Skrill Prepaid Card Limits: How Much Can You Spend?

skrill prepaid limits

Skrill is a secure way to store your money in a virtual wallet. Many people are taking advantage of this service and the convenient prepaid card that accompanies their account. The prepaid Visa is a simple way to access the funds in your wallet while shopping around town or online. Unfortunately, many do not realize that there are actually Skrill prepaid card limits imposed on your spending. 

Shopping and withdrawing money with your Skrill prepaid card are simple, but the limits depend on your account status. Non-VIPs can withdraw less money than VIP members. See the chart below for more information on prepaid card limits.                        

Daily Spend Limit$3,000$7,000
Monthly Spend Limit$16,500$16,500
Daily ATM Withdrawal Limit$1,000$1,000
Monthly ATM Withdrawal Limit$10,000$10,000

Non-VIP Spend Limits

image 38 - Skrill Prepaid Card Limits: How Much Can You Spend?

Skrill has two separate statuses for their users: non-VIP and VIP. Qualifying for VIP status can be a bit challenging. If you only use your Skrill account occasionally, there is a good chance that you do not qualify to be a VIP member. Therefore, it is important to take a look at the spending limit differences between these two tiers. 

A non-VIP user has a rather small daily spend limit of $3,000. This might be sufficient for a lot of people who just use this card for convenience. On the other hand, you also have to consider their monthly Skrill prepaid card limits. For those who max out the daily spend limit often, you may have difficulty keeping under the monthly spend limit of $16,500. 

Of course, you also have to consider the limits at the ATM. The daily withdrawal limit is $1,000 and the monthly withdrawal limit is $10,000. Keep in mind that using the ATM will also cost you $2.50 each time. 

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VIP Skrill Prepaid Card Limits

image 39 - Skrill Prepaid Card Limits: How Much Can You Spend?

For those who actively use Skrill as their primary source of banking, there is a good chance that you will qualify for VIP status. In order to qualify, you must transfer at least $15,000 in a quarter at Skrill USA merchants. Users who transfer the minimum required funds during one calendar quarterly period will automatically qualify for VIP status during the following quarter. Quarters are defined as: 

  • January through March
  • April through June
  • July through September
  • October through December

Qualifying for VIP status comes with more perks than simply increased card limits. It also qualifies you for a personal account manager and dedicated around-the-clock VIP care. This kind of personalized attention to your concerns is a great perk if you are spending this kind of money with Skrill. 

The real bonus to achieving Skrill VIP status is their daily card limit increase. Instead of $3,000 per day, you are now able to spend $7,000 per day. Unfortunately, you will not be able to do this on a daily basis. Skrill increases the daily limit, but they hold the monthly spend limits steady at just $16,500. 

The ATM limits also remain the same. You may withdraw $1,000 per day or $10,000 per month from your card. The only real difference between non-VIP and VIP status is the commitment to customer service and the increased daily card limit. 

Skrill Prepaid Card Limits     

The best option for spending with your Skrill prepaid card is to try to bump your account status up to VIP. This allows you to maximize the amount of money you can spend on a daily basis by $4,000. Even if you don’t qualify for this membership, the Skrill prepaid card limits are still rather generous. 

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