How to Buy Rolex Stock |? Invest in the Company, Not a Watch

How to buy rolex stock shares

Rolex watches are among the most expensive and prestigious in the world. They’re known for their value and quality. They’re also used as statements in many outfits. If someone wants to show off their wealth, then the chances are that they’re wearing a Rolex. With that in mind, we’re going to talk you through how to buy Rolex stock. This guide shows you how to invest and profit from the company instead of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a single timepiece.

Rolex is a publicly-traded company under a group. Instead of investing directly in Rolex, you need to purchase shares in the Watches of Switzerland Group. The stock symbol for this group is WOSG.

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What is Rolex

how to invest in rolex

As we’ve already pointed out, Rolex is an incredibly prestigious watchmaker. The brand is known for producing watches that are worth ridiculous amounts of money. Some Rolex watches have gone on to be worth millions to collectors because of their individuality and materials. However, their overall quality as timepieces makes these watches and the Rolex brand luxurious.

As a result, Rolex is one of the best-known names in the watch industry. Since most of their products are unique, high-quality, and can’t be found anywhere else, they sell for hundreds of thousands. Lower-cost ranges are available, though even these can still be incredibly expensive.

How to Buy Stock in Rolex

watches of switzerland group

Rolex is part of the Watches of Switzerland Group. The group is traded under the stock symbol WOSG. The group is made up of Rolex, Cartier, and Patek Philippe SA. Together, these companies hold a monopoly over the Swiss watch industry. However, their reach extends all around the world. You can’t go anywhere without having heard of at least one of the brands in this group.

While you can invest directly in this group, you can also use what you learn about the companies it’s made to invest elsewhere. The thing that makes each of these companies worth investing in is their brand and reputation on the market. They’re well-known for quality, but that doesn’t mean that they’re the only companies known for it.

If you can’t afford a share in the Watches of Switzerland Group, look elsewhere at what similar companies are doing. If you notice a stylish new watch company gaining traction, they could be worth investing in instead.

Should You Invest in Rolex?

should you invest in rolex

Rolex is one of the most prestigious companies in the world. Owning a piece of that company would only enhance your portfolio. However, since the company is already doing extremely well, their shares will cost quite a lot. Rolex, Cartier, and Patek Philippe SA all make up 73% of WOSG, showing just how much of an influence Rolex can have over the share price.

While it can be expensive to invest in such a company, its brand awareness makes up for the price. Watches are physical investments that people make with their money, meaning that people will always be buying from Rolex. That means that revenue shouldn’t dip anytime soon.

Watches are also the perfect gift for business people who have everything else that they need. A collection of watches is never complete because watchmakers keep bringing out new ones that are unique in themselves. These reasons show that Rolex could be an investment worth considering.


An investment in Rolex may be one of the safest you ever make. These watches are timeless, and their shares are the same. By investing in the group they’re a part of, you’ll be gaining a piece of a group that can only grow as more watch companies become as prestigious as the trio that makes it up.

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