How to Cancel Your Victoria’s Secret Credit Card – The Most Simple Way!

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Have you been getting the run around when trying to cancel your Victoria’s Secret credit card? There’s nothing more frustrating but the good news is the process actually isn’t as difficult as they make it seem.

To cancel your Victoria’s Secret credit card you need to call their customer service number at 1-800-695-9478. This brings you to someone from customers service who can cancel your account. You will need to have a zero balance and confirm information about your identity.

In order to close the account though a few things need to be done first.

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Have a Zero Balance

If you want to cancel your Victoria’s Secret credit card you need to make sure you have a zero balance. If you have a balance your account actually can’t be closed out and it can result in late fees.

Customers may find this aggravating because it tacks on interest when you have a higher bill to pay down. Having said that, there is no maximum amount that you can pay off at once when paying your bill.

If you have the means to pay your bill off completely you can do so and close your account immediately afterwards.

Provide Identifcation

You will need to confirm a few different account details to be able to close your account. This may include your social security number, account number, home address, among other things.

After they have confirmed your identity as the account holder and confirmed your zero balance, you should ask for an email and verbal receipt that the account has been closed. This is to further avoid late fees that may occur to miscommunication.

Can I Cancel My Victoria’s Secret Credit Card Online?

As of right now, you cannot cancel your Angel Card online. The reason being is that when you speak to a Care representative you will need to provide them with confirmation information that it is you as the account holder.

Because passwords and online usernames can be stolen and hacked this is the number one reason you can’t cancel your account online.

If you are having trouble getting an Angel card in the first place then check out our blog on top websites that offer no credit check, buy now pay later options!

Why Am I Being Referred to Comenity Bank?

In cases where there is a dispute in fees or changes, you may be referred to Comenity Bank. This is a major credit card retailer that works with many stores as a bank provider. Fees and certain disputes actually need to be resolved with their customer service team.

As mentioned earlier, quite a few customers have reported having had a miscommunication that resulted in late fees and ongoing account fees. This is due to the customer thinking their account was closed when in fact it never was.

It’s Simple!

Don’t let the process of closing out your Victoria’s Secret Angel card be anything but simple. By calling the number provided above and speaking to an Angel Care member, you should be able to close your account within minutes.

This is given you have no balance. And even if you get a verbal confirmation your account is closed you should always ask for email confirmation as well. This can be sued as proof if you have any issues later.

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