Ikea Credit Card Login: Read This Before Paying! – Benefits & Important Facts.

Ikea® Visa® Credit Card scaled 1 - Ikea Credit Card Login: Read This Before Paying! - Benefits & Important Facts.

You could spend hours wandering through the aisles of your local Ikea. They have a seemingly endless supply of furniture and home goods marked at reasonable prices. If you do a lot of shopping at this store, you may want to sign up for one of their credit cards. You need to know all of the information about the Ikea credit card login. 

The Ikea credit card login is easy to find in the menu at the bottom of the home page. You can also access it directly through the Comenity website. Payments can be made via phone at (866) 387-6145 for the Visa card or (866) 337-5539 for the Projekt card. In-store payments are also an option. 

To learn more about the benefits of these cards and how to pay your bill, here is the breakdown you have been searching for! 

Ikea Visa Credit Card Benefits

For those who do a lot of home shopping, Ikea can be a wonderland of furniture, accessories, and more. Their items are modestly priced and are often high quality, making them a mecca for those want to furnish their home on a budget. If you find yourself shopping here frequently, you may want to apply for an Ikea Visa credit card. 

Racking up rewards points on your new card is relatively easy. You earn a high-value 5 percent in rewards per dollar spent on all Ikea purchases. This even includes Traemand kitchen installations and assembly services through TaskRabbit. You can benefit from having someone else assemble your new furniture by earning rewards points for it. 

Ikea Credit Card Login

Of course, this card can be used in any location that accepts Visa credit cards. You can earn 3 percent in rewards per dollar spent on popular categories like dining, grocery, and utilities. On all other purchases, you earn 1 percent back in rewards. 

New cardholders can also benefit from a generous signup bonus. Spend more than $500 on purchases outside of Ikea in the first 90 days and earn a $25 reward certificate to spend on your next Ikea purchase. 

Many people enjoy the Ikea card because it comes with no annual fee. They make it easy to accumulate reward points with no real cost to you as the cardholder. 

Reward certificates are issued in $15 increments and are good for 45 days from the issue date. Reward dollars that add up to help you earn those certificates are good for a long time though. They expire 36 months from the time they are posted to your balance. 

Ikea Projekt Credit Card

If you do not do enough shopping at Ikea to make reward certificates worth your time, then you may instead prefer the Projekt credit card. This is the ideal card for those who plan to make large purchases at Ikea stores. Keep in mind that this particular card can only be used in-store at Ikea and through their website. 

It offers a 0 percent interest offer of varying lengths depending on how much you spend on the card. Here is what you can expect to see with your new purchase: 

  • 0% interest for 6 months with a purchase of $500 or more
  • 0% interest for 12 months with a purchase of $1,500 or more
  • 0% interest for 24 months with a purchase of $5,000 or more

Once your promotional period passes, your outstanding balance will revert to a 21.99 percent APR. 

Ikea Credit Card Login

Ikea Credit Card Login

Now that you have your new Ikea card in hand, you need to know how to manage it effectively. This card is offered by Comenity, a major brand that offers many different types of store credit cards. That makes finding the Ikea credit card login relatively easy to find. 

From the Ikea home page, you can scroll all the way to the bottom. Once here, you will see several columns filled with links. Under the Shop & Learn tab, the ninth option down is for IKEA credit card management. Click here to redirect to the Comenity page

You will have the option to select whether you have the Ikea Visa credit card or the Ikea Projekt credit card. 

Screen Shot 2021 09 23 at 9.31.30 AM - Ikea Credit Card Login: Read This Before Paying! - Benefits & Important Facts.

After you click on the correct card, it will direct you to a login page. You can enter your username and password credentials on the left-hand side of the screen. 

If you have never signed into the online portal before, you may need to first register your card. Click Register for Online Access under the login credentials. 

You will need to verify your account by entering the credit card account number, billing zip code, and the last four digits of your social security number. This will help them to locate your account so that you can establish a new username and password combination to access the important information about your account. 

After registering, you can return to the login page and enter your new credentials. This will allow you in to pay your bill. 

Pay Ikea Bill without Logging In

Do you need to make a payment on your Ikea credit card as quickly as possible? If this describes you and you have never logged into the portal before, you may want to skip this process. The website does give you the option to pay your bill without logging in. Whether you have forgotten your username and password or don’t have one, this is a convenient solution. 

At the top of the Ikea credit card login page, you will see an option to Skip Signing In To Pay. This gives you access to Comenity’s EasyPay system. Just click the blue button to the right of this box that says Try It Now. 

You will need some of your basic information to process a payment this way. They ask for your credit card account number, your billing zip code, and the last four digits of your social security number. Note that these are the same details you would need to register for a new account. 

From here, they will walk you through the process of making a payment. You may want to have your bank account number and routing number available before you start this process. 

Ikea Credit Card Login

You should have the option to pay in several different ways. Pay the minimum amount due, the statement balance, or a custom amount depending on what works for your budget. 

Ikea Credit Card Phone Number

When paying online is not an option for you, you may want to consider paying over the phone. This is another easy way to manage your credit card, and it may be faster if your internet is a bit slow. You simply have to know the proper phone number to call based on which type of credit card you have. 

The phone number for the Ikea Visa card is 1 (866) 387-6145. 

If you have the Ikea Projekt card, you will want to call a different number. You can reach them at 1 (866) 337-5539.

These are the same numbers you can call if you have questions about your card or if you need to make an update to your account. 

Does the Cash App charge to cash out your account? Learn more in our other complete guide here! 

Ikea Payment In-Store

Ikea credit card - Ikea Credit Card Login: Read This Before Paying! - Benefits & Important Facts.

For those who are lucky enough to live near one of their retail locations, you also have the option to pay your bill with a customer service representative in the store. 

You can use their website to locate the store closest to your home. At the top of the home page in the menu bar, you will see the store locator with the location closest to your home. If you need to adjust your zip code, you can click here and it will allow you to make changes to see what locations are closest to you. 

Once you arrive in store, you can stand in line as if you were going to make a purchase. Because these stores tend to be very busy, you may have to wait a little while to reach the register. This often deters people from making their payment in store unless they are also making a purchase simultaneously. 

Let the cashier at the register know that you want to make a payment on your card. You can tell them the exact amount you would like to pay today. They will enter it into the system, and you can make your payment. Then your bill will officially be labeled as paid.  

Ikea Credit Card Login

Ikea Credit Card Login Information

Paying your credit card bill is easiest to do online at your convenience if you know the Ikea credit card login website. Whether you want to sign in or skip it, you can easily make a payment this way. Of course, you can also pay through their customer service phone numbers or in-person at the store. Be sure you know all of your options before signing up for one of these exclusive credit cards! 

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