Credit Aesthetics: The Most Attractive Credit Cards

most attractive credit cards - Credit Aesthetics: The Most Attractive Credit Cards

The credit card industry is literally worth hundreds of billions of dollars annually. Marketing attractive credit cards to consumers is big money, and credit card companies do their best to attract new customers. But what makes the most attractive credit cards?

A lot of times this marketing will be done in the form of points, rewards, and other perks. But the aesthetics of the actual physical cards themselves are a selling point for many consumers as well. That’s why colors, materials, and what they can do make a specific card so attractive.

There are lots of attractive, aesthetic card options on the market. Let’s look at what are the best-looking credit cards, and why you may want to add them to your wallet.

 These are the most attractive credit cards offered on the market:

  1. Apple Card
  2. REI CO-Op World Elite Mastercard
  3. Discover Student It Cash Back Card
  4. American Express Gold Card
  5. Platinum Mastercard from Capital One
  6. Chase Saphire Reserve
  7. Hawaiian Airlines World Elite Mastercard
  8. Capital One Savor Cash Rewards
  9. Blue Cash Preferred by American Express

#1 Apple Card

image 2 - Credit Aesthetics: The Most Attractive Credit Cards

Why It’s Attractive: Apple is known for its commitment to design, and its credit card is no exception. Firstly, the physical card itself is a gorgeous titanium base heavy material. The card has a stark minimalist design with the cardholder’s name etched into the material. It’s a sight to behold and will inspire tons of comments and compliments.

The credit card isn’t the only thing that’s beautiful though. For example, the application for the card is one of its best features. The Apple Wallet works seamlessly with the physical card, and Apple Pay works phenomenally well with most merchants. 

A fun design feature for the Apple Card is that the card changes color based on the category of purchases. So, a card with a zero balance will have the stark white minimalist aesthetic. But as the cardholder makes purchases, the card becomes a kaleidoscope of colors. It sounds odd, but it’s gorgeous and a lot of fun.

Other Reasons to Get the Apple Card:

Cons for the Apple Card:

#2 REI Co-Op World Elite Store Mastercard

download 2 - Credit Aesthetics: The Most Attractive Credit Cards

The REI co-op store MasterCard has a fantastic minimalist aesthetic that would be a great design addition to any wallet. However, it is technically a store credit card and may not be the best choice for everybody. With the backdrop of a minimal camping scene, the card perfectly captures the friendly, outdoorsy vibe of the REI franchise itself. 

Keep in mind, the chip-equipped card comes with the cardholder’s name and Co-Op Membership number inscribed in a tasteful silver that matches the flat-grey Mastercard logo. The minimal aesthetic is not everyone’s cup of tea, but, it clearly gives off a classic, pared-down, Silicon Valley feels that many image-conscious cardholders will love. This is why it rates so high on our list of attractive credit cards.

Other Reasons to Get the REI Store Card:

Cons for the REI Store Card:

#3 Discover Student it Cash Back Card

3D Student Copy 4 1 - Credit Aesthetics: The Most Attractive Credit Cards

The Discover it Student Cash Back card simply put, gorgeous. And yes, cards. When applying for the Discover card, users have an option between several different aesthetic styles. There’s a rainbow card, a retro cassette tape card, a beautiful holographic card. There’s even a card with the most adorable kitten you’ve ever seen.

Well, some of the cards have a more timeless look, many of them seem to trend a bit younger in aesthetic. This may have been an intentional choice by Discover to appeal to a younger audience, as it is a student card. Either way, it works. The cards are gorgeous and will appeal to the image-focused. Especially, the teal card with the black and white French Bulldog wearing sunglasses.

Likewise, pretty much all of Discover’s line of cards let you pick your design, but the design options will vary by type of card.

Other Reasons to Get the Discover it, Student Card:

Cons for the Discover it Card:

#4 American Express Gold Card

download 4 - Credit Aesthetics: The Most Attractive Credit Cards

Why It’s Attractive:  AMEX cards hold a certain standard when people whisper about them. And while the American Express Gold Card is a beautiful gold made from all metal (similar in weight to Apple’s) you can also spin a feminine touch to it should you wish.

For example, order it in Rose Gold! Rose Gold has become a popular choice among female ballers looking for a credit card that backs them up. These two are arguably the most attractive credit cards to those who like a little glimmer.

However, with intricate black framing around three edges of the card and its signature icon in the middle, it becomes immediately recognizable. Also, it features its signature font detailing it is an AMEX for anyone who may not know. 

With your name printed on the bottom lefthand corner, you are sure to love the overall design and power of this card. 

Other Reasons to Get the Gold Card:

Cons for the Gold Card:

#5 Platinum Mastercard from Capital One

download 1 1 - Credit Aesthetics: The Most Attractive Credit Cards

Who doesn’t love a good sleek futuristic look? This one from Capital One boasts a midnight blue and black design. Those looking for dark attractive credit cards will fall in love.

