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If you are sick of spending high fees ordering checks from your bank only to get a drab-looking piece of a paper, then this Checks in The Mail review is for you. 

Checks in The Mail have been in the business of printing bank checks for several years. Their operation is backed by many reputable financial institutions in the whole of our country.

Please read on to learn more about the company’s outstanding products, services, and bonuses. Ultimately, this unbiased review will show you if Checks in The Mail is an authentic company or a scam. Let’s dive in! 

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You can trust them to handle your personal and financial details decently. 

What Are Checks in the Mail? 

It is easy to guess what the folks at Checks in the Mail do. They strive to revolutionize the check printing business by creating high-quality and attractive digital checks for individuals and large organizations who make payments using bank checks. 

Their checks are available in more than 200 eye-catching designs and themes (including floral, Disney, animal, charity, etc.) that appeal to personal and business use.

They also act as a direct marketer of other administrative products and accessories like checkbook covers, time stamps, calendars, debit caddies, and more. 

The company started operations in 1922 and has a track history of conducting business fairly. 

What’s more? Checks in The Mail is one of the sister companies under M&F Worldwide’s Harland Clarke Corp. It has a physical office and supports operations in all 50 states in the USA. 

The company’s service is entirely web-based, and you can easily order checks from their website and catalog. Not to worry, their platform is user-friendly and very easy to navigate. 

Overall, affiliates and manufacturers print over a billion checks yearly, which totals up to several billions of dollars. 

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What Are Checks in the Mail Product And Services? 

They offer excellent products and services that include:

Check reordering

The company makes it easy to order digital forms of bank checks from their website. They print the ordered check on your behalf and even ship it to your mailing address. Checks in the Mail reorders are fast, secure, and less expensive compared to bank checks. 

Moreover, the checks come in different styles that make it easy for you to choose a design that best fits your needs. 

Generally, orders are available in two broad categories which are personal and business checks. Let’s discuss what those categories entail. 

  • Order personal checks 

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The precious hearts checks

This kind of check gives you the freedom to express your mood and style when you shop. The collection contains high-security checks with fraud prevention features, dog-themed checks for animal lovers, and even those with inspirational quotes for charity homes. 

If you are spoilt for options, you can go for one of their best seller or classic checks with evergreen designs that will never grow old. 

Check ordering takes just a few minutes once you find the design you like. You will be asked to enter your routing number, bank account number, and zip code to complete the order. 

  • Order business checks
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High-security laser 3 to page – Green 

The company removes all the hassles businesses go through and helps them cut costs by making it easy to order checks online. Business checks range from heat-sensitive security checks compatible with today’s accounting software to manual business checks suitable for tracking finances. 

Ordering business checks is also easy and straightforward. All you need to start is to provide some essential info, and you’ll be good to go. 

Accessories & Supplies 

Apart from traditional checks, the company also deals with products and accessories necessary to run a business smoothly. 

This aligns with their vision to be the go-to online store for buying attractive and functional products used in the business place. 

Some of the dazzling accessories sold by the company include matching checkbook covers, coin purses, compact desk calendars, ink stamps, and gift labels.

Checks in the Mail recently added health and wellness supplies (like non-medical face masks) into its product line to promote safety in the workplace. 

Order Status 

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Checking internet order status 

Checks in the Mail allows you to track your order status from design to delivery. 

For internet orders, you will need to enter your internet order number (found on the receipt) and the e-mail address you used while placing the order to determine the order status. 

However, you have to provide your bank’s routing number and account number to monitor the status of mail and phone orders. 

What Bonuses Are Available with Checks in the Mail?

The company has many excellent bonuses and offers in store for new and old customers. The most prominent ones are:

The Checks in the Mail coupon 

Checks in the Mail coupon codes 

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With a valid coupon or promo code, you can save 20-25% of the order cost. This discount is available to both old and new customers. However, it’s limited and subject to specific terms and conditions. 

The shipping bonus

Checks in the Mail offers free standard shipping and processing on all checks with or without the 20% discount. It’s also limited in number and not guaranteed. 

Welcome bonus

The company rewards new players with a $1-$5 bonus when they make their first check order. The discount can only be used to purchase checks and can not be redeemed as a cash prize. 


  • Trademark products and accessories 
  • Beautiful and classic checks 
  • Competitive prices as low as $15
  • Amazing bonuses, including coupons and free shipping
  • 24/7 customer support 
  • Blog and Site Map for newbies


  • Not the most pocket-friendly around 
  • Poor delivery outside the USA 

Are Checks in The Mail Safe and Secure?

Checks in the Mail conducts its operation following the Check Payment Systems Association (CPSA) guidelines.

The company is owned and regulated by a financial powerhouse known as M & F Worldwide Corp. M & F is a staple name in the financial industry as they provide lending applications and customer management packages for banks and credit unions. 

Besides, they have been around for a long time. Yet, the company has no history of fraudulent practices whatsoever. Checks in the Mail is located in Goodwin Lane, New Braunfels, and you can contact them on their phone number, which is (800) 733-4443.

They process over a billion checks annually throughout the United States. Their extensive client base suggests that they are popular and trusted by many people. 

Checks in the Mail maintains the security of its marketplace by running every order through a stringent screening process. As a result, they can verify the accuracy of details provided by each customer and ascertain that checks are not issued to the wrong person. 

How to Started with Checks in the Mail

The process of ordering new checks and buying accessories on the Checks in the Mail website is pretty straightforward.

All you need to do is hover to their official website and complete the ordering form. A site map on the website gives you a rundown of all the different checks and product accessories available. 

They also have a blog that equips readers with timely updates about new products and tips on using them. Their efficient staff and friendly customer support are always ready to answer your questions and render assistance when you run into any difficulty. 


By all standards, Checks in the Mail is a reliable and secure website to order checks online. They have a variety of check designs to meet the needs of their customers. 

Getting your hand on one of their coupon codes means you’ll even pay less than usual for the ordered check. Check delivery is pretty quick, and you can monitor your product through their order status. 

There is a certain confidence that comes with ordering checks from them because your personal and bank details are safe. Checks in the Mail is highly recommended for anyone looking for a decent place to order top-notch, high security, and attractive checks without spending too much. 

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