KuCoin vs. Huobi: Which is the Better Crypto Exchange?

There isn’t one crypto exchange that could be considered the best overall because there is always something different. An easier way to finding a good crypto exchange to use is by comparing two great exchanges. KuCoin and Huobi are definitely two of the best crypto exchanges in the world, so here’s how to choose between them.

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KuCoin is a Seychelles-based company. There are no regulations around the crypto market in Hong Kong, and thus KuCoin remains unregulated. Despite this, the company has a stellar reputation of trust and is even marketed as ‘The People’s Exchange’. Furthermore, there are only a handful of crypto exchanges that have been regulated since most countries don’t have laws about crypto trading.

Huobi was started in China in 2013 and within a few years became the top crypto exchange in the world. However, after China banned crypto trading, Huobi moved out of the country and opened offices in Korea, Japan and Hong Kong. After a merger with BitTrade, it became among the few exchanges with a license to operate in Japan under the country’s Financial Services Agency. The crypto exchange also partnered with HBUS Holdco Inc. to enter the US market.

The winning crypto exchange is Huobi for their Japanese FSA license.

Deposit and withdrawal

Both KuCoin and Huobi allow deposits and withdrawals to be made through cryptocurrencies. You simply send your coins to your wallet and you’re ready to go. The two crypto exchanges also allow you to make deposits in fiat by credit/debit card. These two exchanges assure their clients of fund security and they have never been hacked as far as we can tell.

We have a draw.


Both KuCoin and Huobi offer about 200 cryptocurrencies for trade on their platforms, so there is no difference. The major difference comes about when you consider Huobi’s provision of fiat currency trading. The feature was only recently introduced, but it allows for trading between digital and fiat currencies, something that KuCoin does not allow.

Winner is Huobi for their fiat trading.


Every crypto exchange charges commissions for trades as either maker or taker fees. Maker fees are applied when you place a market order at the market prices at the time while taker fees are applied for limit orders. However, both KuCoin and Huobi charge flat fees for both. In KuCoin’s case, the charges are 0.1% while Huobi charges 0.2%. Both of these brokers attempt to offset these fees by providing tiers/levels (Huobi) or by promoting their native token (KuCoin). Other than the trading fees, deposits are free but withdrawals are charged differently depending on the coin being withdrawn.

Nevertheless, KuCoin is still the winner for their lower fees.

Trading platforms

To facilitate easier trading on the go, there are mobile trading apps for Android and iOS from both KuCoin and Huobi. It would thus seem like a tie until you consider that Huobi offers margin trading while KuCoin only does so for Bitcoin derivatives.

Winner is Huobi for their margin trading.

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