ATMs That Allows Apple Pay & Google Pay

atm that allow google apple pay

Apple Pay and Google Pay are the two most popular methods of payment for most retail establishments. These methods allow people to pay without ever taking out their wallets or touching their phones. It is a cashless system that has become very common in America. We’ll share with you the ATM that allows Apple Pay and Google Pay

Most cardless ATMs allow Apple pay & Google Pay to make cardless cash transactions. Popular accounts like Chase, Wells Fargo, and Bank of America support Google Pay and Apple Pay. You just need to find one near you, and you can make quick and seamless transactions.

ATMs that allow Apple Pay and Google Pay have been popping up in selected cities across the US so far. With more banks implementing cardless ATMs, you don’t need to carry around your debit cards. Just with your smartphone and a few clicks, you can easily withdraw your cash.

Read on to find out how cardless ATMs work, ATMs that allow Apple Pay & Google Pay, how to use a cardless ATM, making withdrawals with a cardless ATM, and more!

How does a cardless ATM work?

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A cardless ATM works by using your mobile phone as your debit card. You can simply scan your phone at the ATM to authenticate your identity and then input your PIN to withdraw cash. This is an excellent option if you’re worried about remembering to bring your wallet with you.

However, this is possible because the ATM relies heavily on verifying your account via a text or a banking app installed on your smartphone. There are few ways a cardless ATM sanctions your cash transactions, but mainly, quick response codes (QR) and near-field communication (NFC) are the most utilized methods.

  • NFC

Near-field communication (NFC) is more popular with cardless ATM services. 

Here’s how a Cardless ATM uses NFC to initiate a withdrawal;

Every NFC-enabled cardless ATM has a ‘contactless’ reader on it. Mainly on the right side. By placing or tapping your mobile phone against the reader, your mobile phone automatically transmits your banking app information to the ATM so you can make cardless cash transactions.

Although this method doesn’t completely eliminate the need to touch the ATM, it reduces the number of contacts to the barest minimum.

In order to use Quick Response codes (QR) to make cardless cash withdrawals, you will have to set up ‘Mobile withdrawal‘ on your banking app. After the mobile withdrawal has been enabled on your smartphone, the cardless ATM proceeds to show a QR code on the screen. Proceed to scan with your smartphone before cash is dispensed.

ATM that allows Apple pay & Google Pay

ATM that allows Google Pay
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Basically, a cardless ATM requires the use of a banking app to make cardless cash transactions. Most cardless ATMs allow an Apple pay or Google pay wallet to make cash transactions.

So if you’re going somewhere and need to make quick cash transactions, with a few clicks, you can perform cash transactions as you would with a regular debit card.

Here are a few cardless ATMs that allow Apple Pay & Google Pay

1. Chase

Chase bank

Chase is the largest bank in the US, and they allow the use of the Google pay and Apple pay app to conduct cardless transactions on their cardless ATMs.

However, if you’re using an iOS device, you already have the Apple pay app pre-installed on your phone. This means you don’t have to download and install the Application.

*Note: The Apple pay app is only compatible with IOS devices; you probably may have figured that out.

Additionally, for Google pay, most android phones come with the Google pay app pre-installed. However, this depends on your location.

*Note: the Google Pay app works fine with both Android and iOS devices. But do you really need to download Google pay on your IOS devices when you’ve got Apple pay already? Well, that’s up to you to decide.

Below are some steps you can follow to make cardless cash withdrawals with your apple pay or Google Pay app on a Chase cardless ATM.

  1. Click on your mobile banking app on your smartphones (Google pay for Android devices, and Apple pay for iOS devices.
  2. Add your chase debit card details (This can be done manually, or quickly scan card details to add debit card)
  3. Have your Google pay or Apple pay wallet open as you walk toward the ATM
  4. Select chase debit card on your mobile wallet app
  5. Place your mobile phone against the contactless symbol on the ATM
  6. Input your pin for that specific Chase debit card
  7. Tap on the menu and follow the usual procedure as you would if it were a debit card.

2. Wells Fargo

wells fargo google pay and apple pay atm

Wells Fargo is undoubtedly one of the largest banks in the US. And they have also rolled out the cardless cash transaction feature on their ATMs.

Using Near-Field Technology, Wells Fargo allows Apple Pay and Google Pay to make quick cash transactions on their ATMs without debit cards.

Here’s how you can make a withdrawal using Google pay or Apple pay on a Wells Fargo cardless ATM

Following the same procedure, 

  1. Open up your Google pay or apple pay wallet app.
  2. Add a debit card to your Google pay or apple pay app (In this case, you’re going to add your Wells Fargo debit card details)
  3. Keep the app as you walk towards the ATM. You don’t necessarily need to have the app open before getting to the ATM; you can do this while at the ATM.
  4. Place your mobile phone on the contactless reader on the ATM
  5. Input pin for your Wells Fargo debit card
  6. And follow through with the usual procedures as you would with a debit card.

3. Bank of America

bank of america cashless atm

Recently, the bank of America announced that they would allow both Apple Pay and Google Pay in their ATMs to keep up with the digital era. However, this decision is a great step for security, as consumers will no longer need to hand out their card numbers when making a purchase.

Follow the same procedure as listed above to make cash withdrawals on any Bank of America cardless ATM.

It is worth noting that cardless cash transactions only work on cardless ATMs. You can check if the atm near you is cardless ATM enabled by locating the contactless reader on the ATM.

Advantages and possible drawbacks of using Cardless ATMs




Frequently Asked Questions


Cardless ATMs are gradually becoming the new phase of mobile banking. Using cutting-edge technology, you can access your cash on the go using a mobile app installed on your phone.

With the Google pay or apple pay app installed on your mobile phone, you can easily walk into any cardless ATM that allows Apple pay & Google Pay to make quick withdrawals with ease.

Although this also has its drawbacks, its advantages clearly outweigh why you should use cardless ATMs. It’s faster, a lot safer, and completely eliminates the need to carry out a debit card around. More so, there’ll be a lot less card detail theft as all you need to make a cash withdrawal is in your mobile phone, as a mobile debit card.

Finally, although not all bank ATMs feature cardless card transactions. However, it’s just a matter of time, and all banks will adopt this innovative feature.

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