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American Express offers a wide array of premium cards that offer the best rewards and benefits to the cardholder. The Platinum Card from American Express is a great example of the best premium cards in the market. The Platinum Card is loaded with great perks that make the steep $695 annual fee worth every dime.

Additionally, the credit card issuer has partnered with different companies, ranging from retail to car rental companies, to increase the benefits received by cardholders. Thus, cardholders will enjoy different offers and benefits, including statement credits for prepaid hotels booked through American Express Travel, complimentary insurance, and hotel elite status.

One of the best benefits of the Amex Platinum Card is the complimentary elite status on car rental companies. Hertz is one such company that offers exclusive benefits to card members of the elite status, matching the Platinum Card’s luxurious nature. Therefore, cardholders will only require to pay for a rental car from Hertz to enjoy top-notch benefits available in the Hertz President’s Circle status.

However, the cardholder must meet more requirements, even when using the Amex Platinum Card to pay for rental car services. Follow the article below to learn and know more about the Platinum Card Hertz benefits.

Key Takeaways

·         Hertz offers Gold Plus Rewards Membership Benefits that allow Amex Platinum cardholders to earn points in the loyalty program

·         Hertz rentals offer the most elite President’s Circle status to Amex Platinum cardholders, who receive exclusive rewards and benefits while renting a car

·         Some of the benefits received by Platinum cardholders in the President’s Circle status include a complimentary one-class upgrade while renting a car

Hertz Rental Car Company

Hertz rental car company

Hertz is one of the best and most exclusive rental car companies available for use in different locations worldwide. Hertz is also a partnering company with the Platinum Card, allowing cardholders to enjoy the President’s Circle status while renting their car. The complimentary benefit was added to the Platinum Card, including the Business Platinum Card, from 4th November 2022 as an Amex discount.

Cardholders of the Platinum Card from American Express enjoy exclusive benefits through the top-most elite status of the rental car company. Also, authorized users of the Platinum Card can access the benefits offered in the Hertz President’s Circle status, just like the primary American Express account.

The Hertz Gold Plus Rewards loyalty program will offer all customers advantages over other car rental companies. Once registered, customers will enjoy mobile alerts on rental cars and their locations, no counter pick-up on select participating locations, and discounts. The elite status will carry distinctions in benefits accorded to the customer by Hertz.

Hertz offers various ways for customers to earn points and elite status, providing various options for all customers. Therefore, Hertz caters to all customer needs, directly and indirectly, to increase their customer base, especially through partnering with hotels and airlines.

Hertz airport counter

Hertz offers the best benefits to its customers by allowing them to enroll in the Hertz Gold Plus Rewards loyalty program. Thus, customers can earn different points per dollar, depending on their elite status. Also, customers will earn their elite status depending on how much they spend or how many rentals they make through Hertz.

Each elite status has different benefits to the customer with Amex Plat. cardholders receive the highest elite status. The Hertz President’s Circle status has unique benefits tailored for cardholders of the Amex Platinum Card at no extra charges.

Hertz Gold Plus Rewards Loyalty Program and Elite Status

loyalty program

A loyalty program is a form of rewards program the company provides to encourage its customers to use its products or services. Hertz offers its customers the Gold Plus Rewards program, which earns points depending on their elite status category. For example, customers with the highest elite status, Hertz President’s Circle status, earn 1.5 points per dollar spent while renting a car.

The Hertz Five Star status offers customers 1.25 points per dollar spent on car rentals from Hertz. Cardholders of the Platinum Card automatically receive the Hertz President’s Circle status, allowing them to earn the most points per dollar spent.

Knowing the difference between the Hertz Gold Plus Rewards Membership benefits and the Hertz elite status is important. The Hertz Gold Plus Rewards benefits allow cardholders to earn points through the loyalty program, which are redeemed later. Also, customers, including Amex Plat. cardholders must sign up for the program and have an active account in order to earn points.

Membership is free, and the points do not expire as long as the customer’s accounts remain open. Also, customers can transfer their points to a spouse or domestic partner if they are also members of the loyalty program.

Elite status is earned by the customer depending on the amount of money they spend using rental cars from Hertz. Hertz offers its customers two tiers of elite status: Hertz Five Star and Hertz President’s Circle. The benefits offered to the customer while renting a car from Hertz will increase as they increase their status level. The number of rewards points earned will not affect Hertz’s status, but customers can use their points to book a car.

