Apply for a Virtual Credit Card

Having a credit card is essential, especially when one is building credit to achieve a good to excellent credit score. Better credit scores give an individual a better chance for an increased credit limit. Therefore, credit card issuers will help their customers build credit by issuing them credit cards that meet their needs.

Additionally, many credit card issuers will also help customers have a secure means of transacting online by using virtual credit cards.

Virtual credit cards are more popular nowadays due to their efficiency in keeping bank information discreet during online transactions. Therefore, the cardholder can be assured that hackers will not gain access to their credit card information and commit fraud. Major credit card issuers are at the forefront of keeping their customers safe from data breaches by incorporating virtual cards.

However, not all credit cards have the virtual card feature; hence, consult with your card issuer before applying.

Key Takeaways

·         There are a variety of instant approval virtual credit cards within the market offered by most credit card issuers

·         Nowadays, people with bad credit can also receive a virtual credit card number for making an online purchase

·         Different online financial platforms provide virtual credit cards for anyone in need

How are Virtual Credit Cards Used?

virtual credit card

Virtual credit cards are a series of unique 16-digit numbers which the credit card company will generate for a cardholder. Usually, the virtual card account is linked to the cardholder’s credit card account since it works like a physical card. However, virtual credit card numbers are only limited to online transactions due to their digital nature.

Thus, the cardholder can only use their virtual card to make purchases online, not in store purchases. Additionally, cardholders can apply for and use their virtual card before the physical card arrives in the mail.

The virtual credit card protects your actual credit card information by masking your credit card. The virtual credit card numbers will have an expiration date and security codes different from those on your physical card. Only your credit card issuer knows that the virtual credit card number belongs to your credit card account.

That way, all your credit card information is safe, away from hackers who may gain unauthorized access to your account.

When making online transactions, you will enter your virtual card information instead of your actual account information. Usually, your card issuer will offer you a new virtual credit card number for every transaction and discard the previous one. Thus, there will be no link to your credit card when making purchases online using your virtual credit card numbers.

However, you can assign an online vendor a merchant-specific virtual credit card number which you can replace in case of fraud.

online transaction

During credit card application, ensure you enquire if your credit card supports a virtual card account. Some credit cards cannot allow users to process a virtual credit card, limiting their use for online transactions. However, there are online financial platforms that do not require users to have an existing credit card account.

Ensure you use the official pages from such platforms to avoid illegal sites from hackers and scammers.

Apply for Virtual Credit Card Instant Approval

instant approval credit card

Having an instant approval credit card offers a solution to avoiding a long waiting process for your credit card. If you cannot access expedited shipping for your credit card, then applying for an instant use card is the best solution. With an instant approval card, you will not have to wait until your physical card arrives in the mail.

Therefore, you will receive an instant card number for online purchases after your successful application process. Additionally, you can add instant card numbers to your digital wallet, such as your Google wallet, while using Google Pay.

Unlike virtual credit card numbers, instant credit card numbers are identical to those on your physical card. Therefore, you will receive instant access to your credit card account to make both in store and online purchases. However, you are at risk of credit card fraud if you use your instant card number for online transactions.

Therefore, you can request that your credit card provider generate virtual card numbers for your instant card. Virtual and instant credit card numbers are used after successful card application and are stored in your digital wallet.

Co branded cards are also an example of instant credit cards that offer instant access to an individual’s credit account. Co branded cards are made when a company partners with a bank and card network to produce its own line of credit cards. Thus, the company’s customers will receive extra rewards for using the co-branded credit card.

For example, Goldman Sachs issues the Apple Card, which cardholders can link to the Apple wallet, which is convenient for those with Apple Pay. Therefore, you will use your card instantly after successful credit card approval.

co-branded cards

It is important to note that instant approval for a credit card does not equate to instant use of the card. Instant approval means that the application process will take a few seconds to a few minutes, but more is needed to guarantee success. However, major credit card issuers offer instant use and an instant card number on their instant approval credit cards.

Additionally, card issuers can carry out pre-qualification to see whether you qualify for an instant approval card without damaging your credit score.

Apply for Blue Cash Preferred Card from American Express

American Express is one of the leading financial institutions, as it is considered a great pick as a credit card issuer. American Express offers the Blue Cash Preferred Credit Card as an instant approval credit card with instant use. It is a cash back card, meaning that cardholders will receive cash back on purchases made through the card.

Thus, cardholders will enjoy the rewards for using their physical card while making purchases online through virtual cards.

