Marketplace Superheroes Review: How to Make Money With Amazon FBA

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The online marketplace is a crowded space. There are many options to make money.

They include places like Poshmark, eBay, and Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon). Because of its name recognition and popularity, many people start with an Amazon FBA business. If that describes you, and you’re looking for guidance with starting your Amazon FBA business, then you may have come across the Marketplace Superheroes course.

Read on for more information about what Marketplace Superheroes is and if we recommend joining their private course.

Making Money in the Amazon FBA Business

What is Marketplace Superheroes?

Marketplace Superheroes is an online training program that teaches people how to sell items for a profit on Amazon. Their website states that they have taught people to sell over $33 million worth of items on Amazon by teaching them to sell low-competition and straightforward items.

The program teaches individuals who have little to no experience how to build a five to seven-figure passive income streams. Low-competition high-profit items are the golden goose of online selling, and the course teaches about how to identify them and how to turn a profit by selling them.

Who Created Marketplace Superheroes?

Robert Rickey and Stephen Somers have made millions of dollars on Amazon Marketplace. They created the Marketplace Superheroes course to teach others to accomplish what they have. The Irish pair have nearly three decades of online selling experience combined. Both continue to achieve seven-figure incomes from Amazon FBA by using the lessons that they teach in the course.

What Does Marketplace Superheroes Teach?

When you sign up for the Marketplace Superheroes program, you are signing up for what is called the MPSH Core 2.0 Program. You will gain access to all their Phase 1 and 2 portions of the program as well as several bonus products that help you elevate your business.

Phase one has six modules and 45 total videos. You will learn the importance of mindset and research.

Phase two has six modules and 51 videos in total. It focuses solely on importing and logistics. They developed six bonus pieces of training to answer deep questions and cover highly focused topics.

They recommend that users start with the first phase. Users should take action after each module. Why? Because each one builds on the previous. So, it’s essential to do them in order.

The online platform uses videos, slides, and voice recordings that users can view as many times as they want and at their own pace.

The goal of the program is to teach users how to be successful sellers on Amazon. Therefore, the curriculum covers the following topics:

  • How to maximize what you learn during the course
  • How to use the Marketplace Superheroes analysis tool to do product research
  • How to filter the products you consider selling
  • How to discern the best opportunities
  • How to create your seller account
  • Learn the FBA process
  • Learn about Amazon Seller Central
  • Manage your business
  • Create great product listings
  • Expand your business internationally
  • And more

What Makes Marketplace Superheroes Unique?

There are several courses on the market that teach people how to sell using Amazon FBA. However, this course seems to be the longest-running and most reliable. Additionally, it has consistently good reviews online. Here are a few things to consider about Marketplace Superheroes before choosing to purchase the course:


The cost of the course is a one-time payment of $997. Users can elect to pay $97 per month for one year. They accept PayPal or credit card payments directly through their website. They also offer a money-back guarantee if anyone asks for a refund within 30 days.


The content of the course seems to be comprehensive, especially for people who haven’t started with their Amazon FBA businesses. The content gets updated and expanded often, which explains the bonus items that users can access. Additionally, as the Amazon platform has evolved, so has the content of Marketplace Superheroes.

They have added ‘over the shoulder’ series to their content as well. That differs from other courses in that users can watch Robert and Stephen do what they teach. Users learn by observing how to search for product opportunities and use the Amazon platform.

4S Product Gauntlet

A significant differentiator of the Marketplace Superheroes course is the 4S Product Gauntlet. 4S is a software platform that every user gets access to in addition to the course material.

The software helps users filter and shortlist products that they may want to sell in the future. It helps to set a cost for the product and puts all the details of the potential offers in one place.

Facebook Community

Everyone who joins the program gains access to the community of others who are using Marketplace Superheroes. The private Facebook group answers each other’s questions and provides support to each other. Additionally, the founders occasionally jump into the community conversations to answer questions, so users can gain more personal experience by joining the community.

Alternative Options

From our research, Marketplace Superheroes seems to be a reliable option for those considering getting into Amazon FBA. However, we’d be remiss if we didn’t look at other options on the market in comparison. Most alternatives teach similar content but differentiate themselves in subtle ways.

Amazing Selling Machine

Amazing Selling Machine continually stays up to date when Amazon makes changes internally. It consistently has reviews as one of the most mature, high-quality products in the Amazon FBA teaching space. The program comes with a guarantee that if a user follows their system and doesn’t make any money, that they will reimburse the cost of the course.

Buyers also receive eight private group coaching calls, which is more hands-on than some of the other competitors on the market. This program also has a mentorship program and a private Facebook community.

Cost: $4,997 upfront or six monthly payments of $997

Overall Review: If you can afford the cost of the course and are all-in on becoming an Amazon FBA seller, this is the course for you.

Proven Amazon Course

This is one of the longest-running Amazon FBA courses. Jim Cockrum has been teaching people how to sell on Amazon since 2009 successfully. Their

Cost: $499 or three payments of $183 per month

Overall Review: While this course is certainly complete in the knowledge it provides, the website is cluttered and not always user-friendly. This clutter is a result of them continually adding new, up to date material, so it’s both a pro and a con when considering this course. However, they make up for it in superior customer service.

Private Label Classroom

This product by The Amazon Seller helps their clients purchase items wholesale and then create a ‘private label’ to sell them under. For example, let’s say that a person’s niche is office supplies. They will purchase a bulk number of pens and other items, label them with their private brand, and resell them. This course walks people through the entire process, including how to sell on Amazon FBA.

Cost: $1,497

Overall Review: This course is middle-of-the-road in terms of price but teaches a more specific skill set than some of the other Amazon FBA courses on the market. If private label selling is how you want to enter the Amazon FBA world, then this is likely the best course option for you.

The Bottom Line

When selecting an Amazon FBA course, you should be looking for the best quality you can afford and thinking of the money you spend on a course as an investment in your business. While the dollar value of the course is high, it is one of the best “bang for your buck” options on the market.

They have a clear path to success for every one of their clients and have personal success to show for it. With thousands of happy customers and an ever-evolving course to help their customers stay ahead of trends, we can confidently give the Marketplace Superheroes course our thumbs-up.

This article originally appeared on The Money Mix and has been republished with permission.

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