Is the M1 Finance Debit Card Metal? Choosing Your New Card

M1 Finance Debit Card Meta

When you’re shopping around for a new bank, many people prefer to see a debit card that stands out. They want something that is going to be set apart in their wallet from the humdrum design of many of their other cards. Is the M1 Finance debit card metal? 

M1 Finance has discontinued their metal debit cards, but they still have five designs you can choose from. Their new cards are still weightier than many other leading debit cards at 22g. If you want some flexibility in design, M1 Plus might be the right fit for you.

Learn more about what you can expect from M1 Finance in this breakdown. 

M1 Finance Debit Card Designs

If you want a debit card that looks sleek and clean, the M1 Finance debit card is going to be the right choice for you. You get the choice of five unique designs when you sign up for M1 Plus. 

Classic is a white card with the line graph normally associated with the stock market going up the middle of the card. This positive association reminds you that your checking account is only going to go up with all of these benefits. 

Sterling is a sleek silver card for someone who wants something basic yet eye-catching. 

Fractional gives you the best of two worlds. Split diagonally down the center, the top half is the sparkling sterling color while the bottom portion is M1’s signature dark blue color. 

If you prefer the M1 signature color, their Berry Pie card might be the best fit for you. It will definitely stand out among all of your other cards. 

Prism is the last design offered. It also comes in the signature dark blue color, but it has a unique prism design on the upper left-hand side with lighter shades of blue. This is an attention-grabbing design for someone who wants a card that really makes a statement. 

M1 Finance Debit Card Metal

Is the M1 Finance Debit Card Metal?

The M1 Finance debit card is not metal any longer. When M1 Plus first debuted, they were offering metal debit cards to customers as part of the standard services. Many people signed up for this account solely for the unique metal card. 

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They used to be made of tungsten, making them heavy and durable. However, employees claim that there was not enough demand for the cards. As a result, M1 discontinued the program. 

However, it is worth noting that the M1 Plus debit cards are now quite heavy and high quality. While the average debit card is about 5g, these cards come in at 22g. 

How Do I Get a Metal M1 Card?

At this time, you cannot get a metal M1 card. The program was discontinued about a year ago. They still offer five designs for you to choose from, but they will be heavier weighted plastic instead of the metal cards that many people loved. 

Does M1 Finance Accept Debit Cards?

M1 Finance does not accept debit cards or prepaid cards. 

You will need to connect your bank account directly with M1 Finance. If you have an account with one of their supported institutions, you can connect instantly. Just log in, click “invest,” and then “bank connection.” 

If you bank account is not supported, you can still connect manually. Enter your account and routing number. They will make two small micro-deposits into the account within the next two to three business days. 

Once you see the two deposits take place, you will go back into your M1 Finance account. Again select “invest” and “bank connection.” Select “verify” and enter the two amounts that were deposited into your bank account. 

Which Bank Does M1 Finance Use? 

The M1 Spend checking account works with Lincoln Savings Bank, Member FDIC. All of their debit cards will be issued by LSB. 

How Does the Card Work? 

M1 Finance Debit Card Metal

The cards designed for the M1 Plus accounts have some nice perks for those who want a digital checking account. The first year of service is free, but you will be charged $125 annually thereafter. 

In terms of the Spend account, you receive free digital checking. You also receive 1 percent APY and 1 percent cash back. You can withdraw money from an ATM up to four times and have the ATM fees reimbursed each month. All international fees are also reimbursed. 

One of the newer features is the ability to send checks. 

Of course, you also get to choose from one of the five M1 Finance debit card designs. 

M1 Basic also allows you to participate in Spend, but it comes with fewer features. You still get free digital checking, but you only get one ATM fee reimbursed monthly. International fees will cost you 0.8 to 1 percent. You also do not get the choice of the five M1 Finance debit card designs. However, the Basic account is free. 

M1 Finance Debit Card Not Metal

While it may be disappointing that the M1 Finance debit card is not metal, you still get the option of five sleek designs. The program has a lot of benefits and features that you might want to look into if you like the idea of choosing your own debit card design. 

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