Cardholders will receive an instant card number and a virtual credit card number upon request for immediate use. All Amex cards offer instant access to your credit account after a successful credit card application process. The application process for Amex cards is fast and convenient, especially when the cardholder qualifies for the card.

Thus, you can receive your instant card number and virtual credit card number and store them in your digital wallet. Therefore, you will have immediate access to your credit card account before your physical card arrives.

digital wallet

The Blue Cash Preferred Card offers a welcome bonus, received as statement credits that can be deposited in your savings account. Additionally, it offers 0 intro balance transfer fee upon account opening. Although the card carries an annual fee, it offers high cash back rewards on select streaming services, gas stations, and travel purchases.

However, it is important to know the different policies concerning the rewards system since the card offers tiered rewards for different purchases.

Apply for Bank of America Premium Rewards Credit Card

rewards credit card

Bank of America Premium Rewards card is a point rewards card where you earn points for every dollar spent. Therefore, the more you spend using the card for physical and online purchases, the more points you will receive. You can redeem the points for a statement credit or a direct deposit to your bank or savings account.

It also offers cardholders a welcome bonus after spending a certain amount of money after account opening. Cardholders will receive points for online purchases, travel purchases, and streaming subscriptions.

Although the card has an annual fee, you will receive bonus points for traveling, which is best for frequent travelers. When making travel purchases, you will also receive travel insurance, including reimbursement for lost luggage. Additionally, if you are a Preferred Rewards program member, you can earn more points for selected purchases.

Thus, the card offers the best rewards for using it as a physical card or as a virtual card.

Bank of America Premium Rewards card can only work as an instant use card after meeting some conditions. First, you must have an existing account with Bank of America during your credit card application process. Also, you should apply for the new card through a targeted promotion in the bank’s online banking application.

Thus, once you meet the requirements, you will receive instant card numbers, which you can store in your digital wallets. Once the application is successful, the bank will also provide virtual credit card numbers upon request.

Apply for SoFi Credit Card

The SoFi Credit Card is a rewards credit card that offers instant card numbers after a successful application. Therefore, you will receive an instant card number that you can add to your digital wallets. That way, you will not have to wait for the arrival of your physical credit card, making shopping convenient and fast.

You can also receive virtual credit card numbers, a secure way of making purchases online for SoFi customers.

With a SoFi Credit Card, customers have various options to choose from when redeeming rewards they earn. You can choose to redeem through investing, cryptocurrency, paying an eligible personal loan, or having a direct deposit to your account. The card carries no annual fee or any foreign transaction fees, with a 1% lower APR after making 12 payments on time.

However, you must follow the policies to ensure you receive the 2% cash back rate on all eligible purchases.

Applying for the SoFi Credit Card is similar to all other traditional credit cards since it lacks special conditions. As long as you understand the policies regarding redeeming your rewards, the application process is easy and fast. Thus, no requirements are needed to receive instant card numbers after your successful application.

That way, you can receive an instant card number and a virtual card before you receive your physical card. Also, you can add your instant card number to your digital wallets, such as Samsung Pay, for easy use during purchases.

online application

Apply for Chase Sapphire Preferred Card

Chase Sapphire Preferred Card is one of the best credit cards readily available for frequent travelers due to its unbeatable rewards program. It offers redeemable points after making travel purchases, dining, and paying for select streaming subscriptions, among other purchases. Additionally, you will receive a welcome bonus after spending a certain amount using the card upon account opening.

The Chase Ultimate Rewards program offers customers bonus points, especially for travel and purchases made during travel. You can redeem your bonus Chase Ultimate Rewards points, especially when booking travel through the travel portal.

travel insurance

However, Chase Sapphire Preferred Card does not offer any instant card numbers to their customers. Cardholders may apply for a virtual credit card which they can only use for online purchases before receiving their physical card. Unless the cardholder requests expedited shipping, they will have to wait up to ten business days to receive their card.

However, the cardholder will continue enjoying benefits as they use their virtual card to book travel and make other purchases online.

Apply for a Virtual Credit Card Bad Credit

bad credit score

In previous years, people with bad credit or those building their credit could not get credit cards from banks or credit unions. Thus, it resulted in poorer credit scores for such people since they could not access means to build their credit. Additionally, alternative means for loans resulted in very high interest for the applicants, damaging their credit scores further.

Hence, many people would not be able to access loans and credit, including other forms of financial help.

However, things have changed for the better since credit card companies are inclusive of everyone, including those with negative credit histories. Thus, anyone has a chance to build their credit by applying for a credit card matching their needs. Additionally, banks and credit unions now offer a variety of credit cards to all, with some not conducting credit checks during application.

