Skrill to Wise: Can You Make a Transfer?

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Both Skrill and Wise are extremely popular options for managing your money online. Skrill is a secure digital wallet that allows you to easily send money to friends and family, as well as spend your hard-earned cash. Wise is an inexpensive way to transfer money overseas. How can you make a Skrill to Wise transfer? 

Unfortunately, Skrill and Wise are not compatible. There is no way to transfer money from one account to the other. If you want to send money from Skrill to Wise, you will have to first transfer the money to another account that is compatible with Wise. 

If you need more information about making a Skrill to Wise transfer, here is everything you need to know.

Wise To Skrill: Is it Possible? 

Many people love the secure online wallet option available from Skrill. It is a secure platform that makes sending and receiving money easy for all users. Many people like the idea of being able to transfer their funds from account to account without ever leaving the comfort of their own homes. 

The question is, can you send payments from Skrill to Wise? 

The answer is no. You might see some information online that says otherwise, but the official answer from Wise is that the two types of accounts are incompatible. As a result, you cannot send money from one Skrill account to a Wise account. 

This makes it much more difficult if you were hoping to send money from one platform to another such as the transfer from Skrill to Wise. You will have to send the money to a different platform first before you can transfer it to Wise. 

For example, you could send it to your bank account at a brick-and-mortar institution or an online bank where the account is held in your name. From here, it could then be transferred to your Wise account to take advantage of sending money inexpensively overseas. 

Skrill to Wise

Payments Wise Cannot Accept

Unfortunately, Wise is relatively particular about where they can accept money from. There is a long list of types of accounts that they cannot accept money from. The main issue is that they can only accept money from accounts that are in your name. Those that are held by a third party are not eligible. 

This includes estate accounts, Contis Group accounts, and Card One accounts. 

Additionally, it also includes Skrill accounts. When using a Skrill account, the account holder is actually a third party. Since the transfer will not come in your name, you cannot actually transfer funds from Skrill. 

Other types of accounts that they do not support include: 

  • PayPal accounts (for transfers and adding money)
  • Stripe accounts (for transfers or adding money from Stripe)
  • Brokerage accounts unless it is sent from an account in your name (proof may be required)
  • Cash
  • Checks
  • Cryptocurrency

Skrill to Wise: Not Possible

It is really a shame that a Skrill to Wise transfer is not possible. Wise is great for overseas transfers, but the two types of accounts are simply not compatible. You will have to explore a different avenue if you wanted to transfer money to this overseas account. 

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