Amex Platinum Travel Insurance

American Express is one of the best and most satisfying financial institutions currently present in the market. American Express is popular for its premium credit card line that offers one of the best rewards and benefits. One such high-end card is the Platinum Card from American Express, which offers the cardholder the best travel and travel-related benefits.

Most travel benefits also reflect on the Amex Business Platinum Cards, offered exclusively to business owners. Therefore, any cardholder of the Amex Platinum Card will enjoy maximum benefits, including the best travel inconvenience insurance plans.

The Platinum Card from American Express is quite popular due to the best travel perks that no other card can offer. The cardholder will enjoy complimentary travel insurance, covering major categories like trip delay, car rentals, and injuries sustained during travel. However, the insurance coverage that the Amex Platinum Card offers should not replace a more comprehensive travel insurance plan.

The Amex Platinum Card can also cover eligible persons during travel, including the cardholder’s spouse and children. The cardholder should meet the required conditions and requirements set by American Express to access the reimbursements or insurance covers.

Key Takeaways

·         High-end credit cards such as the Platinum Card from American Express have the most extensive travel insurance policies

·         Cardholders of the Amex Platinum Card will receive complimentary access to the card’s travel insurance plan

·         The Amex Platinum travel insurance plan covers several categories, including travel accidents, trip delays, and baggage loss

The American Express Travel Insurance Plan

travel insurance

American Express offers one of the best complimentary travel insurance plans through the high-end Amex credit cards from the Amex Assurance Company. That means the cardholder does not have to pay extra charges to receive the insurance plan. However, different cards from American Express, including American Express-issued co-branded cards, have access to different covered categories.

For example, the Amex Platinum Card and Centurion Card from American Express receive maximum insurance coverage, including trip cancellation and interruption insurance. Therefore, the cardholder should check the insurance policy offered by their card from American Express.

Also, American Express can provide a standalone travel insurance plan for its cardholders aside from the complimentary plan. You do not require an American Express credit card to qualify for the American Express standalone personal insurance plans. The standalone coverage includes all benefits of the complimentary insurance coverage and offers more perks.

You can choose the best package that suits your budget and plan or build your most suitable insurance package. You must provide more information, including your departure and return date, the number of covered persons, and the trip cost per traveler.

When does the Amex Platinum Card Provide Coverage?

Cardholders must meet some conditions to be legible for the travel insurance provided by the Platinum Card from American Express. The cardholder needs to pay for the entire fare using their Amex Card to receive full insurance coverage. The condition is set mainly for cardholders to receive full coverage on all trip insurance categories and rental car insurance.

Additionally, the cardholder can receive insurance coverage by using points or frequent flyer miles to pay for their flight trip insurance. However, rental car and baggage insurance coverage are viable if the cardholder pays using their Amex Platinum Card without using points.

Travel Insurance Benefits and Limits

Amex Platinum travel insurance

The insurance cover from American Express offers the best travel insurance plans, especially for Amex Platinum cardholders. Thus, cardholders with the Amex Platinum Card and its different variations have extra perks that other Amex cards lack. Therefore, having the Amex Platinum Card will offer complete complimentary insurance coverage, especially on trip cancellation and interruption insurance.

The travel insurance plan covers different categories where the cardholder may have an incident during travel. From trip cancellation to emergency medical transportation, the Amex Platinum Card covers it all. However, there are several conditions the cardholder should meet before filing a claim for reimbursement in case of an incident.

The New Hampshire Insurance Company underwrites the travel insurance plan, meaning that the insurance company oversees the insurance plan. Thus, all claims made to American Express will be noted and overseen by the New Hampshire Insurance Company from AIG Company. The insurance company will also direct American Express on reimbursements based on the insurance policies set by the company.

There are limitations to each category covered by the Amex Platinum Card, which may determine reimbursements offered to the covered persons. Therefore, knowing which insurance benefits and limits are offered on the travel insurance plan is important.

