Amex Platinum Purchase Protection

The Platinum Card from American Express has the best overall benefits for its cardholders, especially those who travel frequently. Cardholders will enjoy amazing benefits such as statement credits, earning Membership Rewards points on eligible items, and complimentary benefits. The Amex Platinum Card offers cardholders excellent benefits not offered by other Amex cards.

Thus, cardholders are guaranteed the protection of their goods and money-saving costs, even during travel. The American Express Platinum Card remains unbeatable and one of the best premium cards in the market.

Complimentary benefits such as purchase protection coverage fall under the complimentary insurance plan offered to Amex cards. Therefore, cardholders enjoy purchase protection, return protection, and extended warranty coverage at no extra cost. However, the cardholder must ensure their eligible American Express card qualifies for purchase protection coverage.

\The cardholder must meet some conditions to receive reimbursements as they file a claim to American Express. The policy is underwritten by the Amex Assurance Company, which oversees reimbursements and claims filed by cardholders.

Key Takeaways

·         The Platinum Card from American Express carries one of the best complimentary benefits for its cardholders

·         Purchase protection coverage is offered to a select bunch of Amex cards, offering protection of cardholders’ goods within a certain time

·         Purchase protection, extended warranty coverage, and return protection are complimentary benefits to eligible Amex cards

How Does Amex Platinum Purchase Protection Work?

purchase protection benefits

The Amex purchase protection coverage guarantees the security and protection of the cardholder’s purchased items. The coverage protects against damage and theft of goods purchased using the eligible Amex card, whether online or in person. Premium cards, such as the American Express Platinum Card, offer protection against lost or misplaced purchased items.

The cardholder will receive the purchase protection benefit within the first 90 days after the purchase date. However, cardholders must file a claim within the first 30 days of incidence to receive reimbursements.

Different Amex cards receive different reimbursements, with most cards receiving $1,000 per incident and premium cards receiving up to $10,000 per covered purchase. The Platinum Card, Gold Card, Hilton Aspire Card, and Delta SkyMiles Reserve American Express Card are just a few examples of eligible personal cards. The maximum reimbursement received by a single Amex account per calendar year is $50,000 for all eligible cards.

The coverage is only eligible in certain circumstances, excluding reasons such as natural disasters, normal wear and tear, and damage through alterations. However, cardholders are eligible to receive $500 worth of reimbursements related to damage to eligible items through natural disasters.

The Amex purchase protection coverage is only available for an eligible item, with some exclusions, including the following items:

·         Rare and precious coins or rare stamps

·         Medical or dental equipment and devices

·         Consumable or perishable items such as batteries

·         Limited-edition items

·         Digital video discs

·         Motorized vehicles and their accessories

·         Permanent household items such as refrigerators

·         Negotiable instruments such as gift certificates

·         Items permanently affixed in homesteads or offices

·         Items purchased for commercial purposes, purchase for play, or resale

eligible purchases

Cardholders must pay the entire purchase price of the eligible items using an eligible American Express credit card to receive full reimbursements. Using your preferred credit card to pay partially for covered purchases will only earn the cardholder reimbursements worth the same amount spent. Therefore, paying fully with your eligible Amex card offers maximum American Express purchase protection benefits.

The Amex card will not cover shipping and handling charges, and items handled through third-party carriers are also not covered. Therefore, cardholders must understand the fine print that will determine whether they are eligible to receive reimbursements.

How Does Amex Platinum Return Protection Work?

return protection benefits

The American Express return protection policy falls under the complimentary insurance policies offered to cardholders by American Express. Like the purchase protection coverage, American Express return protection is available on most Amex cards. The benefit is readily available to cardholders who face retailer restrictions that prevent them from getting their money back.

American Express allows cardholders to file a claim within 90 days to return an item, while most retailers accept returns within 30 or 60 days. Thus, American Express will offer reimbursements for eligible items that cardholders cannot return to the original retailer.

Cardholders will receive reimbursements worth $300 per eligible item and up to $1,000 per calendar year. However, it is important to rely on the retailer’s return policy if they are willing to accept returned items. The cardholder must ensure that the item is in good condition since damaged items will not be accepted. The eligible card account must cover the entire purchase price for cardholders to receive reimbursements on the eligible items.

Also, covered purchases must be made within the US, including US territories and islands such as Puerto Rico, Guam, and US Virgin Islands.

