How to Buy Stock in Ferrari ✅| Invest in the Biggest Name in F1

How to buy ferrari stock

You don’t need to know anything about F1 racing or cars, in general, to have heard of Ferrari. The brand is one of the biggest in the F1 world and is known for some of the most expensive and luxurious cars on the market. Investing in them seems like a no-brainer, and it’s not that difficult either. In this guide, we’ll cover how to buy stock in Ferrari, as well as why you might want to do so.

Buying stock in Ferrari is simple. The stock is traded under the name ‘RACE’ and has the stock symbol: (RACE) on Nasdaq. As long as you’re buying shares under this name, you’ll be investing directly in the company.

What is Ferrari?

How to Buy Stock in Ferrari

Ferrari is one of the biggest names in F1 racing. It’s also one of the best-known car manufacturers. The company has grown from producing racing cars into the luxury car industry. Their products reach much further than that today, though. You can purchase several products from Ferrari that have nothing to do with cars. From wallets and watches to shoes, socks, and anything for your home. The brand is one that people become obsessed with, and that’s why it’s so well known today.

The place that everyone knows Ferrari from is F1 racing. The Ferrari team has won countless competitions and has one of the best racing teams in the world. When you think of F1, Ferrari is the name that’s synonymous with the sport as a whole.

How to Buy Stock in Ferrari

How to Buy Stock in Ferrari

Buying stock in Ferrari is very simple. The company is publicly-traded and listed under the stock name ‘RACE.’ All you need to do is choose the broker you want to purchase through and find the stock.

You’ll notice immediately that these shares are costly. With a company like this, though, that’s only to be expected. The only issue you’ll have is understanding how many shares you can pick up at once.

There are loads of brokers to buy through when it comes to shares. Your best option with these shares, in particular, might be one that handles higher-value trades regularly. This might mean that you need to look to a new broker when choosing how to buy these, but it will be worth it for the additional services you’ll receive alongside your brand new shares.

What is the Ferrari Stock Symbol?

To invest in Ferrari, you need to search for ‘RACE’ instead of the company name. This is because Ferrari’s shares are traded under this stock symbol. While this might be confusing, it’s a common practice among many large businesses.

Should You Invest in Ferrari?

should yo invest in ferrari

As a company, Ferrari isn’t going anywhere. Buying shares in them is an investment in the future. The company will only continue to grow. The rich will continue to purchase their cars and other products, and their F1 team should continue to dominate.

A company like this is like investing in the world’s need to indulge now and then. Some people will buy chocolate. Others will buy a car. With Ferrari, every car purchase, every F1 win, and every new venture only serves to boost revenues. This means that share prices will increase, and you’ll stand to make a profit from the ones you own.

The only question you need to ask yourself when investing is how many shares to buy. Your budget will dictate this. The bottom line is that the more you have, the greater your profits when Ferrari does well over the next few years.


Ferrari is at the forefront of both the racing and the luxury car industry. They have been for years, and they will be for years more. This is a safe company to invest in, but it will cost you a lot more than other investments might. This kind of investment is one that you’ll need to sit on for a few years, but in the end, it’ll pay off when you can profit from selling the shares.

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