Kucoin vs. Coss.io: Battle of the Top Coin Exchanges

Most coin exchanges do one thing only – provide cryptocurrencies for trade, just like a stock exchange. Kucoin is such an exchange with plenty of coins for trade and powerful platforms to help you do it. Coss.io is a different kind of exchange that aims to be an exchange, wallet, ICO platform, payment gateway and other functions. That being said, a plethora of services does not make an excellent exchange and there is a lot more that goes into making one.

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Kucoin is not regulated in any jurisdiction at the moment. The exchange was founded in 2017 in Hong Kong where there are no crypto regulations and that remains the case. Despite this lack of regulation, they still provide their services all over the world to earn the 41st position according to CoinMarketCap. However, traders in the US cannot verify their accounts through KYC (know-your-customer) requirements, and thus their accounts have a maximum limit of 2 Bitcoins over a 24-hour period.

Coss.io is an exchange based in Singapore that was also created in 2017, but they are also listed in Romania’s Chamber of Commerce. The exchange’s name stands for Crypto One-Stop Solution, which is what they are hoping to achieve. They too are not regulated, but Coss.io is a member of ACCESS in Singapore that is a blockchain association.

It’s a draw because neither of these coin exchanges is licensed.

Deposits and withdrawals

At some point, you’re going to need to fund your account, and Kucoin lets you do so in both fiat and cryptocurrencies. Fiat is enabled through a partnership with Simplex that processed deposits by credit and debit card. The process is fairly simple and instant. Cryptocurrency deposits are enabled through the creation of a wallet into which the deposit can be made. Coss.io also allows for deposits in cryptocurrency and fiat through an association with ETANA. However, the process is quite complicated and takes some time.

Winner is Kucoin for providing faster deposits.


Both of these coin exchanges were created in 2017, but Kucoin has made an effort to include more cryptocurrencies. They currently have almost 200 different coins for trade while Coss.io has less than 100. On the plus side, the two exchanges have their own native coins. Kucoin has Kucoin Shares (KCS) while Coss.io has COSS Coin (COS). The two tokens are ERC20-based and gives holders rewards such as payments from their exchanges’ earnings. Therefore, it’s an excellent way to make passive income.

Winner is Kucoin for having more assets.


Kucoin is often proud of their low fees fixed at 0.1% for both maker and taker fees. These fees go even lower as you increase trading volume or hold onto KCS tokens. Furthermore, all deposits are completely free whether by crypto or fiat but there will be minimal fees for withdrawals. Coss.io also has low trading fees with 0.0% maker fees and 0.2% taker fees, deposits in fiat are charged a commission.

Winner is Kucoin for overall low fees.

Trading platforms

Trading on the go is easy through Kucoin because they provide mobile apps for iOS and Android alongside their web-based trading platform. Coss.io clients, though, have to restrict themselves to the web trader and may not be able to trade on mobile devices.

Winner among the coin exchanges is Kucoin.

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