How to Get a Virtual Credit Card for Free

Virtual credit cards act as a digital format of your physical card, which is only used for online shopping and transactions. Major credit card issuers offer free virtual credit cards upon request by the user any time they make online purchases. Although some virtual credit card issuers require users to purchase the card before use, most virtual credit cards are free.

There are several free virtual credit cards that users can choose from and navigate with ease.

When processing virtual cards, many credit card issuers require users to have an existing bank account and credit card account. However, some credit card issuers can bypass this requirement, allowing users to have virtual credit cards without many requirements. Thus, several types of virtual credit cards are available from different credit card issuers.

It is necessary to know from your card issuer which type of virtual credit card best suits your needs.

Key Takeaways

·         There is a wide variety of credit card companies that offer free virtual credit cards to their users

·         You can create a virtual account that allows your credit card issuer to generate virtual credit cards

·         Free virtual credit cards are available online, especially those for legal residents in the US

How to Create a Virtual Credit Card for Free

Opening a virtual account is free and does not require any extra charge from the customer. Once you open your account, the credit card issuer can generate a virtual credit card number for your online purchases. Your virtual card provider might have a virtual assistant that allows you to activate your virtual account.

Also, you can store your digital card information safely on digital wallets for shopping online while protecting your card information.

While opening a virtual card account, you can approach your bank or credit union as a primary credit card issuer. Alternatively, you can use an online third-party platform that can offer a virtual credit card service. Many virtual card providers only offer virtual credit cards to residents of specific countries, including the US.

Use the following steps to create an online account for a free virtual credit card:

(i)                 Go to the online website of your bank or virtual credit card service provider

(ii)               Sign up to open a virtual account on the website and access the online service

(iii)             Fill in your basic personal information on the website

(iv)             After creating your account, navigate to the Virtual Card section to generate a virtual card

(v)               Fill in the details and choose the currency if the provider has a choice of selecting multiple currencies

(vi)             The card issuer will generate the 16-digit virtual card number, together with its expiration date and security code

(vii)           Depending on the card issuer, you can use the virtual card once or for multiple uses

(viii)         Additionally, you can store the virtual card in your digital wallets or use a merchant specific card

Which are the Best Free Virtual Credit Cards?

A variety of virtual credit cards are completely free to use by the customer, which you can set a spending limit. However, some credit card issuers generate cards that only offer free trials to a certain limit before purchase. Some card issuers will charge a small fee for a virtual credit or debit card before the consumer uses it.

The table below shows a variety of free virtual credit cards that are hassle free for online shopping:

Type of Virtual Credit Card


1.      Wise

·         You will have to download the Wise app before signing up for a Wise account

·         You can also set up business Wise accounts if you have business credit cards

·         It is free to use, but you will pay for making any bank transactions through the card

·         You can have up to 3 free virtual cards open at the same time

2.      Payoneer

·         Setting up a Payoneer account online is fast and easy, with instant approval for a Payoneer virtual card

·         It allows you to make free online payments in online stores that also allow MasterCard

·         It can also offer users a free virtual debit card

3.      American Express

·         It offers free virtual credit cards, especially for freelancers

·         You can set spending limits on the card while making online payments

4.      Ezzocard

·         It has a variety of free virtual payment cards to offer to its customers

·         It also offers free virtual debit cards to its users

·         You can shop online anonymously without any bank account or credit check

5.      EntroPay

·         It allows users to transfer money online with ease

·         Although they cut a small transaction fee, requesting and using the virtual card is free when shopping online

How to Get a Virtual Credit Card Without a Bank

MasterCard credit card

Many virtual credit card issuers require users to have an existing bank account and physical card before using virtual cards. However, some card issuers allow their users to request a virtual card without a bank account or credit checks. The service is only limited when users make online payments and transactions using small amounts of money at a time.

Neteller is a popular online platform that allows buyers and merchants to make payments online or transfer money. With Neteller, you can create and use a PayPal Authentication virtual credit card without a physical credit card. Ezzocard enables users to set up a virtual credit card without requiring any link to their bank account.

With Ezzocard, you can get virtual credit and debit cards without bank details.

Skrill is another virtual card provider that offers free virtual credit cards without opening a bank account. However, Skrill will charge some customers for subsequent virtual credit cards for shopping online. You can also use a virtual card from PayPal, even when making international transactions, since PayPal is a digital wallet.

You will not need any physical credit cards to use PayPal virtual cards for online payments.

