Can My Parents See My Transactions?

Can My Parents See My Transactions

Financial independence is important to young adults and many often wonder, “can my parents see my transactions?” The answer isn’t always the same for everyone. However, it is worth looking into the terms of your Paypal or bank account to see if they are an authorized user or not. 

So, can my parents see my transactions?

There are certain indicators and common traits that would giveaway whether your parents can see your transactions. If they are an authorized user they can. If you are the sole owner, they can’t. 

Read below to understand whether they are following along or not with your money deposits and withdrawals. 

When They Can See

There are a few different times where it is likely or a given that your parents are able to see your transactions. Being an authorized user is a dead giveaway. Also if the bank account or Paypal account is registered to both of your names this is a sure sign. 

Here are some other maybe not so obvious indicators.

  • When accounts are set up as a minor, adults registered on the account are allowed access to the funds, therefore, seeing the transactions. 
  • Sometimes but not always when parents send you money it means they can see your account. Not always though. When they can withdraw money however that means they have access to your transactions. 
  • If you are using a Paypal account that is linked to their credit/debit cards or bank account then they will be able to see these transactions.

When They Can’t

When your parents can’t see your transactions it is because you are the sole authorized on the account. This is regardless of whether it is a bank account or whether it is Paypal. It is important if you are using Paypal to use your own cards and bank information to avoid having your transactions being checked out. 

As far as bank accounts go, if your parents were never with you when you opened the account up you are guaranteed they can’t see anything. But because likely they opened up your account with you, they need to be removed from authorized users. If they are the original account holder then you will need their permission to remove them. 

Something not to mistake for your parents being granted access to your account is also transactions that involve them. Nowadays, Zelle and other ways to transfer money. This allows a parent or someone else to send money but not withdraw it. In this case, your parents after all may not have access to seeing your transactions. 

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If you are over the age of 18 then you can start your own bank account without needing anyone adult consent. This includes applying for credit cards. Credit cards however may require a good credit score and experience. 

Call a Teller

You may still confused as to whether or not your parents can see your bank transactions. The absolute best thing you can do is call the bank you are working. They can see if there are any authorized users on your account. First provide them your information. Then ask if there is anyone else who can see the transactions they will be able to tell you immediately. 

From there they can go through the steps in how to secure your own bank account if you are over the age of 18. Or if you are working with a Paypal representative they can help you open up a new account and start using the online system on your own. 

Go through the checklist above to gain a better understanding of whether your parents can see your transactions or not. Then work with a professional on the next course of action. 

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