be charged to your Platinum Card, although the services are complimentary. However, cardholders are responsible for taxes, fees, and shipping charges for purchases they authorize made by the concierge on their behalf of them.

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Generally, concierge services offer great help to the cardholder, allowing cardholders to have ease in travel without worrying about small errands. Cardholders can use the concierge staff to book event tickets, make deliveries for flowers, secure reservations, and request travel guides. However, while using the Platinum Card, it is important to differentiate between Amex Travel and the Amex Platinum Concierge service. 4

Amex Travel is used to find and book a hotel or flight on an airline through the main site, while concierge services offer assistance during travel. It is also important to note that sometimes the concierge cannot fulfill the cardholder’s request in some circumstances.


Concierge services offered by the Platinum Card are available all over the world since the card is used globally. Whether the cardholder is in a business meeting or at a restaurant, the services are available throughout. Therefore, cardholders will not have to worry about delayed requests or poor services when contacting Platinum Concierge services.

The concierge will handle purchasing and delivering items, including flowers when the cardholder cannot make it in person.



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There are various ways in which the cardholder can contact American Express to receive concierge services. First, you can call the concierge services at 800-525-3355 while in the US or an international collect call through 617-622-6756. An automated voice prompt will ask what your request is, and you can say anything related to your task, for example, “restaurant reservation.”

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Alternatively, you can contact the number on the back of your card if you do not remember the number to contact. Then, select or say the word “Concierge” to receive the concierge services and make requests when prompted. However, you have to differentiate between travel requests and concierge services to get your request done.

All travel-related issues will be directed to the Amex Travel contact or website for further assistance.

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Some years back, cardholders could request concierge services through email, although requests would take up to a week to go through. The option of sending requests via email was scrapped on 18th August 2021 due to a lack of efficiency. Therefore, American Express allowed cardholders to access concierge services by using the number on the back of the card.

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Alternatively, card members can log in to their eligible Platinum Card account and access the concierge services. You can use the following steps to access the concierge services online or through the American Express site:

(i)                 Log in to your eligible Amex Platinum Card account

(ii)               Go to the main menu at the top and select the Rewards & Benefits option

(iii)             Select the Benefits tab from the options given

(iv)             Scroll down and select the Platinum Card Concierge box, then select the Learn More link for further assistance


The Amex Platinum Card is an amazing card packed with the best benefits and rewards for cardholders, especially those traveling frequently. One such benefit is the complimentary concierge services provided to the cardholder at no extra cost. The cardholder can make requests from dining reservations to personal help, like making purchases in retail. The concierge will run errands and grant requests on behalf of the cardholder, with all costs charged on the cardholder’s tab.

Cardholders can access the concierge services through their Platinum Card account or by calling the number on the back of their card.


What is Platinum Card Concierge service?

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The Platinum Card Concierge service is offered to all cardholders of the Platinum Card with no extra charges from the cardholder. Concierge services assist cardholders after they make requests, especially during travel. Also, concierge services are applicable in emergencies, for example, in case of a missed flight. The cardholder can access the concierge service by contacting American Express by phone or online to make a request.

How much does the Amex Concierge cost?

Amex Concierge services are offered to the cardholder at no extra cost since it is a complimentary benefit. The cardholder is entitled to free concierge services offered through American Express. However, the concierge services have some limitations; for example, concierge staff cannot book reservations if the hotel is packed. Purchases made on behalf of the cardholder will be charged on their Platinum Card, including charges and shipping fees incurred.

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Can I text the Platinum Card Concierge?

You cannot text Platinum Card Concierge to request concierge services since an automated prompt is used after contacting the number provided. There used to be an option of contacting the American Express Concierge service, but it was scraped due to inefficiency. Therefore, you have to make a correct personal request to receive a concierge who will attend to your needs or request.

The availability of the concierge services is always ready, whether day or night, as long as you call the number on the back of your card.

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