Apps Like Moneylion: 5 Alternatives to the Popular Platform

Apps like MoneyLion

Sometimes, you might need a little help with your finances. You might need assistance with your credit score or your budget. You may even need a quick cash advance on your upcoming paycheck if your account is running a little low. MoneyLion is a favorite app for many users, but there are lots of apps like MoneyLion out there today. 

App Like MoneyLionProsCons
DaveCash advances up to $200
No credit check
Credit building
$1 monthly subscription fee
EarninCash advances up to $500 per pay period. Automatic cash advances
Early access to paycheck
Need to share GPS Data
Honest LoansLoans ranging from $100 to $50,000
Lender-comparison platform
All loans charge interest
BrigitCash advances up to $250
No credit check or interest
Builds credit score
$9.99 subscription fee
CleoHelps with budgeting. Cash advance up to $100$5.99 Cleo Plus subscription fee for cash advances

If you are ready to learn how to better manage your money, here are a few apps like MoneyLion that can help. 

Apps Like MoneyLion: Top Alternatives

These five alternatives will give you everything you need to manage your money like a pro. Be sure to read through each one to see how it can help you. 


Alternatives to MoneyLion

If you are searching for apps like Moneylion, Dave should come in near the top of your list of alternatives. Join more than ten million members who are taking advantage of their budgeting program, banking, and cash advances. Dave is an easy-to-use platform with lower fees than what MoneyLion can offer. They charge just $1 per month to gain access to their services. 

One of the main reasons people turn to MoneyLion is because they offer hefty cash advances on your next paycheck. Dave does the same, though they do not offer quite as much as MoneyLion. You can borrow up to $200 interest-free and with no credit check. 

If you choose to participate in Dave Banking, there are a lot of benefits to be had. For example, there are no overdraft fees and no minimum account fees. They also participate in the MoneyPass ATM system to give you fee-free cash withdrawals. 

Another benefit to using Dave is their ability to help you build credit. Their LevelCredit system shares information about your rent and utility payments with the credit bureaus to help you build up your score the easy way. 

Apps Like Moneylion


Alternatives to MoneyLion

Among the apps like Moneylion, Earnin gives users the most access to their funds before payday arrives. While MoneyLion only allows you to get cash advances up to $250, Earnin allows you to access up to $500 out of your upcoming paycheck each pay period.

If you enroll in their Balance Shield program, you can even automatically get cash advances when your bank account falls below a certain level. They will notify you when your balance starts to get dangerously low and you might fall into overdraft. Once you reach your breaking point, they will automatically infuse your bank account with a Cash Out money advance. 

When you use Earnin, you can also access your paycheck up to two days sooner than usual. This can help minimize the amount of cash advances you really need. 

The best part of using Earnin is that there are no fees. Instead, users are given the option to tip what they feel is fair for the service. Tips are completely voluntary, so you can skip them entirely if you want to without sacrificing the quality of the service. 

Apps Like Moneylion

Honest Loans

Alternatives to MoneyLion

While Honest Loans may not be exactly like Moneylion, it does present you an option to get a sizeable cash advance loan or personal loan with ease. All you have to do is fill out their secure and short application form, starting with how much money you would like to borrow. It takes less than five minutes to fill out the full application. 

Users are allowed to request loans from $100 up to $50,000. They offer personal loans, cash advance loans, installment loans, and emergency loans to meet all of your borrowing needs. 

Keep in mind that Honest Loans is not a lender. Instead, they are a lender-comparison platform that helps to get you in touch with a lender who can meet your financial needs. 

Once approved, you can view all of the potential rates and terms provided by the lender. Be sure to review this item carefully, as it will affect your finances for quite some time. If you choose to accept the loan offer, you could receive funds as soon as the following business day directly into your checking account. 

Apps Like Moneylion

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Alternatives to MoneyLion

Join more than three million members who are already taking advantage of the features available on the Brigit app. Backed by popular names such as Will Smith, Kevin Durant, and Ashton Kutcher, this app is extremely user-friendly and gives you great access to similar features you have come to expect from MoneyLion. 

Their cash advance program is one of the biggest draws to using this program. Similar to Moneylion, you are able to borrow up to $250 with no interest and no credit check required. There are no hidden fees and no requested tips for using the service. 

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Their subscription service is relatively low in price, costing just $9.99 per month. You can cancel at any time if you feel that you do not use the service often enough. 

Much like Dave, Brigit offers you a unique way to build up your credit score. They advertise that you can build your score up to sixty points by using their service. With some positive payment history behind you, Brigit can really help you to boost your score over the course of just a few weeks. 

Apps Like Moneylion


Alternatives to MoneyLion

If you need help with your budget, Cleo should be your first go-to option. Their sassy AI tool is bound to help you keep your spending in check. She scans your bank account for frivolous purchases and helps hold you accountable to your spending habits with clever roasts. However, she is good for more than just a quick laugh. 

Cleo understands that you sometimes need access to your money upfront. If you qualify, you can get up to a $100 cash advance. There are no charges, no interest fees, and no hidden fees that you have to worry about when borrowing. 

In order to take advantage of their cash advance feature, you do have to have a Cleo Plus subscription. This will set you back $5.99 per month, but this is still less than the fees associated with some of the accounts on Moneylion which can cost up to $19.99 per month. 

Apps Like Moneylion

Finding the Right Apps

If you are interested in budgeting, saving, and earning a quick cash advance, then you need to know all of the apps like MoneyLion. Fortunately, there are lots of options available if you need a cash infusion. While many of them do charge a subscription fee, they offer a lot of value for the money! 

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