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Best crypto signals

Even the best crypto signals are one of the most speculative assets in the current market. The short-term pricing movements often cause trouble to experienced users but primarily to beginner traders. With that said, the crypto market is worth multi-billion dollars at the moment, so if you want to take advantage of it and you’re no expert in reading signals yourself, you’ll better be served with a Crypto Signal Provider.

The main factors used to assemble this list were to go from reliability and accuracy to profit levels. This means we wanted the most reliable and transparent signal provider while making you money in the process. Let’s start with the #1 pick in our list of Crypto signals providers:

#1 Etoro (Not A Trading signal – Something better)


  • Easy to use
  • Variety of assets
  • Copy-trading


  • High fees;
  • Can’t access actual assets;

Etoro is a global digital platform specializing in trading cryptocurrencies, indexes, stocks, and many more. We already have a lot of reviews on Etoro, but we’re going to take a crypto angle on this one.

Etoro provides users with an easy-to-understand method for investing and a mobile wallet where you can trade and send funds.

Copy Trading is NOT a trading signal, but a way better way to get inspiration from other successful traders.

You have two options if you want to invest in cryptocurrencies on this platform. You either invest in a CrytpoPortfolio (detailed below) or use Etoro’s copy trading. Here, you can see the moves of experienced traders and make the exact same investment. This is an excellent way to begin your trading journey, and it’s also very useful if you don’t have much time to dedicate to market analysis (you should always do your research, though).


Etoro has come up with an exceptional product called CryptoPortfolio. The minimum investment is $5000, and you can trade the most popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Dash. The main advantage is the loss of risk you’ll have in your wallet from diversifying your investments. Also, if by any chance, a currency drops below the limit required is removed from your portfolio, protecting you from potential big losses.


Etoro recently launched the EtoroX – a fully regulated crypto exchange. The main difference from the cryptocurrency wallet offered by eToro is that here you’ll have the option to actually access your crypto assets (ex: you can withdraw them from an exchange).


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Crypto signals have been operating since 2014 and offer both VIP and free crypto signals. They are considered one of the best crypto trading platform with diverse material such as news and helpful guides on their website.

3. AltSignals Trade Calls

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  • Customer service:
  • Transparency;


  • Unexperienced platform
  • Relatively expensive

AltSignals is a young provider of crypto signals that have already proved their concern with the transparency and quality of the signals themselves. Like other honest signal providers, they don’t claim a “quick get rich scheme.” Also, if you spend a lot of money on big moves, you’ll likely end up losing as well.

With that said, this signal provider has received many praises for their customer service and the quality of the signals. When in a bad streak, don’t be surprised if you receive total honesty from them.


You can either pay a full month at $109 or have full lifetime access at $779. You’ll receive the crypto signals when you join their telegram group @Altsignals. It has over 80 000 users, and it offers support both in French and English. To know more, make sure you visit their site and see for yourself.

4. Learn2Trade

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  • Variety of access
  • Proven success in their work


  • Basic educational content

Learn2Trade is a well-known signal provider platform. It’s no surprise then that it comes at the top of our list. Unlike other free crypto signal providers, Learn2Trade doesn’t give you partial suggestions that require you to pay for key entry or exit points.

When you join Learn2Trade Premium Signals Service, you’ll get access to their Telegram group. Here, you’ll receive 3-5 Premium Signals per day. Signals that cover not only crypto but also Forex, Indices, and Commodities.

Track Record

Like we said before, Learn2Trade is known for its reliability. In fact, when you join their Premium Signals Service, you’ll have access to a signal provider with a track record of average monthly gains of 30-40% and an impressive 82% win success rate.

5. Best Crypto Signals – My Crypto Paradise

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  • Personal Coach
  • VIP Chatroom
  • Market Analysis


  • Basic educational component

My Crypto Paradise claims they can help you achieve financial freedom through the current situation in the crypto market. When you join ParadiseFamilyVIP, you’ll get up to 9 crypto signals on Binance and Bybit per day, daily insights on the market, cryptoanalysis, and much more. Here are all you get when you join them:


Personal Coach – You’ll get your own coach, available 24/7 for you on chat or on the phone. As a VIP member, you also get a 30-minute introduction call with one of their crypto expert.

