The 3 Best Forex VPS in 2021 – This is one fits you the best!

3 best Forex VPS

The turn of a new year signals new beginnings and making changes, hence the popularity of new year resolutions. If you are a Forex trader, this should be the time for you to consider getting a Forex VPS or switching to a better one in the new year. The advantages of having a VPS are numerous, as you may already know now that you’re reading this, but that is only if you have the best Forex VPS in 2021. Some of the notable companies that outperformed the rest in 2019 include PiVPS, Reliable VPS and TradingFxVPS. These are the prime candidates come 2021, and this is how they compare.

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VPS ServiceRating Location Starting price (monthly)Memory
Reliable VPS3 Best Forex VPS in 2020 Forex VPS in 2020 Forex VPS 1 Forex VPS 43New York$24.99160GB SSD



2 Xeon 2.7Ghz CPU cores

5TB bandwidth @1Gbps

TradingFxVPSForex VPS 44 Forex VPS 45 Forex VPS 46 Forex VPS 47London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, New York$251 CPU core




MetaTrader 4, JForex

PIVPSForex VPS 48 Forex VPS 49 Forex VPS 50 Forex VPS 51 Forex VPS 52London, New York$9.9525GB SSD



1 Xeon E5 CPU cores

All the above Forex VPS service providers have something great going for them, but you still need to know the overall winner. For that, you have to look at the services provided in depth.


It is important for traders to keep latency low so that trades are executed faster at the interbank market. To achieve this, VPS service providers place data centres as close to financial hubs as possible. From the table, you can see that Reliable VPS has the least number of locations while TradingFxVPS has the most. Even so, most traders do not need access to fringe markets such as those in Frankfurt and Amsterdam since London and New York are the primary hubs for FX trading. Therefore, PiVPS seems to be the most strategically located compared to the rest.

Value for money

There’s no point paying through the nose and losing everything you made within the month, so the price of the services is a crucial factor to consider. Of all the three, PiVPS is once again the most affordable without compromising on the quality of services. For instance, the specs provided at the most basic level are enough to run up to 3 separate instances of MetaTrader 4 along with their EAs and technical indicators. For traders who need even more computing power, there are different levels to choose from. Besides, there is an additional dedicated server option for institutional traders that can be requested for supreme services.

Final say

In the end, PiVPS seems to stand out among the three popular Forex VPS services because you won’t have to dig too dip into your pockets to receive excellent services. Furthermore, the company guarantees 99.99% uptime, which is essential for the FX market that operates throughout the day.

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