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How Chime credit builder works

Chime is a fantastic banking service that allows you to do a lot with your money. First and foremost, you can deposit as much cash as you want into the account and use your Chime card to spend it wherever you want. However, Chime also offers a brilliant way for you to build up your credit score without incurring any unmanageable debt. In this guide, we will cover how the Chime Credit Builder works and how it does work on a person-to-person basis.

The Chime Credit Builder account is simple. You can set a spending limit by transferring money into your Credit Builder account. At the end of the month, you pay the card off with the money you put into your Credit Builder account. Chime then reports your spending to the biggest credit unions worldwide to push up your credit score.

How Does the Chime Credit Builder Account Work?

Let’s get into the details. A Chime Credit Builder Account is designed to function as a credit card. Chime the reports your spending as all other banks do when you spend money on a credit card. This will push up your credit score, making it easier to get accepted for loans and mortgages in the future. However, the Chime Credit Builder account won’t land you in thousands of dollars of debt.

Once you’ve applied and have been accepted for a Chime Credit Builder account, you’ll get two things. The first is a new account when you check your app, and the second is a new card. This card is your Chime credit card, but it doesn’t function like a normal credit card.

With most banks, the money you spend on a credit card equates to borrowing. You have to pay that money back at the expense of interest, which you will pay on the money you’re borrowing until it’s all paid off.

A Chime Credit Builder account card has no limit but the one you set. To set the limit, you have to transfer real money into the account. You can spend on the card as you would with any other, but you can’t go over the amount of money you have put into the card’s account.

At the end of the month, the money you’ve put into the account is used to pay the card off. You won’t incur any interest, and you can do the same thing again next month. Chime will then tell several credit unions that you have spent money on their credit card, which will cause them to increase your credit score.

Do I Need a Chime Credit Builder Account?


We can’t advise you on whether you need a Chime Credit Builder account or not. However, if you want a way to increase your credit score without the risk of getting into debt, it’s one of the safest ways to do so.

There’s no pressure on you to use the card. You don’t need to put money into the account unless you want to use it. Even then, the money will stay in the account until the card needs to be paid off, so there’s absolutely no chance of interest or debt coming your way.

Credit and loans usually go hand in hand. If you’re looking for a loan to your chime bank account, see here.


The Chime Credit Builder account functions as a credit card but keeps you in control of your money and debt. You can use the card for regular spending and increase your credit score without worrying about getting into debt. It’s the safest way to ensure you’re making your money work for your credit score, which will help you in your financial future.

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