The following are the areas covered by the travel insurance liability coverage offered by the Platinum Card from American Express:

Trip Cancellation Protection

trip cancellation insurance

When traveling, the cardholder may face some challenges, including cancellation of their trip, which may affect their plans. Thus, the covered person, including their family member or domestic partner, may face loss due to the trip cancellation. The travel insurance plan will cover and offer reimbursements in case of trip cancellation for a flight paid fully by their Amex Platinum Card.

However, the trip cancellation insurance will cover a specific covered event that may lead to trip cancellation. For example, if the cardholder is sick, they must show proof of sickness from their doctor since illness is a covered event.

For sicknesses such as COVID-19, the covered event legible for reimbursement is mandatory quarantine as directed by the physician. Other covered events include military orders, jury duty, accidental injury before travel, and inclement weather, which leads to trip cancellation. The cardholder will receive up to $10,000 in non-refundable expenses for a covered trip, with up to $20,000 every calendar year.

A covered trip includes a round-trip travel ticket fully paid for by the Amex Platinum Card to receive reimbursements. Also, the reimbursements will only cover a common carrier vehicle, meaning rental cars and ride shares do not qualify.

Trip Interruption Coverage

trip interruption insurance

Trip interruption insurance is offered by your Amex Platinum Card travel insurance plan in case of trip interruption. Therefore, if an inconvenience occurs, it will be seen as a trip interruption that does not lead to trip cancellation. Just like the trip cancellation coverage, you will receive reimbursements for non-refundable travel expenses for a covered trip and covered events.

The cardholder must also present proof showing the common carrier vehicle tickets bought using their Amex Platinum Card. That way, the cardholder can claim up to $10,000 on reimbursements and up to $20,000 on reimbursements per calendar year.

In case of trip interruption, American Express travel insurance will cover the common carrier bookings missed. The covered person can receive a cost covering an economy-class ticket for the fastest direct route rejoining your covered trip. That way, you can continue your trip as planned or choose to go back home. The covered events are usually due to unforeseen circumstances prior to or during travel.

Some covered events include sudden illness or accidental injury, COVID-19 quarantine as directed by the physician, terrorist attacks, and inclement weather. Therefore, you are liable for coverage if your trip was interrupted due to the aforementioned covered events.

COVID-19 quarantine

However, trip interruption insurance coverage has limitations on what is considered a covered event. The plan does not cover losses caused by intentional acts such as self-harm, mountain climbing, pregnancy or childbirth, and illegal activities. Also, pre-existing conditions that exist before a certain time will be excluded as well as trips taken against the doctor’s order.

Therefore, the cardholder should check their policy, although the policy may vary depending on the state the cardholder comes from.

Trip Delay Insurance

trip delay insurance

The trip delay reimbursement covers covered events such as inclement weather, loss or stolen passports and travel documents, and terrorist acts. Also, the trip delay coverage includes equipment failure of the common carrier the cardholder uses during travel, per trip, and not per traveler. These are the only four covered reasons the covered persons should face to qualify for insurance coverage.

Also, the insurance will not cover delays before the trip starts, such as a change in flight schedules made in advance. The cover will not offer reimbursements for delays due to intentional acts or expenses made before the flight.

The Amex Platinum Card will offer reimbursements of up to $500 on each covered trip for refundable expenses, including lodging or meals. The cardholder will receive the reimbursement if the covered trip should delay by at least six hours, paid by the Amex Platinum Card. The covered trip must be round-trip, meaning it should start at your permanent residence.

You may take multiple destinations or a one-way flight, but the trip should end at your home. Also, the trip must be under 365 days, and you must pay the entire fare using your Platinum Card from American Express.

Rental Car Insurance

rental car insurance

A commercial car rental company will tell you to purchase their rental car insurance, which is different from the one provided by the Amex Platinum Card. Your personal auto insurance policy will cover your entire eligible vehicle rental car if it is of the same value as your car. You will be responsible for your own injuries since the auto insurance will not cover your medical expenses.

If you take a luxury car, your insurer will not cover it; purchase a collision damage waiver if you abide by the rental company’s agreement. Thus, if you use your Amex Platinum Card for a car rental purchase, you will receive secondary cover after your personal insurance pays.

