Does Chime Work With Zelle? | ✅ How the Bank Manages Zell Payments

Does Zelle work with Chime

Zelle is a faster way to process payments. Many people and businesses use it because it’s one of the fastest methods you can use. However, Zelle has a select list of partners that they work with, which doesn’t include everyone. In this guide, we’ll cover how Chime can work with Zelle and how it doesn’t work with Zelle. Giving you all the facts that you should be aware of before processing a Zelle payment to a Chime bank account.

Zelle can’t send fast payments to Chime. The bank isn’t listed on the approved partner list that Zelle has published. However, you can still send a Zelle payment to a Chime bank account. It will be processed through the ACH Network, which will take longer.

Does Chime Work With Zelle?


Unfortunately, the bank doesn’t work with Zelle as other banks do. You won’t be able to process a fast payment using Zelle if you want to send money to a Chime account. Zelle has a specific list of banks that they work with, and the bank isn’t listed as one at the time of writing. You can view that list here if you would like to check what banks to work with Zelle.

If you do need to send money to a Chime account, check out our guide on how to do so from a Chase bank account.

Can You Send Zelle Payments to Chime?


Despite the bank not working as a Zelle partner bank, Chime can process payments from the service. The only difference is that they won’t be as fast as Zelle payments usually are.

Most Zelle payments take between one and two business days to clear. This is why so many people choose to use it. When sending a payment using the service to Chime though, it won’t be processed in the same way. Instead, it will use the ACH Network. Read more of the ACH Network below.

Should You Send Zelle Payments to Chime?


There are some instances when Chime has put limitations on users’ accounts when a payment has been sent to them using Zelle. The reason for this is that Chime can’t verify where the payment has come from. To their security measures, it might even look suspicious.

This is why they put limitations on accounts and sometimes even lock them completely when a Zelle payment is received.

Until Chime is added to Zelle’s partner bank list, this will be a potential side effect of receiving a Zelle payment through Chime. If possible, you should avoid Zelle payments coming into your Chime account because there’s no telling how the bank will react to the unidentifiable source.

What is the ACH Network?


The ACH Network is the Automated Clearing House for Electronic Funds Transfers. It processes huge volumes of payments for businesses and individuals around the US. Unlike services such as Zelle or banks, the ACH Network will only process payments in batches. This means that if you send a payment to Chime using Zelle, it could take around five business days to clear. The next batch to be processed may not be for a few days. In that case, that’s how long it will take for the payment to be dealt with.


Ultimately it is possible to send a Zelle payment to a Chime bank account, but it’s risky. It may lock the Chime user’s account. It could even land them in trouble with the bank until they can clear up that they know the source of the funds. Technically it is possible to send a Zelle payment to a Chime account. The two definitely work together. They’re not the most compatible services though. It would be better to send your Zelle payment to a different bank. Or have the person you are paying allowing you to send money to a different bank account if that’s at all possible.

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