VIP Chatroom – They are very proud of their community. You’re encouraged to share your information and exchange insights and ideas with each other. If you’re a beginner, the community has a lot of experienced users with very useful knowledge for you.

Market Analysis – You won’t just receive the signal. You’ll also receive all of the market research behind it. This is very useful if you’re a beginner, as you’ll start to understand why and how decisions are made.

Membership Plans

  • BITMEX&BYBIT VIP – daily signals for 0.014 BTC a month up to 0.12BTC for 6 months;
  • ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT – this is their API auto trading extra package. The money stays in your account and there is a trailing stop loss and take profit.
  • BINANCE VIP – daily signals for the same price as the first package.

6. Best Crypto Signals – Chart Kitchen

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  • Educational content
  • Website and service support


High subscription price

Chart Kitchen is a relatively new signal provider. Despite being young, their traders have a respectable amount of years of experience. They provide you with quality signals – entry price, targets, stop-loss, and explanation of every trade – through The Chart Kitchen Discord service.

Key Advantages

Educational Content – Their analysts provide you with educational resources and make an effort to be always reachable through the discord service in order to give you the most support possible.

Website and service support – Their website is clean and very easy to understand. With informative blog posts, you’ll get additional help in understanding crypto marketing. Besides, Chart Kitchen also focuses on responding to your problems in a detailed way in the shortest amount of time possible.

Quality Signals

Chart Kitchen’s high subscription price might be the one disadvantage. On the other hand, if you do have the resources to invest, you can be sure of the quality of the signals provided.

In fact, the general signal’s profit, for April, May, and June of 2020, was around 150%. This profit means that you invest 10% of your capital in every trade. The Top 1 crypto pair in this platform is ICX/BTC that brought 92.20% of the profit.

7. Sublime Traders

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  • Proven system giving you educational content
  • Trader community


  • Unexperienced platform

Sublime Traders’ goal is to double your wealth in 5 years. It is made up of 3 co-founders who don’t have a background in finance like they proudly claim. Their main service offer is a system – designed to teach you the ropes on good efficient investment without wasting too much of your day on it. This service is divided into 4 parts.

4 – Part Service

1. Long – term investment game – You’ll learn their 3 key factors to invest long-term and having gains tax-free.

2. Track Record – You’ll see how they used their strategy to make their investments pay out. You’ll also be able to copy their strategy, which will be a key advantage if you’re just beginning.

3. High-Probability Checklist System – Their 17 metrics to evaluate market opportunities. This is very useful if you don’t have a lot of time to invest in this as you will have a system to follow.

4. Student Academy – Exchange your results and receive feedback from other students in the community. For the beginners, this is a great place to start as they also offer a mentoring program.


You have many ways you can subscribe to their service. The first plan is a monthly subscription of $49/month. If you want, you can subscribe for an entire year at $370/year. If you have tried this platform and you’re happy with their service, you can also get lifetime access for $890.

8. CryptoVirus VIP

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  • Customer service
  • Reasonable price
  • Supports Cornix trading bot


  • No website
  • No chat for users

This is also a very young signal provider platform. CryptoVirus is a Telegram crypto signals channel that offers Binance signals and has affordable prices. It is formed by 2 co-founders from Germany who have more than 2 years of experience in crypto trading.

If you want to join their telegram channel, follow them @joinchat. You’ll see a lot of traders post educational articles and useful content for beginners in this market. They work mostly with short and mid-term signals, and you won’t see margin signals.

Key Advantages

Alex, one of the co-founders, is very careful in answering your questions and giving you well-formed customer service. Another advantage is their prices. Being a young signals provider, you can subscribe for $40/month. You can also pay 3 months upfront for $110.

Space for growth

The biggest disadvantage and the reason they made last on our list is there is no website. They’re a new platform; they will likely create one in the future. Another disadvantage is there is no chat for users. Not being that important, it still lacks when compared to more experience platforms.


The crypto market is very speculative. For that reason, we don’t advise beginners to start making big moves right off the start. If you’re a beginner, you might want to take a look at this. That is a certain way of losing big money (and then blame the platform). Begin by making sure the signals you receive are high-quality. From there, start to learn about the market, and you’ll start to see for yourself why and how decisions are made. Happy trading!

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