Does CVS Do Money orders?

does cvs do moneygram

Sending money nowadays is not a big problem. There are credit unions and thousands of banks worldwide for the same purpose. However, some mega retail stores have also started offering financial services for customers’ convenience. CVS is the major pharmacy chain in the USA. It offers medical prescriptions majorly along with other services. Therefore, CVS customers often ask, “Does CVS do money orders?”

Yes, CVS does money orders of MoneyGram at all its outlets throughout America. CVS has thousands of pharmacy stores. Similarly, each of them has a MoneyGram kiosk or desk. Therefore, it is a great convenience for the customers to buy a money order. Furthermore, it costs $1.25 to purchase a MoneyGram money order at CVS.

Does CVS Do Money Orders?

Does CVS Do Money orders?
Does CVS Do Money Orders?

Yes, CVS offers money orders for customers. CVS is the largest pharmaceutical organization in the United States of America. It has more than 9,900 store locations across all the states of the USA. CVS offers medical prescriptions, wellness products, health supplements, and various other services. Among these services, CVS has stepped forward for the convenience of its customers by providing financial facilities. Hence, it prompts a query in the minds of customers: “Does CVS sell money orders?”

CVS does money orders at all its outlets. They only sell money orders of MoneyGram. Moreover, it is extremely favorable for customers since they could save time for a trip to the bank to send a money order. Meanwhile, there is a fee of $1.25 for every money order at CVS. You will have to show your government-issued I.D to proceed with the transaction.

You can purchase money orders using only cash. Credit cards, debit cards, and e-gift cards are not acceptable methods of payment to buy money orders at CVS. Each money order of CVS has a maximum limit of $500.

Therefore, if you want to purchase more than $500, you will have to purchase more money orders. You will also need to pay a $1.25 fee for every other money order. CVS money order is available at every outlet, and some of them operate 24/7.

What Is the Maximum Limit of Money Order At CVS?

Does CVS Do Money orders?
CVS Money Order

Money orders are a convenient way of sending money, and they are highly secure. However, there is also a limit on these money orders, such as Grainger Net 30 limit. Money orders have a capped limit depending upon the type of money order. Similarly, money orders at CVS have a specific limit for a single money order. The maximum limit of a single MoneyGram money order at CVS is $500. Customers will have to buy more money orders if they want to send more than $500.

For instance, suppose a customer wants to purchase money orders worth $1,500. The limit of MoneyGram money order is $500. Therefore, the customer will have to purchase three money orders to make a total of $1,500.

Furthermore, the customer needs to pay a $1.25 fee for each money order. The total amount for money orders of $1500 will become $1503.75. Pay 1503.75 dollars in cash to the service desk representative to get your MoneyGram money orders.

How To Purchase a Money Order From CVS?

moneygram - Does CVS Do Money orders?
CVS do money orders

Does CVS have money orders? That might be the question looming in the minds of millions of customers of CVS. Well, the good news is that CVS do money orders at all their store locations across the USA. They do money orders of MoneyGram, with each having a fee of $1.25. Furthermore, the maximum limit of a single money order at CVS is $500.

Customers can find it quite comfortable to buy money orders at CVS rather than banks and credit unions. Many locations of CVS are open 24/7. Therefore, it gives relief to customers who cannot match bank timings per their work routine to buy money orders.

We will have a glance at the steps necessary to make a money order purchase at CVS. If this is your maiden experience of buying a money order at CVS, no need to worry. The below easy steps will guide you through the complete process of buying money orders.

  • Head over to the cash counter at CVS and let the representative know you want to buy a money order.
  • Show your valid government issues I.D to proceed with the process. This I.D can be your state-issued card or your driver’s license.
  • Fill out the information of the recipient carefully.
  • Pay the service representative in cash totaling the amount of money order plus the fee.
  • Get your receipt from the cashier. It is your proof of purchase and a tracker for the transaction.

Therefore, by following the above simple steps, one can purchase and send a money order to any of its friends, family, or associates. Furthermore, the fee for a money order is very meager at CVS. It is $1.25 for each money order, and the maximum limit of the money order is $500.

Does CVS Cash Money Orders?

We have seen earlier that CVS do money orders and that of MoneyGram. However, the customers have another question in mind, “Does CVS cash Money Grams?” Unfortunately, CVS does not cash money orders. Every store outlet of CVS offers money orders of MoneyGram. However, they do not cash the same money orders.

Therefore, customers who want to cash money orders will have to contact other sources. They can cash their money orders from banks or credit unions with a minimal fee. Moreover, some retail stores cash money orders too apart from selling them.

Regarding CVS, they do not cash money orders as per company policy. You can only buy and send money orders at CVS. The fee for purchasing a money order is $1.25, and the maximum limit of a single money order is $500.

Things To Keep in Mind While Buying Money Order

Does CVS do money orders? Yes, CVS do money orders across all store locations. The process of buying money orders is explained above step-by-step. However, there are some things that should be kept in mind to complete the purchase. They are as follows:

  • You need to bring your government issues I.D to purchase a money order. It can be your I.D card or driver’s license. You have to show it in order to proceed with the process.
  • The only acceptable payment method for buying money orders is cash. You cannot use a debit card, credit card, personal checks, or gift card to purchase money orders at CVS.
  • Fill out the information of the recipient very carefully.
  • Remember that a single money order of CVS has a limit of $500.
  • The fee for a single money order is $1.25.
  •  Make sure to get your receipt from the service representative. That receipt is the proof of money order purchase and also its tracker.

If a customer keeps the above information in mind, they will not face any trouble during the process of purchase. Their experience at CVS money order purchase will be seamless.

How To Pay for These Money Orders?

For those purchasing a money order for the first time, it can be quite a unique experience. Like other purchases for daily commodities, some people think that they can use any payment method. However, that is not the case when you will be heading towards any local CVS store to buy a money order.

The only acceptable payment method for purchasing a money order at CVS is cash. You cannot buy money orders using debit cards, credit cards, gift cards, or banking checks. Therefore, it is advisable to have the cash handy equivalent to the amount of money order plus the fee.

What Is the Expiration of These Money Orders?

Generally, CVS money orders do not expire. However, a customer may be liable to monthly service charges if the money order remains uncashed over a period of one year. The monthly fee will be deducted as per the service charges of the money order supplier. Money orders do not expire no matter how long you keep them.

How Can a Customer Track Money Order?

Does CVS Do Money orders?
Process of Tracking MoneyGram Money Order

Money orders are the best-suited method to transfer money since they are trackable. If a person purchases a money order from CVS, they can track it from the MoneyGram website with ease. Following are the straightforward steps to follow to track money order:

  1. Open the MoneyGram website and go to the tracking page.
  2. Enter the reference or authorization number of the money order. You can find this authorization number on the receipt, which you will get after purchasing a money order from CVS.
  3. Enter your last name.
  4. Hit the “Track Your Money” button to track your money order.

The above steps illustrate the money order tracking method. You can also track money orders by calling 1-800-542-3590.

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