Amex Platinum Lounge Access

American Express offers one of the credit cards with the most exclusive perks never seen in other competing credit cards. One premium card is the Platinum Card from American Express, one of the best cards for travel. With the Amex Platinum Card, cardholders will enjoy the best rewards related to travel and other eligible purchases.

The $695 annual fee guarantees that the Amex Platinum cardholder will receive the best and most exclusive perks and lounge access benefits. Whether using the personal Platinum or Business Platinum Card, the cardholder has exclusive access to specific categories, such as airport lounge access.

The American Express Global Lounge Collection has over 1300 airport lounge networks to which the cardholder has access. Cardholders will receive worldwide access to the partner airport lounges since the Platinum Card is used globally. Airport lounges offer a break from the busy airport atmosphere, helping passengers relax through restaurants and entertainment.

Therefore, the Platinum Card will give cardholders access to the best and most exclusive airport lounges. Although some airport lounges have prior enrollment required, Platinum cardholders receive the best exclusive perks.

Key Takeaways

·         The Platinum Card from American Express offers exclusive perks, including access to over 1300 airport lounges worldwide

·         An airport lounge offers entertainment, snacks, and comfort as the passenger awaits their flight in an airport

·         The Amex Platinum Card offers complimentary access to its cardholders who enjoy more benefits than other cards offer

The American Express Global Lounge Collection

American Express

American Express has partnered with over 1300 airport lounge networks worldwide for Platinum cardholders to enjoy. The airport lounges belong to different companies, including the Centurion Lounge Network, Priority Pass Select Lounges, and Lufthansa Lounges. Therefore, the cardholder can choose from more lounge location options in over 140 countries through their American Express account.

The Platinum Card boasts the most lounge location options among the competing cards in the market for personal or business travelers.

To have access to the airport lounge, the cardholder needs to meet some conditions and requirements set by the airport lounge. Different lounges have different policies, but most require the individual to have an Amex Platinum Card to receive exclusive benefits. Each cardholder can have complimentary access for two extra guests to select airport lounges of their choice for free.

Also, the cardholder can add up to three additional cards for authorized users, with two extra guests applying for each card. Whether or not the authorized user is traveling with the cardholder at the same time, they can add extra guests.

To access the airport lounge, the cardholder must pay the required rate from the different lounges, including charges for extra guests. However, some airport lounges require annual membership for unlimited access to the airport lounge every calendar year. Therefore, you must understand the terms required to access the airport lounge, despite being an Amex Platinum cardholder.

For example, some policies indicate that the cardholder should have a same-day boarding pass to access the airport lounge. The Amex Platinum Card will offer the best side perks, for personal use or business, compared to other credit cards.

The Centurion Lounge

Centurion Lounge Networks

The American Express Centurion Lounge Network is one of the world’s best and most exclusive airport lounge networks. American Express has up to 12 Centurion Lounge locations across the US and over 40 more worldwide. The largest Centurion Lounge is yet to come in 2023, found in Atlanta, US, and it will feature the best outdoor activities.

The Centurion Lounge network offers the best quality in dining, drinks, and more unique amenities, such as spa services, in select locations. Thus, being an Amex Platinum cardholder will offer you one of the best services before your flight since they are complementary.

Additionally, two more guests will receive complimentary access to the lounge, although the terms of the access have been updated. Until 31st January 2023, cardholders can have free access for themselves and up to two guests per card. Extra guests are charged $50 for adults and $30 for children between two and seventeen.

As of February 2023, the cardholder must spend more than $75,000 every calendar year on eligible purchases for complimentary guest access. The main aim of the updated terms is to reduce the number of people who access Centurion Lounges, maintaining its exclusivity.

The Platinum cardholder must show their government ID and same-day boarding pass, which should be within three hours of boarding. A confirmed boarding pass means that you have a same-day travel pass with a seat assigned to you for your flight. You will not be required to pay an annual membership cost for airport lounge access.

Other cardholders of American Express credit cards, including some co-branded cards, have access to the Centurion Lounge Network. However, the conditions they have to meet are more challenging to achieve, different from the ones required by the Amex Platinum cardholders.

Priority Pass Select Lounges

Priority Pass Sekect Lounges

There are over 1200 Priority Pass Select Lounges worldwide available for Amex Platinum cardholders which you can select from online. Cardholders of the Platinum Card are also entitled to Priority Pass Select membership which you must have to access Priority Pass lounges. You will receive the Priority Pass complimentary membership card within 10 to 14 business days of receiving your Amex Platinum Card.

You are required to show the membership card and same-day boarding pass for entry at participating Priority Pass Lounges. Thus, prior enrollment to the lounge program is required to access the lounge with a $469 annual fee for the cardholder only.

The Priority Pass Lounge offers complimentary guest access to some participating airport lounges. The cardholder of either an Amex Platinum Card or an Amex Business Platinum Card can bring in only two guests. Extra guests will be charged a fee, billed from your Platinum Card, once the visit is reported to Priority Pass.

Some of the Priority Pass Lounges do not allow the cardholder to bring a guest into the lounge, even at a fee. Therefore, you must check from your Platinum Card account which participating lounge does or does not accept guests.

