Meet Kevin Net Worth, Earnings, Portfolio and Political Career in 2021

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Kevin Paffrath, widely known as Meet Kevin, is a popular Real Estate Broker, Investor and YouTuber, and politician from Florida, United States.

Real NameKevin Paffrath
AliasMeet Kevin
Net Worth in 2021$30,000,000
CareerReal Estate Broker & Investor, YouTuber, Politician
Sources of IncomeYouTube, Real Estate
YouTube Subscribers1.71 million (September 2021)
Date of Birth28th January 1992 
Age (2021)229
Born InWuppertal, Germany
Lives InVenturra, California 
Relationship StatusMarried
WifeLauran Paffrath
ChildrenJack Paffrath, Max Paffrath
Political Party Democrat

Since 2018 when he started posting regularly on his YouTube channel, his popularity has grown exponentially. This growth, alongside his recent involvement in politics, has made many curious about Meet Kevin’s net worth, and earnings. 

We’ve compiled Meet Kevin’s YouTube earnings, net worth, portfolio and monthly earnings, and several other useful information about him. 

Meet Kevin’s Net Worth

Meet Kevin - Meet Kevin Net Worth, Earnings, Portfolio and Political Career in 2021

From stringing information together, we estimate Kevin’s net worth to be about $30 million.

His net worth has been on a steady increase in recent years. This is mostly because of his YouTube channel’s success which now amounts to a substantial chunk of his income. Although he started as a real estate broker, he has since let his broker license expire. He now focuses on creating content for his channel, and other businesses he runs with his wife, Lauren.

Meet Kevin’s Monthly Income

Meet Kevin’s steadily rising net worth makes many wonder how much he earns per month. Kevin currently makes between $400 thousand to $1 million per month. Yes, you read that right.

I know, I know. It’s a pretty huge figure, and you’re probably wondering how he earns this much. Well, Kevin’s got multiple income streams, and here’s the breakdown:

Real Estate

Kevin and his wife, Lauren, started the Paffrath Organization. They buy properties below market value, renovate them, and rent them out. Lauren’s the property manager and coordinates the designs and renovations with contractors. 

Kevin takes home about $100k plus commissions from this business. This translates to $10k to $15k per month. His wife, Lauren, takes about 2.5x more due to her input. Overall, the Paffraths earn close to half a million per year from Real Estate.


Meet Kevin has five courses on Teachable where he teaches several topics. 

  • Real Estate Investing
  • Real Estate Sales
  • Stocks & money
  • YouTube Program [Make Money from Home]
  • DIY Property Management, Rental Renovations, and Asset Protection

All of these, plus his private Livestream fetch him a combined $300k per month on average. The exact figure can fall as low as $250k or go north of $400k. Either way, it’s significant income and has now overtaken Kevin’s Real Estate Income.


The bulk of Kevin’s monthly income is definitely from YouTube. In one month, Kevin revealed that he made a whopping $522,744.72 from YouTube alone. Over half a million dollars from YouTube.

These days, Meet Kevin’s monthly YouTube earnings are around per month from YouTube with about 1.71 million followers in September 2021. As of last month, the number was around 1.67 million followers and this shows that the number is on a steady rise. And at this rate, his YouTube income can only keep growing.

Meet Kevin’s Stock Portfolio

In July 2021, Meet Kevin revealed his stock portfolio that sums up to about $19.9 million. His stocks are shared four accounts and here’s how it looks:

meet kevin portfolio - Meet Kevin Net Worth, Earnings, Portfolio and Political Career in 2021
  • JP Morgan Account: Here, Meet Kevin has $12.28 million in stocks, and holds no options positions. This account houses Kevin’s core holdings like Apple, Tesla, and Etsy.
  • Webull: In this account, Kevin holds 3 million dollars in options, $1.22 million in stocks, and $189k cash. It all sums up to about $4.4 million in this account.
  • M1 Finance: Meet Kevin’s M1 Finance account holds $1.06 million of pure shares, no options positions.
  • Robinhood: Where Kevin’s investment sums up to $2.144 million. 50% stocks, 50% options.

Kevin, who offers investment advice on his channel, seems to be doing pretty well with investments himself. His portfolio has a healthy blend of stocks and options and is spread across several platforms.

Other Sources

Kevin also makes substantial income from affiliate links and partnerships. This winds up to around $80k per month. 

Meet Kevin’s Political Career 

On May, 17th, 2021, Kevin announced his candidacy as a Democrat in the 2021 California gubernatorial recall elections. He first caught mainstream media attention when he beat 45 other candidates in the Survey USA poll. And emerged as the most likely to succeed Governor Gavin Newsome of California had the recall happened. A similar poll placed him only behind Larry Elder (Republican).

It was obvious that the self-described JFK-style Republican was gaining ground. Eventually, he finished second behind Larry Elder in the September 14th California elections. And Gov. Newsome wasn’t recalled. Although his first attempt didn’t go as planned, the fact that he’s young, energetic, and charismatic makes you feel he’ll be back. 

Meet Kevin’s Relationship and Family

meet kevin family - Meet Kevin Net Worth, Earnings, Portfolio and Political Career in 2021

Meet Kevin is happily married to his boyhood heartthrob, Lauren Paffrath. They have two kids together, Jack and Max Paffrath.

Additional Information

  • Kevin’s a workaholic. He gets up at about 5 am daily to resume his workday, and only stops working at 5 pm. He admits that he loves his wife and kids, so he dedicated his evenings to family.
  • When he’s not working, he can be found reading or playing video games.
  • Kevin once tried to expand his real estate business to include a construction arm. The idea was to offer full services in the housing industry. Working with very slim margins and so many employees were some of the reasons he sighted for the business’ failure. In the 18 months the business lived, the Paffraths lost about $1 million. Going forward, Kevin said he’ll rather invest in businesses that require time commitment than one that requires a lot of material commitment.
  • He’s friends with another popular YouTube Influencer, Stephan Graham.
  • Kevin is a conservative investor and avoids high-risk, high-reward ventures. “I don’t invest in anything that has the potential to lose a lot of money,” Kevin says, “I would rather get rich slowly but get rich for sure.” 

There you have it, everything you need to know about Graham Stephan. I bet you learned a few things from this 29-year-old multimillionaire. What are your key takeaways, let’s hear them in the comments!

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