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Lord and Taylor credit card

Lord and Taylor has been offering the best of moderately priced brands and designer labels since 1865. If you frequently shop here, it may be time to look into getting the Lord and Taylor credit card.

Being one of America’s oldest high-end and specialty retail department store chains, the Lord and Taylor credit card is a revolutionary project by the franchise. This card offers its customers receipt-free returns, exclusive savings, promotional financing, birthday bonuses, and more.

As popular as this is, you may be hearing of it for the first time. In this guide, we explore every piece of information you need to get you started with maximizing the L&T credit card.

lord and taylor - Lord and Taylor Credit Card | Pay Bill | Login | Payment

Is Lord and Taylor Credit Card Still Functional?

The credit card system by Lord and Taylor still works to date.

Keep in mind that your reward points may not be valid though. The rewards on this card expire six months after being issued. As a result, you may want to spend them as soon you see them pop up on your card to avoid losing them.

Lord And Taylor Credit Card: How It Works And What It Offers

There are two versions of the credit card – the premier card and the regular card. The overall credit limit of what you can buy with the cards is the main difference.

The Lord and Taylor credit card issuer is Capital One Bank. They handle the execution of all the credit card’s perks on behalf of the department store.

The regular card offers you the following perks:

  • Special Cardholder Events: If you are really looking for savings, you’ll relish this offering. At exclusive shopping events, you get access to a 10 percent discount during the promotional period. The number of events per year you can attend is between eight and ten.
  • Birthday Coupons: Whenever you shop during your birthday month, you get a 20 percent discount if you are a cardholder.
  • 15% off first purchase: One of the requirements for obtaining the L&T credit card is your credit score. However, even if your credit score isn’t that great, you could still be eligible. However, once your credit score meets the requirement, the card offers you 15% off your purchase on the first day.
  • 25.49% Variable APR: The L&T credit card charges no annual fee, but they do charge interest if you carry a balance. The regular card offers you a high APR of 25.49 percent. To avoid paying this fee, ensure that you pay your monthly bill on time.

Other benefits of the regular card include access to different payment options, including online or in-store. You also get 0% fraud liability.

On the other hand, the premier card requires that you spend a minimum of $1,500 per year. So even when you get the card, you must continue to spend in order to reach this annual minimum.

When you have the premier card, you get more discounts and special offers that aren’t accessible by regular cardholders. You get to save these coupons, and you don’t have to bring them to the store. The coupon offer is somewhat automatic when you have the Lord and Taylor Premier credit card. The card also grants you access to exclusive customer support.

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How To Check Your Balance

Checking your credit card balance is easy. You can either use the website or put a call through to the customer center.

If you are using the website, you’ll need to sign in with your details. Then, on your profile dashboard, you’ll find the buttons for the credit card.

If you are calling the customer support center, you’ll need the card number and your security pin. The phone number is (866) 465-8292.

Lord and Taylor Pay Bill

lord and taylor 1 - Lord and Taylor Credit Card | Pay Bill | Login | Payment

If you need to pay your Lord and Taylor bill, there are three methods available to you. You can either pay online, by phone, or by mail.

Most people prefer to take advantage of the option to pay their Lord and Taylor bill online. With this method, you can easily make a payment, check your transaction history, and view your balance. You can also easily update your personal information or add extra users. The Lord and Taylor credit card login can be accessed using the Capital One login page.

To make online payments, transferring from a checking account is seamless. In addition, the ease of setting up either single or recurring payment makes this the best option.

If you are a first-time user, you’ll need to create an account first.

By phone, you need to reach the customer support number. The phone number is 1-866-465-8292.

By mail, send the payment to:

Lord and Taylor Credit Card
P.O.Box 960035
Orlando, FL, 32896.

When sending by mail, include your L & T account number. You’ll find the account number on your statement.

When paying by mail, do so about five business days before the due date. Send it even earlier if you can. This will help you to avoid those pesky late fees. Also, avoid inputting the wrong details.

How To Close Your Lord And Taylor Credit Card

To cancel your Lord and Taylor credit card, you’ll need to call the customer care number above. Then, you’ll get a set of instructions that’ll lead to the cancellation of the credit card.

Making Use of the Lord and Taylor Credit Card

If you frequently shop with this brand, you will want to investigate the additional savings you can earn from their Lord and Taylor credit card. They offer special savings, convenient payment options, and no annual fees. Consider applying for this card today!

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