JetBlue MasterCard Activation: 3 Simple Ways to Activate

how to activate jetblue - JetBlue MasterCard Activation: 3 Simple Ways to Activate

You recently received your brand new JetBlue MasterCard in the mail, and you can’t wait to start using it to rack up those rewards points. The good news is that JetBlue MasterCard activation could not be any easier. It will take you just a few minutes to complete the process.

There are three convenient ways to activate your new card so that you can start using it. You may activate it over the phone by calling (877) 408-8866 and following the prompts. It can also be activated online at the Barclay card activation site or through the mobile app. 

If you are ready to start spending with your new card, gather up your personal information and learn more about how to activate the card here. 

Activate Over the Phone

Some people prefer to do things the old-fashioned way by picking up the phone. You can easily register for your JetBlue Mastercard activation by calling the activation line. They will walk you through all of the steps you need to officially begin using your card with your daily lifestyle. 

The phone number you need to dial is (877) 408-8866. 

When you dial in, make sure you have all of the information you will need handy. You will want to keep the card on hand so that you can access the full card number, but these are the only other details you will need:

  • Date of birth
  • Last four digits of the card number
  • Social security number

Once you activate the card, they will ask whether you want to set up a PIN for this card. If you do not wish to carry through with this, you can opt to have the current PIN mailed to you. 

JetBlue Mastercard Activation

JetBlue Mastercard Activation: Online Method

If you want to activate your JetBlue Mastercard without picking up the phone, you can always do this through their online portal. You will head to the Barclays credit card activation site where you will click the blue button on the left that says “Activate My Card Now.”

You will need more information to activate your card online than you need to do so over the phone. Most of this information should be easily accessible if you have the credit card available to you. You will need to enter: 

  • Last four digits of your social security number
  • Date of birth
  • Account number
  • Security code
  • Occupation

They will also ask you whether you are a United States citizen. 

If this is your first Barclay card, you will want to set up your online banking at the same time you activate the card. Since you are already seated in front of your computer or laptop, this is a great time to make sure your banking is as convenient as possible. After activation, they will give you the option to establish online banking credentials.  

If you need to learn how to activate a different card, you can check out our guide on how to activate your Chase Freedom credit card as well. 

JetBlue Mastercard Activation

Mobile App Activation

Sometimes, it is most convenient to activate your JetBlue Mastercard through your phone without ever talking to a live person. Fortunately, there is a free app for both iOS and Android that will allow you to activate your account with just a few taps of the screen. If you want to learn how to activate your card via mobile app, here are the steps you will need to follow:

  1. Download the Barclays mobile app from the App Store or Google Play. As mentioned, this is a free app to use so you will just need to download it. 
  • Open the app once the download is finished. Near the bottom of the screen in the menu, you will tap a button that says “Activate Your Account.” 
  • The mobile app will ask you all of the same questions as the online activation. You will need to enter the last four digits of your social security number, your date of birth, your account number and security code, and your occupation. They will also inquire as to whether you are a United States citizen. 

Once you finish activating your card, this is once again a good time to set up your online banking credentials. This is also possible to do directly through the app. All you have to do is select “New cardmembers – Set up online access” and follow the prompts. 

JetBlue MasterCard Activation

Fortunately, setting up your new JetBlue Mastercard activation is relatively simple. It should take you no more than five minutes to activate your new card so that you can start spending with it. Whether you choose to do so over the phone or via the online or mobile app, you will love the convenience of using this card. 

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