Best Virtual Credit Card for Online Gambling 2023

Online gambling is a form of entertainment for many since it has the same real-life experiences for the players. Therefore, it is common for players to choose a suitable payment method for placing bets while gambling. Virtual credit cards act as the best methods of playing online due to their safety and anonymity to the user.

Thus, the player will not risk losing their bank account information when using a virtual credit card.

Aside from virtual credit cards, online casinos allow the use of a prepaid visa card or a prepaid visa gift card. It is important to check the preferred payment method the gambling sites allow when setting up a casino account. However, most online casinos prefer using virtual cards as a reliable payment method for their online gamblers.

Thus, you can control how much you spend and secure your bank account details from fraudulent activities.

Key Takeaways

·         Some virtual credit cards for online gambling include Visa prepaid cards and MasterCard virtual credit card

·         Some credit cards, such as Visa, MasterCard, and America Express credit cards can allow online gambling in some instances

·         Visa Casino is the best credit card to use for online gambling for safety reasons when funding your online casino account

What is the Best Virtual Credit Card for Online Gambling?

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Online betting allows players to use some money to bet and play as a form of online recreational entertainment. Therefore, users need to have a proper means of betting that will not disclose their bank details. Thus, having a virtual credit card from a reputable credit card company ensures players have a secure means of playing.

There are many options to use currently for online gambling, which offer safe and secure sports betting and online gambling.

When choosing a virtual credit card for gambling online, check the best one that suits your needs when spending money. Most virtual credit cards allow users to set a spending limit to ensure they do not overspend when playing. Another way of minimizing your spending that online casinos prefer is to get pre paid cards or a Visa gift card.

Due to its flexibility, many online casinos allow users to have a prepaid Visa gift card as a payment method.

Therefore, you can check your online casino account for the best payment method that the gambling site requires. Also, virtual cards are easily attainable from your credit card issuer, which you can use depending on your online purchases. Ensure you use the most suitable virtual payment cards before making any online payments to your online casino site.

Some of the most suitable virtual credit cards widely accepted in online gambling sites include:

Visa Prepaid Card

Visa prepaid card

The prepaid Visa card is the best and most acceptable virtual card for online casino sites. Visa prepaid cards come in 36 different varieties, allowing users to apply for a card that suits their needs. Additionally, each type of Visa prepaid card has different pricing tiers, allowing customers to set specific deposit limits. Therefore, you can regulate how much you spend on your online casino sites when playing.

Knowing the differences between a prepaid credit card and a prepaid debit card is important when applying for one. A prepaid debit card allows you to deposit funds to your card and use the virtual card to make purchases. However, a prepaid credit card works similarly to a credit card, allowing you to have deposit limits through credit card deposits.

Also, prepaid credit cards require a credit check for application, similar to a traditional credit card.

There are two variants of Visa cards: the prepaid Visa gift card and the reloadable prepaid cards. Visa gift cards are reloadable cards with a shorter expiration date than normal prepaid cards, acting as disposable prepaid cards. For example, a vanilla Visa gift card allows users to deposit a small amount of money for one-time use.

However, users can recharge their visa prepaid cards, allowing them to spend the funds within the card.

A Visa prepaid card is the default prepaid card for most gambling sites when playing online casino games. Additionally, you can use the virtual prepaid card for further data protection when making other online purchases. Therefore, you cannot risk offering details from your bank accounts when using virtual prepaid cards for legal gambling.

Visa prepaid cards offer a wide variety for users to choose from, and it prevents overdraft charges by utilizing available funds.

American Express Prepaid Card

American Express prepaid

American Express is a renowned credit card issuer that offers its users a prepaid card for online gambling. With the American Express prepaid card, you can deposit funds and withdraw money using the card for free. Also, American Express prepaid cards offer a virtual option to allow users to access online casinos. Thus, many casino sites ensure users play real money games and other casino games using their American Express prepaid card.

American Express card

Using an American Express prepaid credit card allows players to set spending limits, preventing using excess money while gambling. Also, you can enjoy the privacy of your online spending using the virtual prepaid credit card option. All transaction statements will be separate from the bank statements generated using physical cards, maintaining anonymity.

Thus, you can access your favorite online casino sites and play real money games using your American Express card.

Play+ Prepaid Card

Play+ is an online program that allows online gamblers to access their online casino accounts and casino games. After enrolling in the program, you can access funds by depositing money to your Play+ account to facilitate online purchases. Therefore, you can use your Visa and MasterCard credit cards as a deposit method for depositing money into your account.

Since the program offers various options, check your online gambling account to see where Play+ is an acceptable payment method.

Additionally, Play+ cards offer no transaction fees for mobile payments on sports betting, slot games, and other casino games. Therefore, you can withdraw your winnings, transfer funds and use your money for gambling with no extra charges. With Play+, all your transactions are secured since you will require numeric authentication before any transaction.

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation directly insures money in your Play+ prepaid card in case of fraudulent activities.

Neteller Prepaid Card

Neteller offers the Net+ Prepaid MasterCard card to allow users to make online payments through the virtual card. Therefore, you can make contactless payments in selected areas where Neteller authorizes transactions. However, Neteller restricts various use of the Net+ prepaid credit cards on online casino sites.

