Does CVS Have Western Union?

does cvs have western union

Money transfer is the world’s leading business. Sending and receiving money has seen an abrupt increase over the past five years. Western Union is the global tycoon in the money transfer sector. It caters to the needs of hundreds of different sectors and businesses, including the medical industry. CVS is the topmost American medical store chain with more than 10,000 locations. Therefore, customers often wonder, “Does CVS have Western Union?”

Unfortunately, CVS does not have Western Union. Rather, they use money transfer services of its competitor, “Money Gram.” They have designated kiosks inside the CVS pharmacies where customers can send or receive money through Money Gram. CVS offers money transfer services apart from medical prescriptions. However, they do not have Western Union.

Does CVS Have Western Union?

CVS is the largest chain of pharmacy stores in the United States of America. It operates in approximately 10,000 locations across all the US states. Moreover, CVS also offers various services apart from medical prescriptions and wellness supplements. Money transfer is among the most key services of CVS for its millions of customers.

Western Union is a worldwide money transfer financial firm. Its headquarters are in the USA and have field offices all over the world. Western Union has a secure money transfer process and customers across the world trust it for their daily needs.

CVS customers have a query, “Does CVS have Western Union?” Unfortunately, the corporation does not have Western Union for money transfer services. The corporation does offer money transfer services but not of Western Union. In contrast, they use Money Gram for financial transaction services across all their outlets.

WU - Does CVS Have Western Union?
Does CVS Have Western Union?

Why Does CVS Not Have Western Union?

In the pharmaceutical industry, CVS is the most acclaimed name across the states of the USA. They offer top-notch quality medicines at discounted prices. Moreover, they also provide supplements for healthcare and surgical equipment. However, the interesting part is that CVS also provides money transfer as one of the keys services to its customers.

Customers often question, “Does CVS have Western Union? Much to the customers’ surprise, the company does not offer Western Union. Rather, they offer money transfer services through Money Gram.

Western Union is the worldwide leader in money transfer services. It is even bigger than Money Gram. However, CVS is already using the services of Money Gram to provide money sending or receiving facilities to its customers. Western Union and Money Gram are close-range competitors with the same niche of services. However, Western Union takes the largest share in the money transfer market.

That is the reason CVS does not have Western Union since they are already working with Money Gram. Therefore, they cannot offer both competitors at the same time. Customers can transfer money at CVS using Money Gram kiosks or designated desks.

High transaction fees are seen as a major reason why the corporation doesn’t have Western Union. Western Union normally charges $11 or more per money transfer or transaction. However, Money Gram charges a lower fee than WU. Consequently, the core aim of CVS is to satisfy the customers’ requirements at the minimum expense. Therefore, it is the major reason CVS does not use Western Union. For customers, Money Gram is a good choice with lower fees for transactions.

Western Union - Does CVS Have Western Union?
Why Does CVS Not Have Western Union?

Does CVS Have Western Union Pick Up?

Are you looking to transfer money through your nearest CVS store location? Do you want to pick up from Western Union, and you are heading towards CVS? It is not a good idea since the corporation does not have a Western Union pick-up option. The customers can avail the services of the Money Gram for money transfer services, and it is available at every CVS outlet. Moreover, you can also use other money management applications if you want more options.

What Are the Money Transfer Services Offered By CVS?

Does CVS have Western Union? This must be the question in the minds of consumers visiting CVS. However, the bad news is that the corporation does not offer Western Union money transfer services. You will not see CVS with Western Union no matter which outlet you visit.

CVS has Money Gram desks inside their outlets to allow customers to transfer money. Money Gram is cheaper than the Western Union regarding the amount of fees per transaction. Western Union charges $11 per money transfer. However, this fee amount may increase depending on the transferred amount.

money gram - Does CVS Have Western Union?

In contrast, Money Gram does not charge hefty fees for the transaction. It charges a lower fee and thus makes the transfer more customer-centric.

How To Use Financial Services At CVS?

CVS offers money transfer services apart from other services. Customers can send or receive money using Money Gram kiosks at every CVS outlet. Follow the below steps to use the money transferring service at CVS:

  • Head over to the Money Gram kiosk or desk at any CVS outlet.
  • If you want to send money, you will first need to fill the money order with the correct information.
  • Afterward, pay the service desk representative the amount you want to send.
  • You must ensure to receive the receipt from the representative. The receipt is proof of your money order.
CVS - Does CVS Have Western Union?
How To Use Financial Services At CVS?

Does CVS Have Western Union? The Crux

CVS is a leading medical store chain in America. Apart from medication, they also offer a number of other services. Money transfer is among one of those services. With more than 9,000 locations across the United States of America, CVS customers make use of financial services quite often.

Meanwhile, customers have a question, “Does CVS have Western Union?” Much to the dismay of customers, the corporation does not have Western Union. They have Money Gram for the money transfer services. Every outlet of CVS has a kiosk or separate service desk of Money Gram. The major reason that CVS does not have Western Union is that it is costlier than other money transfer platforms.

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