Degiro vs. Revolut: Which is the Best One

revolut vs degiro

Degiro is a world renowned online broker of various financial products, but Revolut is mainly known for its payment services. Nevertheless, Revolut does offer trading services, and it is one of the companies you’re likely to encounter as you search for an online trader. We hope this comparison will help you to choose wisely between the two and benefit from your choice.


In 2013, Degiro came to light after years of working with professional traders and institutions. Since then, it has expanded to 17 other countries beyond its Netherlands homebase to become the preferred broker for traders around the world – 400,000 and counting. Revolut meanwhile came about two years later in 2015 as a Fintech company offering payment services. Then in 2019, the company launched its stock trading services to the world becoming a major competitor to Degiro and other companies.

This review is meant to compare the two services on various categories to determine the best broker among the two.

Platform ease of use

The Degiro trading platform has been all the rage for years after becoming a favourite among professional traders for years. The trick was making the platform as simple to understand and use as it is powerful and packed with trading features. Achieving this balance probably led to Degiro’s success and the multiple awards that would follow. On the other hand, Revolut only just launched its stock trading services, and the company only has the mobile apps to enable trading. The app is easy to use and great for trading, but there is only the mobile app rather than a desktop platform for professional traders.

Winner is Degiro for having both mobile and desktop apps.


When Degiro was started, the idea was to make trading accessible, and this was achieved by lowering costs as much as possible. To trade US stocks, for example, one would pay a flat fee of EUR 0.50 and a commission of USD 0.004 per share traded. Therefore, buying about 100 shares of Apple would cost almost $1 for the trade. Meanwhile, Revolut went the way of other online brokers and charges absolutely no commissions for trades. Thus, the same trade above of Apple shares would not incur any cost.

Winner is Revolut for offering free trades.

Markets available

Traders on Degiro have a multitude of markets to trade ranging from stocks, bonds, ETFs, options, futures and leveraged products. This is possible thanks to partnerships with different markets in the world to make available these markets from nearly all continents and financial hubs. Revolut still doesn’t provide as much variety, with markets limited to the US only for just 300 stocks on the NYSE and Nasdaq.

Winner is Degiro.

Deposit methods


  • Bank transfers in GBP


  • Bank transfers in GBP, USD, EUR
  • Credit card
  • Apple Pay/Google Pay
  • Cheque
  • From others

Winner is Revolut for allowing multiple deposit methods.

Unique features

Degiro is most popular for having a reputable trading app and services. This has attracted many customers the company already has and continues to gain with time. Broker reviews are also very positive and the broker has received many awards across Europe. This makes Degiro a unique broker, simply because of its reputation. While Revolut may not be as popular among brokers, the  company is already well regarded, and this reputation carries over to the trading side of the business.

Winner is Degiro, simply because this is about trading and not just financial services.

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