How to Send Money From Zelle to Paypal | ? A Workaround

Zelle to paypal

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to send money from Zelle to Paypal. The services aren’t compatible, mostly because Paypal doesn’t accept Zelle as a form of payment. You can’t even add the service as a bank on your account. However, there is one workaround that you can use if you need to send money from one service to the other. In this guide, we’ll cover exactly how to do that and explain what to do each step of the way.

While you can’t send money directly from Zelle to Paypal, you can send it from one service to another via your bank. All you need to do is send the money from your Zelle account to your bank. Then you can link your bank to your Paypal account and use the money that way.

Step 1 – Link Zelle to Your Bank


Zelle is an online banking service that more and more banks are beginning to use. Most banks will tell you if they offer their services through Zelle. You can apply for the app and check if your bank works with it here.

As long as your bank works with Zelle, you can sign up and link your bank account to it. If it doesn’t, then you’ll need to use a different bank account to send money to Paypal.

Once you’re signed up, people can pay you using Zelle. This allows them to send money directly from their bank account to yours through Zelle. It’s a way of streamlining bank transfers without all of the details that need to be shared with standard transfers.

If you’re being sent some money that you want to go to your Paypal account, then use Zelle to have it sent to your bank account first. The next thing you’ll need to do is link the bank account to Paypal.

Step 2 – Link Paypal to Your Bank

link paypal to bank - How to Send Money From Zelle to Paypal | ? A Workaround

Paypal doesn’t accept direct payments from Zelle. Neither company wants to work with the other, which isn’t very helpful to you. However, by transferring money to your bank account, you can access it through both.

Linking Paypal to your bank account is easy. Check out step 3 in our guide here. Follow the process of linking your account to Paypal, and then read the rest of this guide to find out how to transfer from Zelle to Paypal.

Step 3 – Use Your Bank as a Middleman


With both Zelle and Paypal both linked to your bank account, you can now transfer money between them.

The easiest way to do this is to use Zelle to receive and send money to your bank account. If someone is sending you money, have it sent to the account that is linked to Paypal. This won’t transfer it directly, but it will see the cash sitting there in your bank.

Now, all you need to do to spend that money through Paypal is to make a purchase through the service. When you get to the checkout, you can choose how you would like to pay with Paypal. You can select several options, including all of the linked cards, your Paypal balance, or a linked bank account.

Select the bank account or the card associated with it if you want to pay for goods using the funds sent to that bank account through Zelle. In this way, you’re effectively sending money between the two services. There’s just a holding period in-between.


As you can see, it’s not easy to send money between Zelle and Paypal. However, it’s easy to link both to the same bank account and use that as a way to send and receive money. You can send money with Zelle too, so you could also use this method to transfer money back the other way. All you’d have to do is withdraw money from your Paypal account into the linked bank account, and then you can send it to anyone you need to through Zelle.

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