The rental car reimbursement insurance covers car rental loss and damage, reasonable charges towards towing, and loss-of-use charges, except in a few countries. The covered person is legible to receive a $75,000 reimbursement per incident caused by a covered event. You must deny the rental car company’s insurance policy to receive the reimbursement.

Also, the secondary coverage issued by the Amex Platinum Card becomes primary coverage if you lack personal coverage. However, secondary coverage is unavailable in a few countries, including New Zealand, Australia, and Italy.

Baggage Coverage

baggage insurance

The baggage insurance coverage offered by the Amex Platinum Card covers loss, damage, and theft of baggage during travel, including using cargo vans. The cardholder must pay in full using their Platinum Card from American Express to receive the baggage coverage. Additionally, the coverage is secondary after receiving insurance benefits from the common carrier.

All covered persons should be U.S., U.S. Virgin Islands, or Puerto Rico residents, all traveling using the same reservations. Covered persons include the cardholder, spouse or domestic partner, and dependent children under 23 years who are unmarried.

Although the cardholder receives up to $3,000 in reimbursements, the amount depends on the baggage, such as carry-on baggage. Cardholders will receive reimbursements as follows:

·         Carry-on baggage receives up to $3,000

·         Baggage in transit during travel receives up to $3,000

·         Combined maximum baggage receives up to $3,000

·         Checked baggage receives up to $2,000

·         High-value and high-risk items such as jewelry, precious metals, and electronics receive up to $1,000

high-risk items

No card from American Express offers delayed baggage insurance that offers coverage in case bags arrive later after flights.

Premium Global Assist

The Premium Global Assist Hotline is an emergency hotline that allows Amex Platinum cardholders to receive emergency medical transportation assistance. The hotline is active for anyone traveling more than 100 miles from their residence. Cardholders will receive 24/7 assistance by calling the free hotline in case of luggage loss, lost travel documents, and emergency medical transport.

The hotline is free for all Amex Platinum cardholders, although they will cover costs from third-party service providers that may arise. No geographic restrictions apply due to the nature of any emergency that may arise during travel, including emergency medical evacuation.

emergency medical evacuation

The Premium Global Assist Hotline provides general travel preparation and legal and emergency medical services. The hotline will also provide financial assistance, for example, accessing emergency cash transfers and hotel check-in. Also, the cardholder will receive general advice on travel, including information on vaccine requirements and foreign exchange rates.

The Premium Global Assist Hotline is mainly exclusive to the Amex Platinum Card and its different variations. The Premium Global Assist Hotline number is 800-345-2639 or 715-343-7979 for collect calls outside the country.

Premium Global Assist Hotline

The Global Assist Hotline is not different from the premium version, although the premium version has exclusive features. The Global Assist Hotline is available to other American Express cards with the same toll-free number as in the premium version.

Also, the cardholder will still cater for third party service costs incurred while accessing the Global Assist Hotline.

How to File an Amex Travel Insurance Claim

insurance claim

You can file a claim if you feel you are liable for reimbursements while traveling using your Platinum Card from American Express. There are several conditions for the cardholder to meet before filing their claim, as directed by the benefit administrator. The cardholder will receive the insurance benefits when they submit the claim as soon as the incident happens within a set time frame.

You will receive further instructions for follow-up on your insurance reimbursements once you have made a claim to your personal finance writer.

Some of the documents you may be required to present while making your claim include the following:

·         Copies of the common carrier ticket valid during the incident

·         Copy of the cancellation policy issued by the travel supplier

·         Copy of the rental agreement in case of loss or damage to rental cars

·         Copies of driver’s license and personal insurance

·         Copies of the credit card statement to show expenses made during the travel incident

·         Proof of the incident from a covered reason, such as military orders

·         Other supporting documentation, if requested by the claims administrator

Alternatively, the cardholder can contact the claims benefit administrator using a phone number within the required timeframe. If cardholders cannot use the number on the back of the card, they can use the following numbers to contact the claims administrator:

·         Call 844-933-0648 within 60 days of incidence for trip delay or cancellation and interruption insurance.