The American Express return protection policy is only available to premium American Express cards since the offer was removed from most credit cards. Some of the American Express credit cards receiving the offer include the following:

·         The Platinum Card from American Express, including the Business Platinum Card and its different variations

·         Blue Cash Preferred American Express Card

·         EveryDay Preferred American Express Card

·         Delta SkyMiles Reserve American Express Card

·         Hilton Honors American Express Aspire Card

Some of the excluded items not covered under the American Express return protection policy include the following items:

·         Rare and precious coins or rare stamps

·         Living plants and animals

·         Consumable or perishable items

·         Motorized vehicles, including vehicle parts and accessories

·         Medical or dental equipment

·         Tickets

·         Formalwear

·         Books and magazines of any kind

·         Permanent fixtures such as land and buildings

How Does Amex Platinum Extended Warranty Coverage Work?

extended warranty

Extended warranty coverage allows cardholders to have an extended warranty on specific items after purchase. Thus, the cardholder will receive an additional year for the warranty on eligible purchases at no extra cost. The extended warranty coverage from American Express is only applicable to eligible items with a warranty of five years or less.

For example, if you bought a refrigerator with a 20-month warranty and it broke down after 24 months, you will receive reimbursements. However, there are certain conditions that the buyer must meet in order to receive the extended warranty coverage.

First, the cardholder must use an eligible card member account from the eligible Amex credit cards that carry the offer. The cardholder must pay the purchase price using an eligible credit card to receive the warranty. Some of the Amex cards that receive the extended warranty coverage as of January 1st, 2020, include the following:

·         Amex Platinum Card and all its other variations

·         Amex Business Platinum Card

·         Amex Gold Card

·         Amex Green Card

·         Marriott credit cards

·         Hilton credit cards

·         Delta credit cards

The extended warranty coverage will work similarly to the original warranty, following the terms and conditions of the original warranty. The warranty coverage will take effect only after the original warranty expires, saving the cardholder from the costs of using their personal finance for purchasing a retailer’s extended warranty. However, the extended warranty from American Express will not cover repairs done in unauthorized repair facilities or using unacceptable spare parts.

Any damage not covered under the original warranty will also be ineligible for reimbursements. The extended warranty coverage has coverage limits that will also exclude some of the items listed below:

·         Motorized vehicles, including vehicle spare parts and accessories

·         Consumable or perishable items

·         Digital video discs

·         Computers

·         Items purchased for commercial use or resale

·         Damage from natural disasters

Cardholders will receive reimbursements equal to the amount spent on the original purchase or repair costs. Thus, cardholders can receive up to $10,000 on the covered purchases, with up to $50,000 every calendar year. Cardholders will receive reimbursements in the form of a statement credit or a check when their claim is processed.

The credit card payment processor, American Express, will process the extended warranty coverage in this case. All claims regarding the extended warranty coverage should be made within 30 days of the covered incident.

How to File a Claim

filing a claim

Once the cardholder establishes they have experienced a covered incident, they need to file a claim, in-person or online. The cardholder will only receive reimbursements after filing a claim and waiting for American Express approval. Different coverage policies have different rules and requirements regarding filing a claim properly to receive reimbursements.

Usually, filing a claim as soon as the incident occurs is the best way to increase the chances of receiving reimbursements. Also, cardholders must pay attention to the fine print regarding the terms and conditions relating to filing claims.

American Express offers different numbers for different protection coverages for an easy start and follow-up on the claims process. Alternatively, you can call the number on the back of your Amex Platinum Card to receive further assistance. The Amex Platinum Card receives all protection coverage policies since it is a premium card having access to top-notch benefits.

Ensure you have all the necessary documents to establish the claim’s validity when filing a claim. Thus, you will have a smooth claim process as you await approval for reimbursements from American Express.

The following steps are taken to file online claims for the coverage policies highlighted above:

(i)                 Go to the official American Express website and log in to your Amex card account

(ii)               Then, navigate to the Claims Center page on the site

(iii)             Select the File a Claim button on the top right part of your screen

(iv)             Select the eligible card you used to make your covered purchases

(v)               Enter the date of the original purchase and select Continue

(vi)             From the next page, select the claim type from the options given, then select Continue to proceed with the process

How to File a Claim for American Express Purchase Protection

Cardholders will receive reimbursements on lost items and damaged and stolen goods depending on their Amex card. The benefit level varies depending on the card, with premium cards such as the Amex Platinum Card receiving up to $10,000 in reimbursements. Authorized users of premium cards like the Platinum Card from American Express are also covered under the Amex purchase protection coverage.