Cardholders of the Amex Platinum Card will be accorded the Hertz President’s Circle status automatically as part of the card’s complimentary benefits.

How to Earn Points and Elite Status without a Hertz Gold Plus Rewards Membership

Hertz has given its customers alternative options to earning elite status and points in partnering hotels and airlines. Frequent travelers can receive points in partnering airline and hotel loyalty programs instead of points towards rental cars. Some partnering airlines where customers can earn miles while using Hertz include Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, and Emirates.

Hertz has fewer partnering hotels, but customers can nonetheless earn the respective points depending on the time the customer rents from Hertz. For example, customers will earn 500 Marriott Bonvoy points for every rental they make from Hertz.

Marriott Bonvoy hotel chain

Hertz customers can earn complimentary elite status from partnering airline and hotel statuses. For example, customers with a Delta Gold Medallion status will receive complimentary Hertz Five Star status. Customers with Delta Platinum and Delta Diamond status will receive complimentary Hertz President’s Circle status.

In the Marriott Bonvoy loyalty program, customers with a Titanium Elite status receive complimentary Hertz Five Star status. Customers with an Ambassador Elite status will receive complimentary President’s Circle status. Complimentary status means customers will receive free Hertz elite status after meeting the required status in a partnering airline or hotel chain.

Delta Airlines

How to Get Hertz Elite Status

The Hertz customers must meet some conditions in order to receive the Hertz Elite status and enjoy different benefits. Each elite status has different sets of requirements the customer must achieve to receive the full benefits. Thus, it is important to note the main difference between enrolling in the Hertz Gold Plus Rewards membership and Hertz elite status.

Hertz Gold Plus membership is free with no further maintenance charges, while Hertz elite status requires customers to spend some required amount. Customers can upgrade to the top-tier elite status to unlock more benefits Hertz offers.

rental car elite status

Customers must spend at least $4,000 on rental cars in Hertz or take at least 20 rentals within a 12-month period. That way, they will qualify for the highest Hertz elite status, Hertz President’s Circle, as long as their account remains open. However, cardholders of the Amex Platinum Card will receive the Hertz President’s Circle without paying the required amount.

The benefit is complimentary and exclusive to Amex Platinum, and cardholders will also receive unique benefits. Cardholders must activate the benefit online by filling in their name, email address, and Hertz Gold Plus Rewards member number.

Alternatively, customers can earn the Hertz President’s Circle status without renting a car from Hertz. Customers can receive the Hertz President’s Circle status through loyalty programs from partner airlines and hotels. For example, customers will earn complimentary Hertz President’s Circle status through the Delta Medallion and Marriott Bonvoy Elite status.

The new complimentary status may take up to seven business days to be fully active for the customer to enjoy.

What are the Main Benefits of Hertz President’s Circle Status?

Hertz rentals

Cardholders of the Amex Platinum Card receive the best deal from the Hertz President’s Circle status while renting from Hertz. The same benefits apply to cardholders of the Amex Business Platinum Card, available exclusively for businesses. The Hertz President’s Circle status is a recent benefit added to the Amex Platinum Card, ensuring cardholders enjoy even more benefits during travel.

Cardholders must have an active Hertz Gold Plus Rewards account and use a special code to make reservations and receive benefits. Other complimentary benefits from rental company programs include the Avis Preferred program, as seen in an eligible Amex account.

Hertz customers who receive the President’s Circle status will receive the following benefits as seen from the benefits page:

·         Guaranteed complimentary one-class upgrade

·         Guaranteed advance airport reservation

·         A free rental car is available after the 30th and 40th rental

·         One rental Hertz Valet terminal drive to select airports after each 15th, 20th, and 40th rental

·         50% bonus points for all the qualified rental cars

premium car upgrade

Amex Platinum cardholders qualifying for the President’s Circle status will also enjoy the following benefits:

·         A four-hour grace period on rental returns, applying to time and mileage charges

·         A free car-class upgrade, if the car is available

·         Special rates on participating locations (terms apply)

·         A 10% bonus on points for free rentals

·         No stop at the rental counter when picking up the rental car

·         Free rental car driver accompanying the cardholder

Hertz Five Star Benefits

Hertz elite status car upgrades

Hertz customers are also eligible to receive Hertz Five Star elite status within a calendar year to receive extra benefits. However, the benefits received through the Hertz Five Star status are lesser than those received through the Hertz President’s Circle status. The customer must spend above $2,000 or take between 7 to 19 rentals from Hertz to receive Five Star status.