Most of these credit cards allow users to apply for a virtual card which they can use as a secure means of making purchases online.

Apply for Surge Platinum MasterCard

The Surge Platinum card is one of the best credit cards for building credit since it accepts all credit types. Although an active checking account is required during the application, you will not pay any security deposit. However, you will need to see the terms of the fine print to know the APR, balance transfer fees, and annual fee.

Usually, all the fees set depend on your creditworthiness, that is, your ability to pay back the credit.

Application for the Surge Platinum card is easy and fast since the requirements needed are not many. Additionally, you can take a pre-qualification test to see whether you qualify for the credit card without damaging your credit score. Also, customers can increase their credit limit within six months of account opening.

Once your application process is complete, you can request a virtual card which gives you instant access to your credit limit.

Apply for Total Visa Card

The Total Visa credit card is one of the credit cards with the highest APR charges, of 34.99% variable APR. It does not have a welcome bonus or intro balance transfer fee offer for balance transfer fees and other purchases. The card also lacks a rewards program, high annual fees, and other monthly charges upon account opening.

Thus, it is not a recommended credit card, despite being readily available for people with a poor credit history. However, you will receive monthly updates on your credit score as you receive your monthly statements.

The Total Visa credit card has a very low initial credit limit since the annual fee is charged from the limit. Although clients can receive a higher credit limit, it will take up to a year to receive an increase. However, applying for the credit card is fast since the bank does not require much information, open to all credit types.

Also, you can set up automated payments through their online banking application. Additionally, you can request a virtual card, although it is limited to eligible purchases only.

Apply for OpenSky Secured Visa Credit Card

OpenSky Secured Visa card is one of the best and easiest credit cards to qualify for and apply for. The credit card does not require the individual to have an active bank account to apply for the card. You will still require to meet some requirements, including being a US citizen and having a social security number.

Thus, anyone without a credit history can apply for the card within minutes on their mobile device.

low requirements

However, you will need to pay a security deposit during the application, which will become your initial credit limit. The security deposit will only be refunded to the cardholder once you close your account in good standing. Also, the OpenSky credit card does not offer the option to upgrade your card to an unsecured one.

Closing the account is an option that may hurt your credit score, while keeping it open is expensive due to annual fees.

The card does not have a welcome bonus, including no intro APR for balance transfers and other purchases. Generally, the card is more focused on building your credit score other than providing rewards and bonuses. However, you can receive virtual credit card numbers to help with online purchases.

Additionally, you will receive email alerts on transactions and account management through the mobile banking application.

Apply for a Virtual Credit Card Online

virtual credit card online

Currently, some alternative financial institutions and platforms provide virtual credit cards online. Additionally, most do not conduct credit checks and allow customers to apply for virtual cards without an existing checking account. All you need to do is to create an online account with a subscription on their official website to apply for and receive virtual cards.

Thus, you will fund the virtual credit cards through the account you have created within the platform. These websites are very secure, with many having encryption technology to prevent data breaches.

Each financial platform will have different policies and conditions when applying for a virtual credit card. Some can offer a single-use virtual card, while others offer multiple-use virtual credit cards. Also, some providers offer free virtual cards, while others charge for the virtual cards depending on the number of virtual cards.

Additionally, users can create merchant-specific virtual credit card numbers, which they can change in case of compromise.

Such online platforms have greater advantages over using traditional lines of credit such as banks and credit unions. Thus, you will receive more features than using a traditional credit card, for example, availability in multiple countries. Usually, you can access these online platforms from your browser extension, making them easily accessible.

In most cases, you will not have to wait long for your virtual credit card application to go through.

browser extensions

Ultimately, virtual credit cards from online sources will still act as traditional credit cards. Such cards will have a credit limit even though you can set one for yourself. Others will also have a rewards system that encourages users to use their virtual credit cards.

Thus, there is a huge variety of such credit cards that anyone can choose from to suit their needs. You can cancel or freeze your subscription anytime without damaging your credit score or credit history.

Apply for

Privacy is an online financial platform that offers one of the best virtual credit cards for online payments. You must create an account from your browser extension, making it readily accessible to all. Also, Privacy gives its users the option to cancel their subscription at any time they choose, making it easy to use.

Therefore, you only need a few requirements to open an account with Privacy and access a virtual credit card.

Privacy offers a free plan for virtual credit cards depending on the number of virtual cards you have per month. Additionally, you will get a 1% cashback rate on purchases made through the virtual credit card. With Privacy, you can set expiration dates and a credit limit for all your virtual credit cards before use.

