Hotbit Exchange Review

Isn’t it difficult to identify the best crypto exchange? The sheer number of platforms around the world makes the decision very difficult. But the decision is even more important considering that there is money involved. Nevertheless, Hotbit is one of the exchanges you should seriously consider in your search for many reasons. In this post, you will learn everything you need to know about this exchange and why it’s a good choice for you.


More about Hotbit Exchange

This platform was first launched in January 2018 and it has offices in both Hong Kong and Estonia. The company’s headquarters is currently in Shanghai and it is also domiciled in Taipei. The platform has a global reach and currently boasts of having over 540,000 registered users from over 170 countries in the world. In case you’re thinking that Hotbit is a Chinese company, you should know that 90% of these clients are located outside China. 

Such a global reach has been thanks to a varied team of experts behind the company coming from China, Taiwan, and the US. In addition, the company has partnered with companies such as Mytoken, Spark Pool, Slow MistF2pool and HashQuark. This has propelled the platform to 7th among all other crypto exchanges ranked by adjusted trading volume over the previous 24-hour period. 

All the above points to a successful crypto exchange with a good reputation, a huge customer base and a competent team behind it.

Trading fees

Both maker and taker fees on Hotbit are even at 0.1% for every transaction. Maker fees are charged for those traders who use market orders to either buy assets at a lower price than market value or sell assets at a higher price compared to present market value. Taker fees, on the other hand, are charged to individuals who place spot orders. Generally, crypto exchanges issue lower maker fees than taker fees because market makers increase liquidity. 

Hotbit uses an intelligent engine to match trades, thus the platform does not rely on liquidity provided by traders. In this way, traders enjoy less trading fees all around while also experiencing deep liquidity that ensures fair market prices and quick execution. 

Assets available

An exchange doesn’t get to such a position without having an impressive array of assets, so you can bet Hotbit has got everything you need. With over 150 assets available for trade and an even longer list of coin pairs, there is no shortage of assets to trade on this platform. Besides, this platform has always been first to list newly released coins well before the other major crypto exchanges. For investors, this is a huge advantage because new coins have enormous potential for profit. 

Hotbit Token (HTB)

Like most crypto exchanges, this one also has its own token called Hotbit Token (HTB). The main use of HTB is within the platform as it can be used to pay fees and even help to reduce trading fees by 50%. Nevertheless, one can still buy these tokens and hold them to make a profit just like any other coin. 

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