Therefore, cardholders must check which card they use to make the full purchase price to receive the full reimbursements. Also, cardholders must ensure that their item falls under the covered purchases as directed by American Express before filing a claim.

Cardholders can make online claims which can be saved but should be completed within 72 hours, or the progress will be nullified. Alternatively, cardholders can call the number 1-800-322-1277 while in the US or make a call collect using the number 1-303-273-6498. The cardholder must file the Notice of Claim within 30 days of the loss, damage, or theft occurring within 90 days of the original purchase.

The Amex purchase protection claim will take about 45 days to be processed and approved by American Express after filing.

Cardholders must show proof of the damage and offer a complete description or take a picture of the damaged item. American Express may also require the cardholder to send the damaged item when filing a damage claim. In case of theft, the cardholder must show proof through a police report that shows the item was reported as stolen.

Also, the cardholder must present the original store receipt or online receipt of the item for the qualifying purchase paid through the eligible American Express card.

How to File a Claim for American Express Return Protection

Like the purchase protection coverage, cardholders must check whether the card they use is eligible to receive the cover. However, the cardholder must try returning the item to the original merchant before filing a claim under the return protection coverage. Cardholders can call the number 800-228-6855 or file a claim online to start the claim process.

Also, cardholders must file the claim within 90 days of the original purchase, but the required documents must be presented in 30 days.

Some documents required include the original store receipt and the Amex card statement to show proof of purchase. American Express may require the cardholder to send the item, covering the shipping and handling charges. Before proceeding with the claim process, additional documents may be requested per American Express’s request.

Cardholders can check their claim status by calling the number or visiting the Claims Center page on the Amex website.

How to File a Claim for American Express Extend Warranty Coverage

Cardholders must apply for a claim within 90 days of incidence, but they should present the appropriate documents within 30 days. Cardholders must present the original store receipt, manufacturer’s warranty and other repair policies, and the card’s statement as proof of purchase. Smaller claims will be processed relatively faster than larger claims which may also require more documents, such as repair quotes.

Online warranty managers will also require the documents uploaded online in case online claims are filed. You can call 800-225-3750 to file your claim to receive extended warranty benefits, follow up on the claim’s progress, or visit the Claims Center.


American Express has one of the best card benefits, especially on premium cards like the Platinum Card from American Express. One of the benefits includes complimentary travel insurance that covers purchase protection, return protection, and extended warranty coverage. Cardholders will receive the best benefits on reimbursements for the different coverage policies, with some exclusive to premium Amex cards.

However, cardholders must meet some requirements and coverage limits to receive full reimbursements from the respective protection covers. American Express allows cardholders to file their claims online or through the allocated numbers for ease in the claim process.


Can Amex Platinum reverse a payment?

The Amex Platinum Card will only reverse payment under certain circumstances, especially under the return protection policy. Cardholders of the Platinum are eligible for reimbursements worth $300 per item and $1,000 every calendar year. Cardholders can only receive reimbursements when the original merchant refuses to accept the purchased items.

However, the cardholder must show proof of purchase, and the item returned must be in the condition it was when bought.

Do all Amex Platinum Cards have purchase protection?

All Platinum Cards from American Express have purchase protection coverage, including the different card variations. Also, purchase protections are available to cardholders of the Amex Business Platinum Card. The Amex Platinum Cards are premium cards that have an advantage over other Amex cards when receiving purchase protection reimbursements.

The Amex Platinum Cards and other premium Amex cards will receive reimbursements of up to $10,000 per covered incident. Other eligible American Express cards will only receive reimbursements of up to $1,000, which is relatively lower than the premium cards.

How long is Amex Platinum purchase protection?

Cardholders can receive the purchase protection coverage within 90 days of the original purchase. The damage, theft, or loss of the item must occur within the first 90 days of purchase to be eligible for reimbursements. However, cardholders are advised to report the incident as soon as it happens or within 30 days of incidence to begin claim processes.

Also, the cardholder must present the right documents, including proof of purchase, a police report in case of theft, and a damage report. Cardholders will receive reimbursements depending on the card they use for payment since the benefit level varies on the eligible card used.

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