Best Free Forex Courses | Top 3 Ridiculously Useful Programs

Best Free Forex Course

Free Forex Courses can be of huge help to you! Like we preach so many times here, Forex isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme. For that reason, proper education is essential to beginners, as this is a complex market, you need some guidance, or you’re probably going to get lost and end up quitting. That said, it is as important to market veterans because the Forex tools and software are constantly evolving.

This list was based only on free courses, so it will be focused more on beginners who are still starting. However, you can always take some value, regardless of your level of expertise and we encourage you to never stop learning and continue the process of becoming a better trader every day. Let’s dive into our list of the best forex courses:

#1 – BDSwiss

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  • Educational content for all levels of experience;
  • Seminars and Webinars available in record.


  • You need to deposit $100 to access learning material (can withdraw it afterward though!).

This international firm is based in Zurich since 2012 and if you’re following the forex development, you’ve for sure heard of them. Since then, BDSwiss has become one of the largest trading groups in the market. As a result, they’re counting with more than a million clients in over 125 countries at the moment. Its reputation is undeniable, and it won several awards over the past years, including 2019 Best Trading App, 2019 Best Trading Conditions, and 2019 Best Trade Execution.

The reason it is the #1 Free Forex Course, though, is because of something called BDSwiss Trading Academy. This is a well-formed platform with useful knowledge for all traders regardless of their level of experience. In fact, it is divided into 3 sections:

Beginner Video Courses

Beginner 1 - Best Free Forex Courses | Top 3 Ridiculously Useful Programs

You will get a solid foundation that will turn you into a better novice trader to start on the right foot in no-time. These videos focus mostly on the forex market’s evolution and analysis of trades and market charts on the MT4 platform.

Course Goal

By the end you should be able to:

  •  Understand the history and evolution of the Forex/CFD markets;
  •  Know which events are most likely to affect your trading;
  •  Be able to set up the MT4, read the charts, and place positions.

Intermediate Video Courses

Beginner 3 - Best Free Forex Courses | Top 3 Ridiculously Useful Programs

If you’re not a beginner anymore, this is the course for you. You will be diving deeper into market analysis and strategy implementation, where you’ll learn how to find and construct your own trading style. On top of that, you will also learn how to develop and refine your trading plan, analyze trends, and use some of their free trading tools to help you determine future price direction.

Course Goal

By the end you should be able to:

  • Learn the different types of assets you can trade;
  • Discover how to analyze trends and identify potential triggers;
  • Familiarize yourself with the most important trading tools and start thinking strategically.

Advanced Video Courses

Beginner 4 - Best Free Forex Courses | Top 3 Ridiculously Useful Programs

This is the final groundbreaking course. You will learn how to control the hardest part when it comes to trading, which is yourself. You’ll see the importance of developing your own trading and risk management strategies and how to identify possible trends using available indicators, charting tools, or independent Expert Advisors.

Course Goal

By the end you should be able to:

  • Understand how to use charting tools, indicators, and moving averages to identify trends;
  • Learn about the importance of having a trading strategy and how you can create one;
  • Develop your own money management and risk management strategies.

Getting started

We told you this was the best Free Forex Courses. However, BDSwiss still wants to see you’re serious about investing and trading. For that reason, you need to deposit $100 if you want to access their learning courses. You don’t need to use it, though! You can withdraw it after you’re done, making it 100% free.

#2 – BabyPips

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  • Easy-to-understand;
  • Informative and useful;
  • Interesting to read (even funny sometimes).


  • Typing errors and some improper sentence formatting;
  • Focus mostly on beginners.

Babypisps provide educational content to help people to become profitable traders. With a community of experienced traders, you’ll be supported and supporting each other on your daily trading journey. They started back in 2005, with just a couple of educational posts filled with “corny jokes” (their words).

As they said, you’re not going to hear mythological claims of being able to make a quadrillion dollars a day on your private island. The #1 rule of Babypips – Don’t blow up. Live to trade another day. For that reason, they focus mostly on protecting newbie traders from making beginner mistakes and losing all of their money.

School of Pipsology

Their educational platform is called School of Pipsology. The amount of excellent reviews online tells us this is the perfect place to start if you’re a beginner and don’t know where to start. You will be taken to an 11-part course from preschool to elementary, high school, undergraduate, and graduation (note: this is just an overview; it is much more detailed than that.