Delta Sky Club

Delta Sky Club

The Delta Sky Club is an exclusive airport lounge usually associated with Delta Airlines. Therefore, only a few people or cardholders can access the Delta Sky Club as they await their flight. Cardholders with an Amex Platinum Card are among those few to access the lounge, including those with American Express Delta co-branded credit cards.

Over 50 participating Delta Sky Club lounges are accessible to the Platinum cardholder in the US only. The cardholder needs to cover the single $545 annual membership fee that only covers a single cardholder.

To access the Delta Sky Club lounges, the Platinum Card member needs to present their Amex Platinum Card first. Then, they should also present their government-issued ID and a same-day boarding pass for Delta Airlines only. The boarding pass should have a reservation for a Delta-operated flight, either from Delta or Delta-Connection, whether for arrival or departure.

Those seeking access to the airport lounge during their departure should do so within three hours of their flight without prior Delta Sky Club membership. The the boarding pass showing the cardholder’s name must match the name found on the Amex Platinum Card or Amex Business Platinum Card.

Although the card does not offer complimentary access for guests, the cardholder can pay for the guest’s access. Delta Sky Clubs allow eligible Platinum Card members to have guests using their Amex Platinum Card for payment. Therefore, the cardholder can purchase guest access for the spouse, up to two guests, or children under 21 years at a discounted price.

For updated pricing, check the official Delta Sky Clubs website for further details. Also, the guests getting access to the lounge should present their same-day boarding pass for a Delta-operated flight.

Lufthansa Lounges

Lufthansa Lounges

The Lufthansa Lounges offer all cardholders the best and most exclusive airport lounge with the Amex Platinum Card. Cardholders will receive complimentary access to the Lufthansa Lounges, depending on the tickets they purchase. Also, the cardholder should have a same-day boarding pass from the Lufthansa Group, that is, Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, and SWISS.

The Lufthansa Lounge access is authorized user access, where Platinum Card members can access Lufthansa Lounges. The cardholder must show a same-day boarding pass, a government-issued ID, and a valid Amex Platinum Card for access.

All cardholders will have complimentary access to any select Lufthansa Business Lounges regardless of their ticket class. However, cardholders will only receive complimentary access to participating Lufthansa Senator Lounges when flying business class. Also, cardholders of Centurion Cards have the same complimentary access to all types of select Lufthansa Lounges regardless of their ticket class.

Thus, participating Lufthansa Lounges have different categories for the Amex Platinum cardholders to choose from before flights. Guests may access the lounge when they meet certain conditions at a fee charged using the Amex Platinum Card.

International American Express Lounges

worldwide airport lounges

The Amex Platinum Card offers more exclusive airport lounge access beside the variety of airport lounges in the American Express Global Lounge Collection. Therefore, the Amex Platinum cardholder receives extra perks just for possessing an Amex Platinum Card or Amex Business Platinum Card. Apart from the Centurion Network, American Express offers complimentary access to eleven more exclusive lounges worldwide.

Thus, all Platinum Card members will enjoy airport lounge access, although normal rates will apply to the cardholder.

The International American Express Lounges available globally include:

·         Six Centurion Clubs in Mexico

·         One Centurion Lounge in Argentina

·         Two American Express Lounges in India

·         Two American Express Lounges in Australia

The cardholder should show their valid Amex Platinum Card, same-day boarding pass, and government-issued ID before entry. Some lounges will accept complimentary guest access for at least one guest accompanying the Amex Platinum cardholder.

Escape Lounge US

Escape Lounge

The Escape Lounges is a Centurion Studio partner, which offers an entertainment and relaxation spot for all. As long as you have a boarding pass, Escape Lounges, the Centurion Studio partner, accept all Platinum cardholders, no matter what airline they are flying. Also, the Escape Lounge offers no annual membership fee, but the cardholder requires to pay an entrance fee.

The airport lounge will offer a discount to select groups of people and when purchasing access through the website 24 hours in advance. Platinum Card members, Centurion Card members, and American Express Global Lounge Collection members will get in for free.

The benefit is only available for Platinum Card members since it is an authorized user benefit for the Amex Platinum Card. Any additional Gold Cards or Green Cards on the main Platinum Card account are not legible for complimentary access. However, some co-branded cards from Delta Sky also have complimentary access to the Escape Lounge for same-day Delta-oriented flights.

Up to two guests of the select members will have free access to the lounge, with up to $45 per extra guest. The cardholder should have a government-issued ID, a valid Platinum Card, and same-day boarding pass to gain access to the qualifying Escape Lounges.


lounges across the world

The Airspace Lounges offer complimentary access to Platinum Card members, including refreshments and business rooms. The Airspace Lounges are, also known as Aspire Lounges, found in the San Diego and Ontario airports. The participating Airspace Lounges offer complimentary access to Amex Platinum cardholders, with up to two guests per visit for free.

Additional Gold Cards or Green Cards will not receive the complimentary benefits since they are only available to Platinum Cards. Before entering the lounge, the cardholder must show their valid Platinum Card, government-issued ID, and same-day boarding pass.