Cryptocurrencies are a new currency that many people use for online purchases and payments. Crypto credit and debit cards are now available in the market, and you can also get their digital formats. For example, the Bit2Me crypto card offers virtual and physical cards, including a free virtual debit card.

Therefore, you can link your card to crypto and generate a virtual crypto card for online purchases.

How to Get a Free Virtual Credit Card Online

PayPal card

There are many options when searching for a free virtual credit card online. However, there are important factors to consider when choosing the best virtual card to suit your needs. The most vital issue to look at is the safety of your bank information, especially when you shop online. Virtual credit cards can only make online purchases and not in store purchases due to their digital nature.

Some free options for virtual credit card providers include PayPal Key virtual card and Ezzocard. They offer the best virtual credit cards to users who want to anonymize online payments. Also, you can receive a virtual credit card without requiring a bank account or existing physical credit cards.

They are free and easy to navigate since you use your virtual card details instead of your credit card information.

US Unlocked allows users to make online payments to US merchants, including paying for online subscriptions. The user will receive a US billing address to pay for services from various online merchants. Blur is a virtual card provider with the most secure data encryption for their virtual credit card.

It is free and offers new virtual card details for every transaction, offering an extra layer of protection online.

Once you find the virtual card most suitable for your needs, use the following steps to process your virtual card:

(i)                 Go to the website of your preferred virtual credit card provider

(ii)               Then, fill in all personally identifiable information to create an account

(iii)             Before online payments, request a virtual credit card depending on your needs

(iv)             Ensure you fill in the virtual card details, including the expiration date and virtual card number, as you shop online

How to Get a Free Virtual Credit Card with Money

Citi credit card

Virtual credit cards with money usually link to your bank account and are provided by the bank or credit union. You can only use such virtual cards if you have a primary credit card and a bank account. Aside from shopping online, some card providers allow you to withdraw money from an ATM using a virtual visa card.

However, you can only withdraw cash when you use an ATM that supports contactless payments and a digital wallet, like Google Pay.

Some card providers also offer their customers a free prepaid virtual card and a virtual debit card. Some major virtual credit card providers offering virtual cards with money include Citi and Capital One. You can also receive a free virtual credit card with money from virtual universal MasterCard providers.

Users can continue enjoying rewards and benefits programs on their physical credit cards when using a digital card.

To apply for a free virtual card with money, use the following steps:

(i)                 Go to the website of your card provider, which is usually the bank’s website

(ii)               Enroll on the bank’s website to request a virtual credit card

(iii)             Wait for the bank’s approval for your virtual credit card

(iv)             You should request a virtual card before making online payments

(v)               Alternatively, call the customer service number belonging to your card provider for further assistance

Free US Virtual Credit Cards

There are vast options to choose from when selecting the most suitable virtual credit cards. Below is a table that breaks down the most common virtual credit cards currently available in the market:

Types of free virtual credit cards


1.      Free option

PayPal Key virtual card


US Unlocked


2.      No bank required option




3.      Crypto cards option


Gemini crypto card

BlockFi Rewards Credit card

4.      Free virtual credit cards with money

Universal Virtual MasterCard cards

Citi credit cards

Capital One credit cards


A virtual credit or debit card is necessary for protecting your credit card data as you spend online. It is useful when making all your transactions online without having to key in your credit card information. Therefore, you will require a virtual credit card provider who offers the best virtual card that meets your needs.

There is a great variety of virtual card providers in the market, but only a few are completely free.

Most free virtual card providers ensure users create an account from their website to gain access to the service. Some providers will not require users to have a bank account, while others allow users to make up spend limits. Choosing a virtual card provider that suits your needs is important, even when making recurring payments online.


Which are the best virtual credit cards in the US?

The best virtual credit cards are free virtual cards that offer flexibility to users when making online transactions. However, choosing a virtual card provider that suits your needs and is affordable is vital. Some best examples of free virtual cards include Ezzocard, US Unlocked, and Blur.

How to get a crypto virtual credit card

First, you will need a credit card supporting cryptocurrency as a payment. Then, you can request the card issuer to offer a virtual credit card that uses crypto as payment. Some of the best examples of virtual crypto cards include Bit2Me and Gemini crypto cards.

Advantages and disadvantages of using free virtual credit cards

The main advantage of virtual credit cards is they keep card information safe due to the unique virtual card number. Therefore, you can conduct online transactions without fearing data breaches due to scammers. However, virtual credit cards only exist in a digital format, limiting their use to making online purchases. Also, virtual cards have a shorter expiration date, causing issues during a dispute process.

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