You can also freeze your virtual credit card number if you want to avoid proceeding with a transaction.

Regarding security, Privacy ensures all your data is encrypted to avoid data breaches. Also, you will receive alerts through your email concerning every transaction made through your Privacy account. That way, you can stop unauthorized users from accessing your virtual credit card numbers at any point.

Every transaction will require a new virtual credit card number, and the card number becomes invalid if compromised.

Apply for Blur

Blur is one of the most secure online virtual credit card providers available in the market currently. It offers high data encryption to prevent any private collection of your credit card details with an encrypted password. Since it can support other credit card networks such as Visa and MasterCard, all your banking information remains secure.

Additionally, you can sync multiple devices to your Blur account to monitor all your transactions simultaneously.

online security

Creating a Blur account is fast and easy since you will need to enter basic information on their website. Blur supports browser extensions, making it convenient to access and sign up or log in to your account. Blur does not conduct any credit checks, making it accessible even for those with bad credit scores.

Also, you can use different loading methods, including debit cards and credit cards, for funding your virtual credit cards and subscription.

Blur offers 1% cashback rates on all other purchases made by using the virtual credit card online. Additionally, you will receive a new virtual credit card number after every transaction to protect your card details. You can also set an expiration date and credit limit for your virtual card, which limits spending while online.

Thus, Blur offers a very secure and safe means of making online transactions to all of its customers.

Apply for Ramp

Ramp is one of the best virtual credit card platforms for generating virtual cards for personal and business use. The platform also offers physical cards, which provide customers with a range of financial products at all times. Also, Ramp has unique features that allow customers to track their transactions in real time.

Ramp will offer users with automated financial control and accounting integrations with software such as NetSuite and Xero. Therefore, most business owners will prefer using this platform due to the total control of finances that Ramp provides.

online transactions through dashboard

Ramp will not conduct any credit checks upon account opening, making it accessible to everyone. You will receive free unlimited virtual cards upon request, making it convenient to make online transactions. Therefore, you will no longer have to worry about long waiting times to receive a virtual card since the application is fast.

Additionally, Ramp has Apple Pay and Google Pay support, allowing you to store virtual card numbers in digital wallets. Ramp is a cash back card offering a 1.5% cashback rate on all purchases made through the virtual card.

Ramp is quite popular among business owners, making it the go-to virtual corporate card due to its extensive financial management. It allows individuals to make automated payments by providing credit limits and transactional restrictions on the virtual card. Therefore, you will be able to track all your transactions without getting behind on payments or being unable to track all your transactions.

All changes made to the virtual card can be done through the dashboard, accessible through any browser extension.


Applying for a virtual credit card is an easy task since it only takes a few steps and is done majorly online. Aside from being convenient, virtual credit cards are secure since they protect your credit card account from fraud. Therefore, you can do online transactions without worrying about scammers and hackers accessing any data from your account.

Additionally, once your credit card application is successful, you can request and use your virtual card before your physical card arrives.

There are a variety of sources of virtual cards, but major credit card issuers offer virtual credit cards on their cards. However, asking which credit card can offer a virtual credit card number for online purchases is important. A credit card acts as a personal loan; thus, card issuers will link your virtual card account to your active credit account.

Therefore, even as you receive your virtual card number, you will still enjoy the benefits of your credit card account.


Apply for instant co-brands or store cards

Co-branded cards are company cards that partner with banks and card networks to offer credit cards to their customers. You can use co-branded cards in different places that offer their users extra rewards. Store cards are more restrictive since you can only use them in their respective stores and their branches.

Applying for co-branded and store cards is similar to applying for traditional credit cards. Usually, an online application is the best means since you can also receive instant card numbers for some co-branded cards.

Easiest credit cards to get approved for

Instant approval cards are the easiest credit cards to get fast approval during an application, and the application process is short. Most instant approval credit cards are open to all types of applicants, even those with bad credit. Also, applying for a secured credit card guarantees easier approval than applying for an unsecured card.

Such cards require applicants to fill in their basic information, making approval fast and easy. However, it is important to consult with your credit card issuer to avoid unsuccessful approval, causing hard inquiries on your credit score.

What information do I need to apply for a virtual credit card?

using a virtual card for an online purchase

Virtual credit cards are only available for online transactions due to their digital format. Thus, you cannot make any in store purchases using your virtual credit card number. Also, many credit card issuers will require you to have an active credit card account before issuing you virtual cards.

Usually, virtual credit cards are for single use only, generated by your credit card issuer during every transaction. Some virtual cards allow you to set a credit limit and expiration dates since they work similarly to your physical card.

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