Cushion AI Review

cushion ai review

Cushion is a monetary technology firm that employs AI algorithms to locate, negotiate, and avoid high-cost bank and credit card charges. Every month, they reimburse huge amounts of money to their consumers. In this Cushion AI review, you will see how Cushion makes every effort to reach an agreement. However, reimbursements are not promised. Moreover, the final decision is up to your banking institution at the end of the day.

Customers pay more than $200 billion in interest charges and transaction fees each year. If you don’t read your bank or credit card accounts carefully, you may be paying premiums that aren’t legal, or you may be paying a greater rate of return than you should. Cushion AI is here to alter that using AI technology. Let’s dive into the Cushion AI review. Here are the topmost benefits of using Cushion AI:

Cushion AI Review: What Does Cushion AI Offer?

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Cushion AI Review

Cushion AI analyzes your banking data to uncover fees and high-interest rates when you join the service. When a charge or rate of interest is recognized, the machine tries to negotiate on your account.

You can say goodbye to any efforts to collect reimbursements on fees, processing fees, high-interest rates, and other unneeded costs. Therefore, Cushion AI can easily negotiate on your behalf and help you recover unwarranted fees.

Cushion AI is one of a kind in that it uses AI algorithms to haggle personal banking fees on your behalf. Other comparable sites usually work to lower your telephone or broadband bill, but they never work to get you a refund.

Because bank and credit card fees are often recurrent, Cushion AI can save you a great deal of money over the years. By allowing Cushion AI to tussle on your behest, you can gain control over banking service charges and rising interest rates.

How Was Cushion AI Born?

After assisting his folks with bank costs, CEO Paul Kesserwani launched Cushion AI. He was irritated and worried about his own bank statements and cards as a result of his ordeal.

So, he checked through his personal checking account after assisting his parents in negotiating banking fees and discovered almost $400 in bank charges.

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He subsequently attempted but failed to have the fees erased from his account. Paul made the decision to do something about it at that time.

His ambition was to develop a digital platform that would bargain fees and charges on behalf of customers. This is where Cushion AI got its start.

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Cushion AI Benefits

Cushion AI was created with the end-user in mind. It’s there to assist you in protecting your cash and recover it if your accounts are overcharged with interest charges. Some banks charge very low fees for startups and transactions. However, Cushion AI can help with costly banks that charge a fortune.

How Does Cushion AI Help You?

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Cushion AI helps you save both money and effort. It’s time-consuming and irritating to argue with your bank over unwarranted fees. Registering for Cushion AI helps you save time and trouble while also assisting you in getting your money returned to your wallet.

Cushion AI negotiates fees and financing costs on your part using artificial intelligence. It saves time and effort in obtaining reimbursements for unwarranted payments. You’ll only need to connect your bank or credit card accounts when you register for Cushion AI.

Fee Fighter: The AI Bot

Your transactions and charges will be scanned by the application. The good news is that with Cushion AI, your data is always protected. When a charge or fee is discovered, you’ll receive an invitation from Fee Fighter, the Cushion AI program, to dispute those costs on your account.

Fee Fighter will bargain with your institution on your account and deliver you a reimbursement breakdown within 24 hours after you grant the AI-powered bot authorization to do so.

It costs nothing to have the machine check your accounts and notify you of any fees or penalties. Cushion AI keeps 25% of the money if the program successfully bargains a reimbursement. That implies you’ll never have to pay for your fees to be negotiated out of pocket. However, this isn’t the case with other sites like it.

A Deep Analysis

The bot examines your banking and financial card information in the background to determine the possibility of a successful settlement. That implies if you’ve gotten a lot of returns and costs reduced in the past, it could be more difficult to have your charges dismissed this time. Nevertheless, just because you’ve gotten costs reduced in the past doesn’t mean Cushion AI shouldn’t seek reimbursements on unwarranted fees and levies on your part.

What Are the Primary Advantages of Cushion AI?

ATM costs, interest payments, overdrafts, funds transfer charges, service charges, and deposit fees are just a few of the extra costs Cushion AI can manage on your behalf. So, how might artificial intelligence help you avoid paying fees and interest? It all boils down to economics, per the Cushion AI’s CEO, Paul Kesserwani. Here are the topmost benefits of Cushion AI.

Quickly Negotiate Prices

With so many institutions vying for consumers, banks must be prepared to collaborate with them to provide a positive experience. Loyalty is a result of a positive encounter. The cost of acquiring a new client is sometimes substantially more than the cost of waiving an overdraft or international transaction charge. This is why most banks are more than eager to work with Cushion AI’s program to negotiate prices.

Cushion AI can quickly identify the best prices for you and help you secure the best refunds without any issues. You will not have to wait and waste your time in queues, and you can save hundreds of dollars right away.

No Charges

Technically, you will never have to pay anything out of your own pocket for Cushion AI. The program will keep 25% of the fees from the refunded amount. So, it will automatically deduct charges from the amount. This way, you can recover 75% of the amount.

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Cushion AI Process

The Bottom Line of our Cushion AI Review

Charges and fines for certain financial transactions are well-known among banks. If you don’t take a look at your account every day, you’re likely to have been charged a couple of these fees. Overdrafts and service charges are two of the most prevalent costs charged by banks. This is where Cushion AI can help.

Cushion AI can automatically handle the negotiation process with the bank and get you a refund in your wallet. Moreover, it will only charge you if it succeeds in getting a refund. Otherwise, the entire process is free. So, you can get reduced banking costs without having to spend a fortune.

In the end, Cushion AI is the ultimate tool if you want to avoid costly banking charges. You can use it for free and only pay when you get a refund. It is ideal for people looking to save hundreds of dollars in unwarranted fees.

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