Plaza Premium Airport Lounge

Plaza Premium Lounge

Plaza Premium Airport Lounges are based in Hong Kong, Japan, with over 120 more lounge locations worldwide. The Plaza Premium Lounges are part of the American Express Global Lounge Collection, available to all Amex Platinum Card members. Cardholders can access Plaza Premium Lounges using a $349 fee for a single-user cardholder which covers only ten visits.

Also, the lounge offers the cardholder complimentary access for two guests without charge and a 30% discount on additional guests. The cardholder will complete all charges using the Platinum Card or Business Platinum Card.

The Plaza Premium Lounge offers complimentary access to Platinum Card members only. Additional Gold Cards or Green Cards cannot receive the Plaza Premium complimentary access at any lounge location. The cardholder will require their valid Amex Platinum Card, same-day boarding pass regardless of the airline, and government-issued ID before entry.

The Platinum Card Member must follow the requirements and conditions of the Plaza Premium Airport Lounge management.

What You Need to Visit Airport Lounges Using the Amex Platinum Card

boarding pass

There is a vast number of airport lounges to choose from that offer complimentary access to all Amex Platinum Card members. That means the Platinum cardholder will receive the airport lounge access benefit just for having the Amex Platinum Card, including complimentary guest access. Some airport lounges offer more side perks for Platinum cardholders, which cannot be found using other competing credit cards.

Additionally, some airport lounges offer authorized-user benefits, meaning they only offer complimentary access to Platinum cardholders. Any additional card apart from additional Platinum Cards will not receive exclusive perks or complimentary access to the airport lounge.

Therefore, to gain access to the airport lounge, the individual must have a valid Platinum Card, whether for personal or business use. Some airport lounges require the individual to become a lounge member to receive complimentary access benefits. The Priority Pass Select Lounges requires the individual to have a membership card aside from the Amex Platinum Card to gain access.

Aside from the credit card or membership card, the individual should also show their government-issued ID. Some lounges can only accept individuals above 18 or 21 years unless they are in the company of a parent or guardian.

The individual should also have a same-day boarding pass, whether it is for arrival or departure. However, some airport lounges will specify the time frame required as they access the lounge before leaving for their flight. Additionally, some lounges will specify what type of airline the individual is using for flights to have airport lounge access. For example, participating Delta Sky Club Lounges require cardholders to have a Delta-oriented boarding pass to gain complimentary access.

Therefore, check the terms and conditions regarding the type of boarding pass and duration required from each lounge.


The Platinum Card from American Express is one of the best credit cards offering top-notch rewards, especially for travel. Therefore, frequent travelers enjoy different rewards and benefits tied to travel and travel-related purchases. One such benefit is complimentary lounge access to over 1300 participating lounges accessible worldwide in different airports. Thus, the cardholder will receive unlimited benefits, including unlimited Wi-Fi, drinks, and even spa activities as they await their flights.

Most airport lounges also offer complimentary guests access for free, but the cardholder may pay for extra guests after reaching the limit.

Usually, Platinum Card members require a valid Platinum Card, a government-issued ID, and a same-day travel boarding pass. The name on the Card should match that on the boarding pass to ascertain that it is the cardholder gaining access to the lounge. Also, ensure you meet the conditions set by the airport lounge to access American Express lounges if qualified.

All in all, the Platinum Card from American Express is one of the travel credit cards cardholders can fully maximize and enjoy. The cardholder will receive the best service, usually at no extra pay for themselves and their guests.


How do Amex Platinum benefits work?

The American Express Platinum Card is one of the best rewards credit cards in the market due to its amazing benefits. The Amex Platinum Card benefits are mostly tied to travel and other eligible purchases related to travel. Thus, the card is best suited for frequent travelers who can fully take advantage of most, if not all, benefits. The more you use the Amex Platinum Card, the more rewards and benefits you receive.

One such benefit is the complimentary access to airport lounges as you await your flight away from the noise and dullness of an airport.

How do I get an Amex Platinum Priority Pass?

To access the Priority Pass Lounges, the Platinum cardholder must enroll in the Priority Pass Lounge program. After the cardholder receives the Amex Business Platinum or Amex Platinum Card, they are legible to apply for and receive a Priority Pass membership. The cardholder can apply for membership on their Platinum Card account or call the number on the back of their card.

Therefore, the cardholder will receive a Priority Pass Card which they must show before gaining access to any Priority Pass Lounge worldwide. The cardholder must also show their government-issued ID and same-day travel boarding pass for airport lounge access.

Can you get lounge access with Amex Gold?

Amex Gold Card

Unlike the Platinum Card, the American Express Gold Card does not carry any complimentary access benefits. Most airport lounges offer authorized user benefits, meaning only Platinum Card members can access the lounges. Therefore, those using the Amex Gold Card cannot access airport lounges through complimentary access.

Also, an additional Gold Card on a Platinum Card account will not receive the complimentary access benefits. Thus, there is no instance in which the Amex Gold Card can receive complimentary lounge access while using the card.

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