Chase ID Code: How to Get One & What It’s For

Chase id code

You want to let your bank know that you are going out of town for a little while, so you try to set up a travel notification. Chase Bank may require you to have a Chase ID code before you can proceed with modifying your settings. The question is, how do you get one of these numbers and what exactly is it used for? 

Chase ID codes are a measure of security to ensure that you have the right to make changes to the account. You should be able to get one via phone or text message unless your phone number was recently added to the account. If this is the case, you may have to conduct your business over the phone. 

Before you start to panic, here is what you need to know about these important codes. 

What is Chase Bank ID Number? 

The Chase Bank ID number is designed to offer enhanced security for your account. It is part of their multiple authentication checks included whenever you log in on a new device for the first time. They will send this number to you via phone, email, or text message. Only once you have this code can you securely sign into your accounts.

You might be asked for this code whenever you are enrolling in or starting a new service. 

Many people receive requests for the Chase Bank ID code when setting a travel notification. This travel notification gives Chase a heads-up that you will be out of town so that they do not freeze your account for suspicious activity. 

How to Get Chase ID Code

Qualifying for your ID code is relatively simple. You can do it with just a few clicks of the mouse or a few taps on your screen. Here are the steps you will need to follow to register for banking via text message: 

  1. Sign into Chase Online
  2. Select Text Banking in your profile and settings menu. 
  3. Enter your mobile number. 
  4. Receive an 8-digit verification code. 
  5. Enter the code and click “Activate.” 
Chase ID Code

Problems with Chase Bank ID Code

Some users experience problems with getting the proper Chase ID code for their account. They try to set a travel notification, but the screen tells them to call and get a code. Simultaneously, the “next” button is grayed out and they cannot get the code. 

If this describes your situation, rest assured that you aren’t alone in your frustration with these codes. 

You might try to set the notification from a different browser or a different device. However, you are likely to end up with the same issue. There are a few different ways that you can try to resolve the issue and obtain your Chase Bank ID code. 

The first thing you can do is make sure that you have added the right phone number to your profile. When you finish, you are eligible to receive text messages that contain your ID code. If your mobile provider does not allow text messages from short numbers, you might still have an issue receiving your code. 

Keep in mind that Chase wants you to keep your phone number on file for sixty days or more before you can use the number to verify your account. Unfortunately, there are no ways around this. 

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What do you do if you just recently added your mobile number but need to set a travel notification? The only solution is to do things the old-fashioned way for a while. You will have to set your travel notification via phone with a customer service representative instead of filling it out online.

Hopefully, by the next time you plan to take a trip, your phone number will have been on file long enough to allow you to confirm your Chase ID code and set your travel notification. 

Getting the Proper Code

Obtaining your Chase ID code is essential to convenient banking from the comfort of your couch on your mobile device. It is particularly important when trying to set travel notifications for your checking account. Make sure to add your phone number to your Chase account as soon as possible to avoid encountering these issues with your account. 

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