The status is not available for Amex Platinum cardholders since they receive the top-tier status with the most benefits. All of the benefits offered to customers in the Hertz Five Star status are also found in the Hertz President’s Circle status.

Hertz Five Star members will receive the following benefits:

·         One-car class upgrade in select locations, if available

·         No delay at the counter at over 50 airport Hertz retailers

·         Free additional driver within the US

·         10% bonus points on all qualifying rental cars

·         Choosing a different rental car on the spot through Hertz Gold Choice

·         Mobile alerts for the arrival of their rental car

Hertz rental shuttles to the airport

Hertz also offers customers a means of redeeming their points for a rental car reservation and booking. The option is not available for Amex Platinum cardholders if they want to receive the full benefits of the Hertz President’s Circle status. Cardholders who receive a free bonus for a rental car must pay the charges using their Amex Platinum Card to receive maximum benefits.

Other customers must have 500 points in their account and redeem up to 10,000 points per calendar year to book with points.

Thus, customers can redeem their Hertz Gold Rewards points in two ways when reserving or booking a rental car. Standard rates are the most affordable options, while AnyDay rates guarantee no blackout dates, especially during a high season. For example, if standard rates require 750 points to redeem for a rental car, AnyDay rewards points will start at 1500.

However, redeeming points using the AnyDay rates options guarantees availability a rental car when customers book in advance. You can purchase points online at 20 cents per point, with a minimum of 50 rewards points, especially when topping up your points.

rental car


The American Express Platinum Card is a card of its kind due to its old and recent benefits. One great benefit is the complimentary President’s Circle elite status from Hertz that offers unbeatable benefits, especially for Amex Platinum cardholders. The complimentary benefit was introduced to cardholders on 4th November 2022 for all cardholders, including new card members upon card membership. 4

The Amex Platinum Card is the best fit for frequent travelers with more benefits from a rental car company. Some benefits cardholders from the Hertz President’s Circle receive may include earning points for free rental cars worldwide.

Hertz airport retailer

However, it is important to note that the Hertz rental car company has had a few scandals recently with full details still unreleased. There have been repeated losses of rental cars where Hertz filed several police reports against its customers, with false arrests made in some cases. However, the issues have been resolved, although there has not been any follow-up on the affected customers.

This issue is purely an editorial note, and the opinions expressed are personal and not intended to defame the company. The cardholder should maximize the Platinum Card by taking advantage of the complimentary offer provided by American Express.


How do you get Hertz President’s Circle with Amex Platinum?

American Express introduced a new benefit to all Amex Platinum Cards, allowing cardholders to enjoy extra benefits from Hertz. Cardholders will receive complimentary President’s Circle elite status, the top-most elite status offered by Hertz to its customers. Cardholders must register and activate the benefit from the official Hertz website to enjoy benefits specially tailored for Amex Platinum cardholders.

Also, the Hertz President’s Circle status is complimentary, which means that Amex Platinum cardholders will not pay extra to receive the benefits. However, cardholders must pay fully for the rental car from Hertz using their Amex Platinum Card to receive the President’s Circle status benefits.

How do I book Hertz with Amex Platinum?

Hertz offers its customers options for booking a rental car using their Amex Platinum Card or points. Customers can earn points through the Hertz Gold Plus Rewards program, with the Hertz President’s Circle status earning customers 1.5 points. However, cardholders of the Amex Platinum Card should pay fully with their card to enjoy maximum benefits from the Hertz President’s Circle status.

You can book in person or through the Hertz official website, and you will receive alerts on your rental car. You can use points and cash to book or reserve your rental car, but rates depend on the type of car.

Can you transfer Hertz Gold Plus Rewards points?

Yes, you can transfer unlimited Hertz Gold Plus Rewards points to a domestic partner or spouse. However, the domestic partner or spouse must have a Hertz Gold Plus membership and an active account to receive points. Also, the domestic partner and spouse must have the same address and place of permanent residence as the primary account holder.

The Hertz Gold Plus Rewards points earned by the customer will not expire as long as the account remains open. Also, there are no membership fees charged to the customer when they open the account, and members receive members-only benefits.

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