Level 1 – Preschool

Beginner 5 - Best Free Forex Courses | Top 3 Ridiculously Useful Programs

This is the level for people who just found out about forex trading. You’ll have an introduction to the foreign exchange market, currency trading, and forex trading.

Level 3 – Elementary

Beginner 6 - Best Free Forex Courses | Top 3 Ridiculously Useful Programs

This is the level for people who just found out about forex trading. You’ll have an introduction to the foreign exchange market, currency trading, and forex trading.

Level 6 – High School

Beginner 7 - Best Free Forex Courses | Top 3 Ridiculously Useful Programs

You will dive deeper into more technical analysis concepts like trading divergences, breakouts, and using multiple time frames on your charts.


Bonus #1- Forexpedia

Forex trading seems like a language of its own. It can be overwhelming for a beginner to deal with so many new words and concepts. As a result, Babypips came up with Forexpedia, which will give you a glossary with all of the forex market vocabularies.

Bonus #2 – Quizzes

As you go through the courses, it is a good idea to test your knowledge and remember what you’ve learned. With these quizzes, you’ll be tested in a variety of market-related topics and learn some new facts along the way.

#3 – FX Academy

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  • Variety of courses;
  • Useful and detailed information;


  • Could have a more organized presentation.

Founded by the traders at, FX Academy offers a huge variety of courses to all levels of experience in trading. These courses are made for traders who want to invest in Forex trading, and not so much in education. Still, the quality of the information is undeniably good, proved by the number of reviews online.

There are 15 courses in total in FX Academy at the moment. Out of these 15 courses, 7 are specifically Free Forex Courses. Each course is divided into several lessons made out of videos (by an expert trader), quizzes, and suggestions for additional reading to help traders focus on the different aspects of their Forex trading. Here are a few examples:

Introduction to Forex Trading Course

An introduction to the foreign exchange market, the world’s largest market. Approximately $2 trillion worth of currency is swapped every day. In this course, you will learn why almost all individuals and businesses must participate in this market and the reasons why people want to speculate in forex, including:

  • Availability of very high leverage;
  • The absence of any short selling restrictions;
  • Very flexible hours and lack of manipulation and slippage;
  • Forex is an attractive, alternative, and indicative asset class.

Support and Resistance Basics

In Forex, support and resistance are key concepts, both referring to price zones where it is hard for the price to break through and move beyond. For that reason, we will explain how traders identify support and resistance zones in order to:

  • See likely “cheap” and “expensive” prices for a time period;
  • Use Forex support and resistance to determine to stop loss placement;
  • Determine where to go “short” or “long”;
  • Identify high reward, low-risk trade opportunities.

Advanced SR & Trend Lines

Understanding how to identify support and resistance is essential to profitable forex trading; it is important to learn advanced support and resistance concepts. In this course, you will see how to determine the quality, and not just the position, of likely support and resistance. In addition, you’ll also explore several advanced methods of determining which zones are likely to act as support and resistance, using:

  • High and low prices of previous days and weeks;
  • Start and stop points of previous trends;
  • Round numbers, Bollinger bands, and moving averages;
  • Trend lines showing mobile and advanced support and resistance.

Fibonacci Retracement levels

This course will teach you about an indicator called the Fibonacci Retracement (“Fibs”). The indicator is based on mathematical proportions that occur widely in nature and in human behavior. Simply put, when the price moves in one direction, it tends to pull back – retrace – to certain levels, which are percentages of the original move. You will learn the most reliable levels in Forex Fibonacci Retracement, as well as:

  • Draw Fibs on your chart correctly to identify likely S/R;
  • Use multiple time frames to draw Forex Fibonacci Retracement;
  • How to use Fib levels to set trade entry/exit points;
  • The Fibonacci formula in Forex trading.


The point is, these Free Forex Courses will make you leave the “beginner level” once and for all. For intermediates and advanced traders, it can be very useful as well for keeping up with the market changes or just a reminder of useful information.

In conclusion, and as we always advise, keep learning. Like we showed you, you don’t have to invest your resources in education (you can, obviously!). If you were hoping to find more advanced courses, check this article instead. Learn, apply, and repeat!

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