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cash app available countries

Cash App is a fantastic service. It allows you to make transfers to other users with no additional fees, and you can even fund your Cash App card directly from your bank account. The benefits only increase when you refer other users because the app rewards you with real money. However, Cash App does have some limitations, including location. In this Cash All available countries guide, we’ll cover all of the locations where you can use the app. The following is a summary of those locations.

Cash App will only work in the UK and the US. You can only use it to send money within these countries. It’s also possible to send money from one country to the other.

Using Cash App in the UK and US


Unfortunately for potential users outside of the UK and US, Cash App is unavailable. The app can only be downloaded and used by those based in either the UK or the US. This is a restriction that Cash App has in place for their users, and no workaround will allow you to take advantage of their great service.

The core use of Cash App was always designed to be sending money between users. Unless Cash App turns around and makes some drastic changes, that will always be the case.

There used to be even more restrictions, but now Cash App has opened up somewhat. It is now possible to send money internationally between the US and the UK. This wasn’t possible until recently, and as a result, it has opened up a lot of doors for users.

Cash App International Payments


When you send money in USD from the US to a user in the UK in GPB, that’s an international payment. It’s the same when transferring money back the other way. Cash App always seemed resistant to this, but now it’s 100% possible in the app.

When you send a payment outside of the US, Cash App converts it to GBP for you. This is done at the mid-market exchange rate for the time that the payment is made. This won’t be as good as an exchange rate you might get through another service, but it’s much more convenient if you’re keeping all of your money within Cash App.

Will Cash App Come to Other Countries?

It’s hard to say if Cash App is ever going to launch outside of the US and UK. It’s completely down to the company behind the app, Square Inc., to decide. However, given that the app has moved to include international payments now, it seems like it’s only a matter of time before it launches in new international markets.

Which markets come first will depend on where the need for the app is. As businesses develop to encompass the culture of these money-sharing apps, it may be possible to one day use Cash App in any country in the world.

Cash App Available Countries

Unfortunately, Cash app is not yet able for use in most countries, but it has started expanding lately as it was from the beginning, only available in the United States.

Here’s a list of countries that use Cash app:

  • United States
  • United Kingdom

Frequently Asked Questions


Cash App is only available to users in the US and UK. While those users can send money to any other Cash App user, they can’t send money to a country other than the US or UK. This makes the app incredibly useful for those who can access it. For everyone else though, you’ll have to wait.

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