Capital One “We Hit a Snag” – What to Do

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Online banking is a convenient way to manage your account from the comfort of your couch. Unfortunately, working with the internet sometimes means you will encounter glitches. When this happens with Capital One, you will often see the message “We Hit a Snag.” What does this mean and what should you do? 

“We Hit a Snag” is an error message that lets you know something is wrong with their website. If you wait, the issue may resolve itself if you try again later. Otherwise, you can contact their customer support at 1-888-480-3282. 

If you want to learn more about this message, here is everything you need to know. 

We Hit a Snag: What Does it Mean? 

It can be frustrating to receive an error message like “We Hit a Snag” on the company website, but it is no cause for immediate alarm. Many people encounter this same scenario, and it just means that Capital One is having an issue with their website. This will happen from time to time when a technical glitch causes the site to go down. 

Some people encounter this error message when they are trying to pay bills. Oftentimes, it occurs when you are simply trying to log into the website. There is nothing specific you are doing that will cause this message to occur. It is simply an error on Capital One’s part.  

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No matter when you may experience this issue, try to have patience. The website will eventually be fixed, and you will be able to access all of the same features you are used to. 

If you need immediate assistance, you can always contact their customer support via phone. 

The phone number to call is 1-888-480-3282. They are available Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 11:00 PM ET. This should give you a great window of opportunity to contact them when it is convenient for your schedule. 

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Contacting Capital One

Experiencing the “We Hit a Snag” line from Capital One can be extremely frustrating when you are in a hurry to pay your bill or access your account. If you are in desperate need of some assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to their customer support. Their agents should be able to help you accomplish what you set out to do. 

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