Does Walmart Take EBT?

does walmart take ebt

Walmart is the world’s largest retail store giant. Walmart has stores in more than 10,000 locations worldwide. Moreover, it has more than 3 million employees. The weekly customer inflow of Walmart is more than 200 million. Among these customers, thousands want to use EBT cards as a payment method. They often wonder, “does Walmart take EBT cards?”

Being the largest chain of retail stores, Walmart accepts EBT at every location. Walmart takes EBT across all stores in the USA. Furthermore, it also accepts EBT as a valid payment method online on “” is the online shopping website of Walmart. However, three states do not take EBT as online payment. These three states only accept EBT for in-store purchases. These states include Alaska, Montana, and Louisiana.

Does Walmart Accept Food Stamps?

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Walmart takes food stamps and EBT

Food stamps are similar to EBT cards. Food Stamp is the older name of SNAP. Millions of Americans use food stamps for grocery and food items.  Walmart accepts food stamps in all its locations throughout America. You can also use Walmart’s credit card for purchases along with food stamps.

Moreover, you can also use food stamps online while shopping for groceries at However, you cannot use food stamps at in Alaska, Louisiana, and Montana. You cannot buy alcohol and tobacco products with food stamps. You can purchase grocery items.

How To Pay with Food Stamps at Walmart?

Food stamp is another payment method to pay for grocery items a Walmart. You can link this with your bank account. Therefore, you can pay in a similar manner as a debit or a credit card.

  • Swipe your card at any POS (Point of Sale) at the Walmart store.
  • Enter your 4-digit PIN.
  • Check the amount and get the receipt of the payment.
  • That is the simple way to pay with food stamps at Walmart.

What Are the Items You Can Buy with EBT At Walmart?

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EBT cardholders wonder what they can buy with EBT at Walmart? Well, the EBT card is eligible for only grocery and food items. You cannot buy anything else with these cards at Walmart. The grocery items do not include alcohol and tobacco products.

How To Pay with An EBT Card at Any Walmart?

EBT is accepted at every Walmart outlet in America. EBT is similar in use to that of a debit card or a credit card. Following are the easy steps to follow to pay with an EBT card:

  1. Go to any POS (Point of Sale) at any Walmart superstore.
  2. Give your EBT card to the representative at POS.
  3. The Walmart representative will swipe your card.
  4. Enter your 4-digit PIN (Personal Identification Number) of EBT.
  5. Check the payment amount before proceeding.
  6. After successful payment from EBT, receive your payment receipt.

In this way, you can pay at any store with your EBT card. Meanwhile, keep in mind that this includes only grocery and food items. Furthermore, alcoholic and tobacco items are not eligible for purchase with an EBT card.

Does Accept EBT?

Post Covid-19, many customers are shopping online. The trend of shopping in-store is decreasing. The number of online customers is increasing. Since more than 40 million customers use EBT, they wonder whether accepts EBT.

The good news is that accepts EBT except for three states. The three states only take EBT for in-store purchases and do not accept EBT for

These three states do NOT allow EBT online at

  • Alaska
  • Louisiana
  • Montana.

Apart from these three states, takes EBT.

How To Pay with EBT At

Except for the state of Alaska, Montana, and Louisiana, all others accept EBT as a payment method. You can quickly pay with these cards at To pay with EBT at, you will first have to add EBT as a payment method in your account.

You can easily add EBT as your payment method at Once you add EBT as your payment method, you can pay your online grocery orders with a few clicks.

add food stamps and EBT to walmart account - Does Walmart Take EBT?
Add food stamps and EBT to Walmart account

Understanding the EBT

EBT is Electronic Benefits Transfer. It is a state-funded program to help poor households. EBT gets in link with your bank account. After that, the government will add a monthly allowance to your account under the EBT program.

You can use this card at any Walmart store. You may also use EBT for purchases. However, the states of Alaska, Montana, and Louisiana do not accept EBT at Furthermore, please note that alcohol products are not eligible for EBT.

Does Accept Food Stamps?

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The above discussion summarizes that Walmart takes food stamps. However, the dynamics are changing after Covid-19. People are opting for online shopping more compared to in-store purchases. Similarly, Walmart customers also prefer to shop from

Meanwhile, there are more than 40 million people in the USA who use food stamps. Not all of them used previously. So, they have a query in mind: does take food stamps?

Yes, accepts food stamps. The bad news is that there are three states that do not take food stamps as a payment method for The three states are Alaska, Louisiana, and Montana. Apart from these three states, all others accept Food Stamps on

What Exactly Is A Food Stamp?

SNAP is the new name of food stamps. It is a federal government-funded program. The persons who are earning less than 185% of the federal poverty line are eligible for this program. The federal poverty line is a standard set by the US government. Moreover, the federal poverty line varies depending on the number of persons in a household. You can check the federal poverty line online.

How To Pay with Food Stamps at

Firstly, the states of Montana, Alaska, and Louisiana do not accept food stamps at However, you have to add food stamps/SNAP as a payment method in your account before paying with it. You can easily add food stamps as a payment method. Once you add the food stamps as a payment method successfully, you can pay online quickly.

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Walmart takes EBT and Food Stamps


Walmart takes EBT in all its stores of America. EBT card is eligible for purchasing grocery items, etc. Moreover, you cannot buy tobacco and alcohol products using EBT at any store. Similarly, also takes EBT as a payment method. However, the states of Alaska, Louisiana, and Montana do not take this card as a form of payment method for

Walmart accepts food stamps on its retail outlets in the USA. You can use it at any POS (Point of Sale) of any Walmart store. Furthermore, it is vital to know that accepts food stamps as well. The only three states that do not accept food stamps for payment are Alaska, Louisiana, and Montana.

Last but not least, only food items and grocery items are eligible for purchase with EBT and food stamps. Alcohol, beer, and cigarettes do not qualify for sale from any Walmart or using EBT.

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