·         For rental car insurance, call 800-338-1670 or go to the American Express website within 30 days of incidence. If you are outside the country, call 303-273-6497 to collect a claim within 30 days of incidence.

·         For baggage insurance, call 800-645-9700 or go to the American Express website within 30 days of incidence. Alternatively, call 303-273-6498 if you are outside the country within 30 days of the incident.

What if the Card’s Insurance Benefits are not Enough

travel insurance plan

Usually, the complimentary travel insurance offered by the premium American Express credit cards is more than enough. The travel insurance plan covers trip delay insurance, travel accident insurance, trip cancellation and interruption insurance, and baggage insurance plan coverage. Additionally, the cardholder will receive emergency medical assistance insurance benefits through Premium Global Assist. Also, coverage plans, such as trip cancellation and interruption coverage, are only exclusive to the Amex Platinum Card and its variations.

Therefore, checking the categories covered by the complimentary travel insurance plan on your card from American Express is important.

If the complimentary insurance is not enough, you can purchase an extra standalone plan from American Express. The coverage offers all insurance plans from the Amex cards and more insurance benefits. For example, you will receive Global Medical Protection and travel accident insurance on higher plans.

Therefore, you will receive extra perks for a plan you can create to fit your budget and needs, whether or not you have an Amex card. The flight, number of travelers, and destination will greatly affect the type of insurance plans available to the individual.


The Platinum Card from American Express is one of its kind, offering exclusive perks to its cardholders. One such exclusive benefit is a travel insurance plan that covers most inconveniences met during travel. For example, the cardholder will receive reimbursements for travel injuries, lost luggage, and damage to a rental vehicle. Additionally, the Amex Platinum Card can have more than one covered person falling under the plan.

The travel insurance plan will also cover the cardholder’s spouse and children for the same covered reason as the cardholder.

However, the cardholder should meet several conditions to access the travel insurance plan during travel. Also, American Express has specified the categories legible for reimbursements in case a claim is made. Thus, the cardholder should read the fine print that dictates what the cardholder is covered for, including the covered reason in each category.

Like any insurance plan, the cardholder should file a claim as soon as an incident occurs for validity purposes. Ultimately, the Platinum Card from American Express is an outstanding card offering one of the most extensive travel insurance plans.


Is the Amex Platinum travel insurance worth it?

The travel insurance plan offered by the Amex Platinum Card is one of the best insurance plans offered by a credit card. The insurance plan mainly covers the inconveniences related to travel, such as trip delays, trip interruptions, and trip cancellations. Additionally, the plan covers wider categories, including offering legal assistance to countries the cardholder travels to.

Emergency medical transportation and travel accident coverage are extra perks given to the Amex Platinum cardholder. Therefore, the complimentary travel insurance offered by the Platinum Card from American Express is worth the $695 annual fee.

What are the eligible American Express credit cards for travel insurance?

The travel insurance plan is available on several American Express cards, including American Express-issued co-branded cards. For example, the Delta SkyMiles Reserve Card and Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant Card are issued by American Express with a travel insurance plan. American Express cards with the travel insurance plan include the Amex Gold Card and Amex Green Card.

However, the Platinum Card from American Express and its various versions has trip cancellation and interruption insurance coverage. Therefore, the cardholder should confirm which category and covered reason falls under the travel insurance plan available to their Amex card.

Will Amex travel insurance help you if there is a delay or flight cancellation?

Trip delay, cancellation, and interruption insurance coverage all fall under the Amex Platinum Card travel insurance plan. Therefore, the cardholder and other covered persons are legible for reimbursements if their trip was delayed or canceled. However, American Express will offer reimbursements for a covered trip if the flight was paid in full using the Amex Platinum Card.

Also, the trip should be delayed or canceled for a covered reason, for example, common carrier equipment failure. The cardholder is legible to receive up to $10,000 in reimbursements for every Platinum Card account for trip cancellation and interruption.

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