Graham Stephan Net Worth, Portfolio and Earnings – 2022 Updated!

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Famous YouTuber and Real Estate Agent, Graham Stephan, is living the life most people dream of. If you’re on this page, you’ve probably thought along the lines of: “How much is Graham Stephan worth in 2021?” “How does Graham Stephan’s portfolio line up?” “What are his sources of income?” “And how does he earn so much money?”

You’re in luck because we’ve got all the answers and much more. Let’s dive right in!

Graham Stephan’s net worth and quick profile:

Full NameGraham Patrick Stephan
Net Worth in 2021$13,000,000
Sources of IncomeYouTube, Real Estate
Date of Birth22nd April, 1990
Age (2021)31
Born InSanta Monica, California.
Lives InLos Angeles, California
Relationship StatusUnmarried – Dating
GirlfriendSavannah Macy

Now, let’s learn a bit more about this young millionaire.

Update: Graham Stephan released a new video as of 2021-11-24 and here is his current portfolio:

Who is Graham Stephan?

unnamed 1 - Graham Stephan Net Worth, Portfolio and Earnings - 2022 Updated!

Graham Stephan is a real estate agent and YouTuber who hit his first million by age 26, four years before the milestone he set for himself. Since then, his success with his real estate business, YouTube content creation, and other businesses has shot through the roof.

However, his “overnight success” is actually nothing close to overnight success. The lad always had a knack for making money. He got his first job at age 13 with a marine aquarium wholesaler. His job was to take pictures of exotic fishes, Photoshop them and upload them on the website. At $1 per picture, he was soon earning over $100 for a few hours of work and that’s something really big for a 13-year-old.

He left his job at age 16, had a short stint with a rock band, and then jumped into real estate at 18.

The 18-year-old kid who found out he couldn’t get into college due to some really bad grades soon carved a niche for himself as a real estate agent helping renters. In the course of this, he made his first sale for $3.6 million and went home with about $45,000.

At some point, he noticed he could help some agents take better pictures of houses and list them on Craigslist for a commission of the sale. Boy, can this dude find opportunities? In no time, he was making quite some good money for his age.

At age 21, he had over $200,000 in savings and got his first property in San Bernardino, California for $59,500. Since then, he has bought 7 other properties, sold several properties, started two YouTube channels, and made some good money for himself.

Graham’s YouTube Career

Screenshot 2021 09 28 at 12.27.16 - Graham Stephan Net Worth, Portfolio and Earnings - 2022 Updated!

Stephan’s YouTube didn’t get successful right out the gate. In fact, he fondly recalls having 9-10 views in his first few videos. But he was thrilled because someone somewhere at least cared enough to watch him.

In the first year, he spent around 50 hours per week shooting and editing videos and yet earned very little from the channel. In the entire 2017, he made a measly $26,966 from his channel. But he loved making the videos, so he continued. As of the time of writing this (September 2021), the channel now has over 3.41 million followers, and Graham now earns around $50-$100k per month from YouTube.

Stephan Graham now owns four YouTube channels:

  • Graham Stephan (3.41 million subscribers)
  • The Graham Stephan Show (778k Subscribers)
  • Iced Coffee Hour (186k followers)
  • The Stefamily (53.2k subscribers)

Apart from The Stefamily YouTube channel where he posts more goofy stuff, his content mostly revolves around real estate, investment and business.

Graham Stephan’s Portfolio

Stephan’s most recent video (December 2020) about his investment portfolio reveals a staggering $13,000,000 in investments. More than twice what he was worth in the fall of 2019. An income surge and more investments make this possible.

Being a real estate agent, it’s no surprise that a substantial amount of Stephan Stephan’s portfolio is held in real estate. However, he also diversifies his portfolio and spreads some of his investments across Individual Stocks, Index Funds, Bonds, Investment Apps, and some serious cash. 

Stephan is also an Angel Investor, but the details of his portfolio locked in Angel investments are undisclosed at the moment, although he claims it’s below a million dollars. As of 2021, Stephan owns 8 rental properties worth a total of $8,450,000 and 62.3% of his portfolio. 

Other assets listed in his portfolio are:

  • Individual Stocks ($1,400,000 or 10.3%)
  • Index Funds ($1,200,000 or 8.8%)
  • Investment Apps ($60,000 or 0.4%)
  • CA Tax Free Bonds ($150,000 or 1.1%)
  • Angel Apps ($X)
  • Cash ($2,300,000 or 17%)

All these comfortably amount to over $13 million. 

Here’s a visual breakdown of how Stephan spreads his portfolio

graham stephan portfolio

Graham Stephan’s Earnings and Income Sources

Although Stephan started out as a realtor, he now has multiple income streams and his career as a realtor has been relegated to the background. These days, Stephan’s major source of income is YouTube, and that amounts to about 60% of his annual income.

For context, Stephan made $2,082,858 from his major YouTube channel in 2020. But that’s not his total YouTube earnings. His two other YouTube channels raked in almost $500k combined. $2.5 million earned from making videos on YouTube in 2020.

In 2021, Stephan’s growth remained steady. He created a new channel in March 2020 and excluding the new channel, he takes home anywhere between $250k – $300k every month from YouTube. He’s projected to earn around $3.5 million from YouTube this year.

In total, Stephan earned about $5 million from multiple streams in 2020 and is projected to earn about $9 million in 2021.

The figures above are accurate as of September 2021.

As earlier stated, Stephan has multiple income streams. Let’s take a look at a few others.


Stephan sells two courses on Teachable spread across his two major areas of expertise: Real Estate — “The Real Estate Academy,” and YouTube — “The YouTube Academy.”

The courses first went live in 2018 and now earns him about $30k per month. The courses are hosted on Teachable where he pays $90 per month. Everything else is pretty much profit.

Rental Income and Real Estate Commissions

Stephan’s first real estate deal was in 2011. But since 2016, he has actively bought rental properties and now takes home upwards of $10,000 per month from rent. Across rent, mortgage returns, and property appreciation, Stephan has made an average of $270,000 per year from his real estate investments.

He still works as a real estate agent, and that earns him an average of $8,572 per month in commissions.

Affiliate Commissions and Sponsorships

With about 4.5 million followers across 4 YouTube channels, it’s pretty easy to get people to “smash” (in Stephan’s voice) your affiliate links. Even easier to attract sponsors to your channel.

While Stephan in his usually enviable transparency would have loved to share, the exact amount he earns from sponsorships is, however, undisclosed due to NDA’s, and regulatory problems.

What’s He Up to Right Now?

In January 2021, Stephan and his Girlfriend, Macy, moved out of California where he has lived his whole life. According to him, “the lockdown showed us that you don’t need to live in California to do business.” 

After a trip to Las Vegas, he made up his mind to move over to Las Vegas because he thinks there are some opportunities that he’ll love to pursue in Las Vegas. Plus, California’s high taxes relative to Las Vegas made the decision feel right.

He also recently launched a coffee company and is keen on diversifying his income streams outside YouTube.

Final Words

His story is an amazing one. First got into real estate at age 18. In 2021, Stephan’s net worth by age 31 is over $13 million.

He teaches conservative spending, saving, and investment. And while you may not have hundreds of thousands now to acquire a rental property, neither did Stephan at the beginning. In the end, if you apply the right principles and stay consistent, you’ll soon smash your goals.

Was Stephan’s story motivating? Did you learn a thing or two? Share with us in the comments!

Cheers to your success!

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