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How to buy ikea stock

IKEA is one of the biggest furniture manufacturers and suppliers in the world. The company, based in Sweden, has grown from strength to strength over the years based on its well-marketed brand. This shows to tell why many investors are looking for a piece of such a company in their portfolio. Unfortunately, that’s not possible. In this guide, we can’t talk you through how to buy Ikea stock, but we can show you how you can invest in the company in the future and how to make the most of their influence.

IKEA is a private company. This means that there are no available shares to purchase on the stock market. Should the company ever be made public, then it will be possible to buy shares. If that were to happen, those shares would almost certainly be under a stock symbol such as “IKEA.”

What is Ikea?

How to Buy Ikea Stock

Ikea is a colossal company that specializes in manufacturing furniture that comes completely flat-packed. This makes it easy to assemble and get from the store to your house. The company is best known for the style in each product, as well as the affordability. When furnishing a house, most people will buy some sort of Ikea product. Even those looking to spend more on luxurious items will still have at least one product from Ikea in their home.

The company has become synonymous with decorating your house or furnishing a new home. Their products can be found in apartments and even office buildings. There is even a range of gaming chairs, which only specialist companies offered until Ikea stepped in.

How to Invest in Ikea Stocks

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, it isn’t possible to invest in IKEA stocks. The company isn’t publicly traded, making it impossible to invest in. However, investors can look at the company as an example and invest in similar businesses until IKEA does become publicly-traded.

The core pillars of IKEA are style, affordability, and convenience. Most furniture companies will either need to manufacture products to order or only provide products in their bulky form. Not flat-packed. Any company offering a convenient service like Ikea is well worth watching and potentially investing in.

Style is subjective, but IKEA hits the nail on the head with almost every product. Any investors who want to invest in a furniture company like Ikea should look at their products first. If they don’t look good, then they probably won’t sell. Therefore, investing in the company is a bad bet.

Then, we have affordability. Product prices are easy to judge online. If something is too cheap, then consumers may think it isn’t worth buying. You need to look for furniture companies that are offering products in the sweet spot. Cheap enough that they’re affordable for what they are but sturdy and well-made enough that they’ll last.

Finally, there’s convenience, and IKEA had 445 stores at the end of August 2020. So they totally check that mark.

Should You Invest in IKEA?

should you buy ikea stocks

Since there’s no way to invest in Ikea right now, we’ll discuss why you should invest in similar furniture companies. The key with these investments will always be the demand for products. If people are moving house, building apartments, or setting up new offices, they’ll need furniture. IKEA and companies like it will all benefit from that demand.

However, if there’s a crash in the housing market or businesses aren’t buying furniture like they used to, then these companies could suffer losses. Monitoring the markets that affect these businesses’ livelihood is key to identifying whether investing is a good or bad bet.


Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to invest in Ikea. While you could invest in other similar companies, it’s not worth it if your heart is set on Ikea itself. Keep an ear to the ground for any rumors that the company will go public. That way, if it ever does, you’ll be at the front of the queue.

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