Therefore, you must ensure your casino account is one of the acceptable sites Neteller approves of before making transactions.



The Paysafecard allows users to make online transactions without having a credit card or bank account. Therefore, the virtual credit card is popular for those engaging in sports betting and other online gaming activities. You can use the Paysafecard to make other online purchases and mobile payments for free without any monthly fee. Paysafecard prepaid cards work for online gambling due to their security and convenience for use on a global scale.

Can I Use a Prepaid Card to Gamble Online?

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Many options are currently available to deposit money to your online casino site when playing casino games. However, most online casinos will indicate their reliable payment method as you participate in sports betting, among other games. The most common forms of payment for online casinos include using a debit card, credit card, or prepaid card.

Many online players prefer using virtual cards or digital versions of their physical cards to protect their card information.

Nowadays, most online gambling sites prefer prepaid cards to make payments while gambling. The main advantage of using a prepaid card is the limits on the direct deposit you make to the card. Therefore, you can limit how much you spend on sports betting or other slot games, avoiding overspending and extra charges.

Also, some prepaid cards have only one-time use; hence, you cannot recharge the card for future use.

Many prepaid cards also offer the virtual option, increasing the security of the user when making online purchases. Therefore, prepaid cards offer the most reliable and convenient means of payment for online gambling. The most common prepaid credit card is the Visa prepaid card, which offers several options for online users.

However, not all casino sites accept Visa prepaid cards as a means of payment; thus, check before making transactions.

What Credit Cards Allow Online Gambling?

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Many online players use cards that offer them the easiest way to make online payments during sports betting. However, it is important to check and note down the available form of payment your online casino site uses. The most common payment methods include credit and debit cards, prepaid cards, and virtual cards.

Virtual cards and prepaid cards offer the best security due to their ability to protect your card information online.

Traditional credit cards are losing popularity in the online gambling industry due to charges placed on the cards during transactions. However, many players prefer using a prepaid credit card that allows users to set a credit limit while playing. Some prepaid cards like Skrill Prepaid MasterCard allow users to transfer money to their casino account, making gambling online easier.

Additionally, such cards lack transaction fees or a monthly fee due to their early expiration date.

Choose a prepaid card that best suits your needs and offers the best security for your card information online. Some prepaid credit cards offer a virtual option and allow you to use a virtual card without having bank accounts. Although debit cards usually allow players to withdraw winnings from sports betting, prepaid cards offer cash transfers to your casino account.

Always have several alternatives as you gamble online if one payment option is unacceptable from a casino site.

The Benefits of Using Visa Casino Gift Cards

Visa gift card

Visa gift cards are prepaid cards with a shorter life span with a lesser credit limit. Also, gift cards only have a one-off use, meaning they are not rechargeable, offering ease in transactions. Therefore, you can protect your card information since you will not rely on any credit card or bank account.

Some other benefits of using prepaid Visa gift cards include:


Visa gift cards are flexible since they have a credit limit that varies from one gift card to another. Therefore, you can use the same card before its expiration date for making additional online purchases. Thus, you can play several online casino games, such as slot games, and make sports betting. The recipient of the Visa gift card chooses which online gambling site they would spend the funds on their card.


Visa gift cards are a widely-accepted form of payment on most of the best online casino sites. Therefore, you can easily make payments online using gift cards as the default payment method in your casino accounts.

Online Security

online security

Using Visa gift cards helps protect your credit or debit card information when making online payments from your bank accounts. You will not need to enter your card details when using a Visa gift card online. Additionally, you can recover funds from your card in case the gift card is stolen or lost.


The online gambling industry is steadily growing daily, with more people engaging in gambling for fun. Various payment methods are now used on these online casino sites that allow players to fund their casino account. Therefore, such sites will show which payment method is acceptable for their customers. Also, prepaid cards offer security and anonymity to their users, preventing fraudulent activities on their bank accounts.

Previously, physical credit and debit cards were the main form of payment for online gambling. However, more casino sites now allow the use of virtual cards and prepaid cards, including prepaid gift cards. Prepaid cards expect users to load funds into the card before using the card for mobile payments and other purchases.

Ensure you stay within your money limits when gambling online to avoid overspending, made easier by using prepaid cards.


What is the best reloadable card for online gambling?

The prepaid Visa card is the best rechargeable prepaid card available for online gambling on many casino sites. The prepaid card is most preferred due to its flexibility, availability, security, and ease of use online. Therefore, you can easily make online payments using Visa prepaid cards for sports betting and other casino games.

Advantages and disadvantages of using virtual credit card for online gambling

The main advantages of virtual credit cards are the security they offer by protecting your bank details online. Also, you can fix a spending limit on the virtual credit card to prevent overspending and overcharge fees. However, you cannot withdraw using your virtual credit card even though you can transfer funds to your online accounts.

Virtual credit cards are also limited to a specific casino site and may lack a payment method on another casino site.

What online casinos accept prepaid cards?

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Prepaid cards are now a go-to form of payment for leading online casino sites. Some of these best online casinos include:

1.      Jackpot City: it offers a large range of online games

2.      888 Casino and Sport: it offers a variety of games and sports betting

3.      Las Atlantis

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