Old Navy Login: Where to Go and How to Pay the Bill

old navy login

Old Navy offers a great shopping experience and perks to their cardholders. For those who do a lot of shopping at this store, it makes sense to take advantage of their rewards program by signing up for a credit card. Once you have one, you need to know how easy it is to access the Old Navy login. 

The Old Navy credit card login is easy to find on their website. You can locate it at the bottom of their home page in the third column. If you prefer to pay your bill another way, you can also call into customer service at 1-866-450-5295. 

For more information on the Old Navy Visa login, this breakdown will give you all the details! 

Old Navy Credit Card Benefits

If you do a lot of shopping at Old Navy or their family of brands, you might want to consider applying for their credit card. The Old Navy Visa card gives you perks at Old Navy, Gap, Banana Republic, and Athleta. It can be a great way to help you save some extra money on purchases you were going to make anyway. 

As your first perk, you are offered 30 percent off your first purchase with a new credit card at Old Navy. This is a great time to stock up on clothing items for the upcoming season! 

Old Navy login

The rewards are enough to keep you coming back time and again though. When you shop at the Old Navy family of brands, you earn five points for every $1 spent. Scoring 100 points will earn you a $1 reward on your next purchase. 

For your birthday, you get a few extra bonus points. There is also a quarterly bonus that you can take advantage of with this card. If you don’t want to cash in your points for rewards, you can choose to donate that money to a charity.

You also score early access to sales and members only exclusive offers. 

Getting an Old Navy card is essential if you want to save at these brands. However, you need to know how to access the Old Navy login to pay your bill on time. Here is everything you need to know about issuing a payment. 

Old Navy Login: Where to Go

Paying your credit card bill online is a convenient way to manage your Old Navy card. Fortunately, it is extremely easy to locate the Old Navy login and quickly pay your bill. There are a couple of different ways you can approach making an online payment. For both, you will need to head to their login portal.

For those who are having a hard time remembering where to go, it is easy to find. Head over to the Old Navy homepage and scroll all the way to the bottom. In the third column at the bottom, you will see an option to “Pay credit card bill.” Click here and it will take you to the portal. 

Old Navy login

If you have signed in online before, you will enter your user ID and password now. Keep in mind that your user ID may be different than the user ID you use at OldNavy.com. 

If this is your first time signing in, then you need to register your account. You will need your account number and billing zip code to get started. 

Once you are logged into the Old Navy credit card login, you can select “Make a Payment” from the “Payments” menu. You will need your bank account number and routing number for the checking account where you will be paying your bill from. 

From here, all you have to do is follow the prompts. They will walk you through everything you need to do to issue a payment for your credit card. You can choose to pay the minimum balance, the statement balance, or another custom amount that suits you financially. 

Pay Without Logging In

Have you forgotten your user ID and password? Maybe you just don’t have time to sign in or to dig out your credentials. The good news is that you have another option. If you need to pay fairly quickly, you can simply pay as a guest instead of logging in. 

In order to do so, you will head to the same Old Navy credit login portal. At the top of the screen, you will see a picture of a clock and the option to skip login or registration and to pay as a guest. Click here to move forward with this option. 

You will need to have your card or statement handy to utilize this payment method. They need your card number, the last four digits of your social security number, and your billing zip code to help them locate your account. 

From here, you will be given a series of prompts to process your payment. 

If you know your user ID and password, it may actually be faster to log in and make a payment. Otherwise, you will need to enter all of your payment details again to make a payment as a guest. Make sure you have your account number and routing number available for the checking account where you wish to pay this bill from. 

Old Navy login

Learn more about the Zelle weekly limit in our detailed guide here. 

Making a Payment by Phone or by Mail

The Old Navy credit card is issued by Synchrony Bank. They will allow you to easily pay your credit card bill over the phone if paying online is not an option for you. It is an automated system that you can use at any time. Live assistance may require extra fees. 

To pay your bill over the phone, please call 1-866-450-5295.

Old Navy login

Some people still prefer the old-fashioned way of paying their bill by mail. You are free to drop a check in the mail to cover the cost of your bill. When paying this way, make sure to include your account number in the memo field of your check. 

The address for the Old Navy Visa card is: 

Synchrony Bank
P.O. Box 960013
Orlando, FL 32896-0013

Remember that mailing your payments is not instant. You will need to plan in advance if you intend to drop a check in the mail. It is recommended that you mail it approximately five to seven business days prior to the due date for your bill. If you can, mailing it even earlier is always a great idea. 

Finding the Old Navy Login

Many consumers have the Old Navy credit card because of all the perks that cardholders are offered to shop at this brand. If you have this credit card, then you need all of the information you can get about the Old Navy login so you can pay your bills on time. Whether you choose to pay online, over the phone, or through the mail, you have plenty of options to get that payment in on time! 

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