Andrei Jikh Net Worth, Portfolio and Earnings 2022

Andrei Jikh Net Worth

Andrei Jikh is a well-known American financial YouTuber and magician. He is the son of the late Russian circus artist. According to Andrei Jikh Wikipedia, his family moved to the United States when he was nine years old. If you’re curious about “Andrei Jikh net worth 2022,” he is thought to be worth $3.5 million. Business and investment-related themes make up the majority of Andrei Jikh portfolio.

Many people wonder about “Andrei Jikh net worth 2022.” He is currently worth $3.5 million in 2021. Most of his income and wealth comes from his YouTube channel, covering educational topics regarding profitable investments, stock markets, and more. Similarly, his videos also rely heavily on magical elements. Andrei previously worked for a company that attempted to teach magic to students. This is why magic is such an important part of his videos.

Who Is Andrei Jikh?

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Andrei Jikh Net Worth

Andrei Jikh is a famous Youtuber with over 1.62 million subscribers. He frequently displays his stock exchange assets and discusses his future goals for them. He also offers advice on how to spend your money, earn more profits, and save even more cash. Moreover, Andrei Jikh net worth 2021 is at $3.5 million.

According to Andrei Jikh Wikipedia, he used to teach magic to people as part of his job before getting started with YouTube full-time. He made the decision to invest the great bulk of his earnings over a period of time in order to generate additional income that he could live off. He later quit his position to devote his full attention to YouTube.

What Is Andrei Jikh Portfolio?

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Jikh mostly buys stocks through Robinhood and WeBull. He has $368,000 worth of stock on Robinhood. In March 2021, he received $1,000 in dividend payouts alone, breaking a new passive income record of four figures. Dividends have a lot of power nowadays. He loves to buy equities at a bargain when the market is down. He likes increasing his fortune on paper as they rise.

Andrei owns $18,500 in WeBull assets. He also has a Roth IRA M1 Finance account. Moreover, he employs growth investing for his Roth IRA account. As a result, the account is now valued at about $8,000. This takes the total value of the stock portfolio to $395,000.

Aside from equities, Andrei became a crypto enthusiast. During the bull market, he made a lot of money. He owns 8.7 Bitcoin, 90 Ether, and 2592 Cardano. Andrei Jikh also has Dogecoin and other coins are currently in his Binance account. Moreover, he also has a Coinbase Pro wallet where he stores $50,000 in cash.

He also announced that he had purchased 16 million OMI tokens. His tokens, which are valued at over $145,000, are stored in the Trust Wallet app. Jikh is a big fan of OMI and believes they will be a major player in the NFT area. Andrei’s cryptocurrency holdings are currently valued at $920,000.

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Andrei Jikh YouTube

What Are Some Important Details About Andrei Jikh?

Andrei Jikh Childhood

Andrei Jikh is a well-known YouTuber who has amassed over a million subscribers. His channel focuses mostly on financial planning, investment, and the equity markets.

Andrei Jikh age is and 32 years old, and he is most recognized as a financial consultant, despite having a unique background.

Andrei’s net worth is expected to be $3.5 million in 2021. Let’s take a closer look at how Andrei rose to stardom throughout the years.

His parents immigrated who worked as acrobats for Cirque du Soleil, which led to his being interested in magic and practicing it. Andrei was instrumental in the development of a new type of magic-related entertainment known as “Cardistry,” which entails doing amazing magic tricks using a deck of cards.

Aside from that, he experimented in cinematography and landed a job teaching others how to execute great magic feats at an internet startup firm. He went straight to YouTube to start teaching financial planning. In January 2019, he posted his debut video on YouTube, and his popularity has grown exponentially since then.

Andrei Jikh YouTube Popularity

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Andrei saw his parents battling about money since he was a child since they couldn’t afford to pay their expenses. So, starting at the age of ten, he began to consider other methods to make money, how to obtain more of it, and how to keep it once he had it. He made a promise to himself that he would not allow his sense of powerlessness to rule his life.

In January 2019, he shifted gears from illusions to finance and posted his first YouTube video. However, he had no intention of becoming famous as a result of it at the outset. He believed that because he owned nothing, no one would view his stuff. He gave his new enterprise a shot with the support of his pals, and little did he realize what the future held in store for him.

Andrei Jikh Personal Life

If you are wondering about “Andrei Jikh wife,” you should know that he is currently in a relationship with Corrie Ortega. They have been in a relationship for over nine years now, they have shared no plans of getting married yet.

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Andrei Jikh Wife

What Do We Have to Say About Andrei Jikh Net Worth?

These days, Andrei makes money on YouTube by posting videos and generating content. For now, he is not focused on his variable income sources and is sitting on a million USD made by spending his money and making videos on YouTube.

Until now, he has captured every specific incident of his life on his YouTube account. He’ll chronicle everything after he’s decided where to put his money, whether it’s in a fancy mansion to make more exciting content for his channel, stocks, investment apartments, or more limited-edition cards.

Most people who search for “Andrei Jikh Net Worth” also search for “Jeremy Lefebvre net worth.” Jeremy Lefebvre currently has a net worth of over $10,000,000. Moreover, he lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, and makes his money from stock market investments. If you want to follow him, Andrei Jikh Instagram is open to the public.

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