What appears to look like wavelengths almost transmitting all over the card offers just a small sense of design. Besides that, the card becomes a straightforward and attractive-looking card. 

But, since this is a platinum card to signify importance it is only fitting that this is distinguished in the upper lefthand corner. With bold but not empowering print labeling platinum, users won’t have a hard time distinguishing which card is theirs. 

Other Reasons to Get the Platinum Mastercard Capital One:

Cons for the Platinum Mastercard Capital One:

#6 Chase Saphire Reserve

download 2 1 - Credit Aesthetics: The Most Attractive Credit Cards

Why It’s Attractive: Speaking of dark attractive credit cards this one came to play. The name alone plays on our aesthetics. The Chase Saphire Reserve brings a fire name to a bold look.

Firstly, consider its weight. At 0.05 ounces this credit card is made of metal giving it a sturdy feel in your hand. The nearly all-black design offers a simple look with a touch of blue sapphire coming in from the upper right. 

With minimal writing on the front, the card’s name printed in silver bring a contrast to the card. Consequently, this offers a status look similar to some of the other high-rolling cards. However, it leaves nearly the rest of the card untouched it becomes a midnight force in your wallet. 

Other Reasons to Get the Saphire ReserveCard:

Cons for the Saphire Reserve:

#6 Hawaiian Airlines World Elite Mastercard

1 download 5 - Credit Aesthetics: The Most Attractive Credit Cards

Why It’s Attractive: Everyone needs a card that looks like a vacation. With the Hawaii Airlines World Elite Mastercard, we will have a constant reminder in our wallets that vacay is only a few purchases away. In addition, an aerial shot of Hawaii and its beautiful blue and turquoise waters, it’s hard not to pull this card out. 

For those who aren’t a fan of heavy metal cards, this is a nice switch-up as this credit card is light and sturdy. In other words, this card is made from solid plastic. It has beautiful white flowers floating from the bottom left and incognito digits on the front, this truly looks like a painting rather than the face of your credit card.  In the group of these attractive credit cards, this one stands out.

Other Reasons to Get the Hawaiian Airlines World Elite Card:

Cons for the Hawaiian Airlines World Elite Card:

#7 Capital One Savor Cash Rewards Card

download 1 2 - Credit Aesthetics: The Most Attractive Credit Cards

Why It’s Attractive: Now this is the absolute perfect card for those who like to stand out with color. In fact, this is particularly great for those who love orange. A brushed orange palette on the Capital One Savor Cash Rewards Card is a cool card for any girl or guy to whip out. It follows the trend of many other cards. Therefore, it is now offered in metal to give it a more solid feel. 

Something that this card gets right aesthetically is that its simple look printed with the card’s unique name in the middle gives it the sleek design and feel card users are looking to have. 

Two things to keep in mind with this card. Firstly, this card is super attractive. Secondly,, it offers some great incentives too. 

Other Reasons to Get the Savor Cash Rewards Card:

Cons for the Savor Cash Rewards Card::

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#8 Blue Cash Preferred from American Express

download 2 2 - Credit Aesthetics: The Most Attractive Credit Cards

Why It’s Attractive: American Express really just tops the charts when it comes to delivering impeccable credit cards that function well and look good. This attractive blue credit card reminds us of digital currency in the way that it has almost a Tetris block blue fade design.  

With its logo boasted on the front in a lighter shade, it’s clear that this card comes from their famous line of AMEX cards.  Therefore, this makes a pretty great option for aesthetic cards.

Other Reasons to Get the Savor Cash Rewards Card:

Cons for the Savor Cash Rewards Card:

Choosing the Prettiest

Consequently, with all the available cards on this list, it can be difficult to determine which is the most attractive. There is a wide variety of styles offered from point-black simple designs to pops of orange and aerial shots of Hawaii.

Cardholders will typically find that the cards with the most benefits like Apple’s line and Chase Saphire Preferred, will offer the sleekest designs. 

However, cards however don’t always come for free. Some of the sleekest and attractive cards come at an annual price. Some of these businesses try to offset the annual price with rewards that make up for a percentage or even outweigh the annual fee. With specific lines of credit in mind for certain types of people, you will find some are geared towards travel while others are focused on food or cashback rewards. 

The credit card industry is one of the biggest in the world making billions on customers. Consequently, nearly everyone has at least one or a few. But, it is no surprise that companies are working to provide the best designs with offers. Users do in fact have to look at these cards nearly every day. 

But nothing besides maybe poor credit is stopping you from applying for a few. However, this allows users to choose different styles that may suit them best at the moment. That’s not just speaking aesthetically of course. Sometimes we need travel, entertainment, and a grocery card that simply can’t fit into one.  In short, go through this top list of aesthetically pleasing cards and start applying today. 

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