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With over 10 million registered users in 140 countries, eToro is a fast-rising global investment network. Its affiliate program with lucrative commission proves it. Known for its patented CopyTrader technology, eToro is known for multiple fintech innovations. Pioneering the concept of copy trading, eToro users are able to trade like never before. From sharing trade statistics, discuss strategies, and automatically copy the portfolio of its Popular Investors, it’s increasingly becoming a preferred way to trade for many investors.

Their eToro Partners affiliate program is one of the many innovations that has propelled it to an unprecedented level of growth. In 2020, eToro has paid almost $90 million to its various affiliates. Consequently, this makes it one of the most successful affiliate programs in the world across industries.

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eToro has paid out $87.5 million dollars worth of eToro affiliate commission.

How much is the eToro affiliate commission?

There is one ways that eToro affiliates get paid in commission – cost per action. 

CPA: Cost Per Action

The Cost per Action or CPA is a commission paid out after specific actions are made by the investor who signed up using your eToro affiliate link. Creating an account, funding, and trading are some actions that will net affiliates a one-time payment per transaction. 

Additionally, under the Dynamic Cost per Acquisition Plan, eToro gives a commission equal to the initial deposit (up to $500) of the user who joins using your affiliate marketing link.

While it may take time to initially build your following, the expected benefits from having a strong influence is exponential. It can serve as residual, passive income for years to come.

How is the eToro affiliate commission paid?

eToro Affiliate partners receive a commission when the user that has clicked your affiliate link signs up within 60 days to create their own eToro account, deposit money, and trade for at least three months.

eToro affiliates have the option to keep their commission earnings in their trading account or withdraw it. eToro partners have the option to transfer to their Credit/Debit Card, Paypal, China Union Pay, Neteller, Skrill, WebMoney, or Wire Transfer. For most of the payment methods, you can expect payment to arrive within 1-2 days business days. Most commission payouts require a minimum of $100.

However, Bank Wire Transfers may take up to 8 business days and require a minimum of $500 payout. With this, many affiliates recommend using other payout methods for faster processing times and convenience.

How is the eToro different from other Affiliate commission programs?

Like other affiliate programs, eToro has its strengths and weaknesses. Understanding them is the first step to managing your expectations about the program and positioning yourself as a strong eToro Affiliate partner.


Expansive training materials

eToro provides its affiliates options for comprehensive training, making the learning curve for new partners to get up to speed on what the eToro partner program can offer in exchange for sharing their products and services. 

Dedicated Affiliate and IB Managers

Not every affiliate program will have managers who can work with you to ensure your success. eToro’s Partner program assigns an Affiliate and IB manager to each affiliate partner to help them make the most out of the partnership. 

High-performing visual tools and resources

For many affiliate programs, you’re technically on your own to create good content that draws in subscribers. With eToro’s partner program, they do a lot of work for you. Specifically, they provide unique banners, landing pages, widgets, and videos that are sure to be good quality and high-performing. They will even give you tips on how you can convert better.

Report Generation Features

Manually keeping track of reports is the bane of many affiliate marketers. However, it’s not a problem for eToro’s partner affiliates. Additionally, eToro gives you a dashboard to easily keep track of your affiliate links.


The network of Existing eToro Affiliates

eToro affiliate program has such a competitive commission model. It’s no secret that thousands of people have already joined their cause. On the whole, you will be competing against the millions of other content on the internet made by other existing affiliates. 

Monthly Requirements to receive eToro Affiliate Commissions

eToro Affiliates are required to provide at least three active traders each month. Accordingly, they will be considered by the eToro partner program as an inactive account. Should your website does not get enough traffic, your account can be disabled. Finally, an inactive account means you will not be paid even if you were able to convert a few customers.

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Creating your eToro Partner account takes less than five minutes. | eToroPartners.com

Steps to become an eToro Partner Program affiliate

To become an eToro affiliate, all you have to is to follow these three easy steps:

1. Register your account 

To register your accoun:

  • Go to eToropartners.com and click “Join Now.”
    • Sign up as a personal or corporate account. 

Next, you will be forwarded to a series of pages asking for your name, contact details, website, home address, and Skype name (optional). To fully validate your account, you need to fill out a quick questionnaire on your account page. 

Then, input your country of operations, tax information, a few questions about yourself, and upload a copy of an official ID or passport. This process will take less than 5 minutes to do. 

2. Learn & Promote

After registration, your eToro partner dashboard will appear. On your dashboard, you will have access to a link generator, individual reports, creative resources.

Additionally, you will also have access to creative resources, personalized reports, and various news and promotions. These can help you become an eToro affiliate in no time.

3. Get Paid

eToro processes partner payments by the 15th of the following month once a month with a minimum payout of $100.

Tips on how to earn higher eToro affiliate commission

If you have decided that you want to be an eToro affiliate, there are plenty of ways to succeed. Here are a couple of quick tips that you should take note of:

Talk to your Dedicated Affiliate Manager

Each eToro affiliate will their own Dedicated Affiliate and IB Managers. Many new affiliates don’t bother to ask their dedicated manager how they can improve their overall experience. Affiliate Managers have access to a lot of data that can help guide how you should position yourself better.

Negotiate Your eToro Affiliate Commission Rates

If you are spending time doing the work of promoting the brand and start bringing in a lot of customers, you might as well get the best possible rate. Moreover, negotiating your commission rates can be as easy as asking your Dedicated Affiliate Manager.

Additionally, make sure that you have some support to back up your request by showing your number of followers, website views, and overall capacity to bring in users. 

Choose A High Tier Country

eToro has a tiered CPA commission depending on your country of operations. In fact, there are three tiers which are Tier 1 ($250), Tier 2 ($200), and Tier 3 ($100). Furthermore, to receive a higher CPA commission, you can create an account based in a country with a higher tier.  

Take Advantage of the Free Resources

eToro has spent years refining their partner program resources through trial and error. For instance, their various tutorials to the pre-made visual tools can save you countless hours of research. On the whole, you can spend more time learning how to position yourself and your content.

Become An Affiliate Without A Website

While it’s common to think only affiliates with websites can earn money, it’s not the only way. In fact, thousands of eToro affiliates use their affiliate links on everything from videos, social media websites, and even online forums. 


In conclusion, the eToro Partners affiliate program has one of the highest commissions currently available in the market. Truly, with its highly convertible product and commission rates, it’s an affiliate program worth considering. Hence, with eToro Partner affiliate program, both new and seasoned affiliates have multiple things working to their advantage.

To summarize, with the growing number of digital-savvy traders joining every day, eToro as a service will likely continue to flourish. Lastly, despite having thousands of existing affiliates, there are still plenty of ways for you to stand out amongst the crowd and succeed.

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